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Long after the cake is cut and you’ve hung up your wedding clothes, your photos will be the only memory that remains on the day you said “I Do”. Choosing your wedding photographer is important, but it shouldn’t be a stressful process if you know the right questions to ask and have all the information you need to make the right decision for your wedding day.

As a Colorado intimate wedding and adventure elopement photographers who have seen it all, we created a list of five must-ask questions for your wedding photographer before you decide to hire them (because let’s be honest, besides choosing the person you’re going to marry, your photographer is probably the next most important decision for your wedding day).

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

1. Can I see a full gallery from a recent wedding?

Any photographer out there can pick their few favorite images from a wedding, display them on their wedding photography page and prove themselves a wedding photographer – right? Although it is important to look at a photographer’s work ahead of time on their website or Instagram to understand their photography and editing style, it is still important for you to see that they truly can capture a whole wedding day from beginning to end. Go ahead and ask to see the gallery of images from a past wedding that way you can truly see the experience you’ll receive.

Colorado Elopement Photographer

2. What exactly is included in your package?

The awesome part about wedding photographers owning their own business is that we can create wedding packages that include as little or as much as we’d like. This means that most likely every photographer you look into will have slightly different wedding packages. Some important things to take note of if they are included are 1) digital files (do you get the digital files from your day, or does your photographer require you to pay extra for digitals or only print through them after your wedding day?), 2) a second shooter (not every wedding needs a second photographer, but some wedding photographers automatically include them in their package, while others have them as an add-on if it makes sense), and 3) Printing/reproduction rights (Are digital files high resolution? Do you have the print rights so you can print your own photos if you wish to?).

Colorado Wedding Photographer

3. Do they love beer as much as you do?

Ok, we know this is a weird question for your wedding photographer, but the point is that you are going to spend the majority of your wedding day with this person, so you better like them. Better yet, you should feel comfortable around them and like you could be BFFs in real life. Hopefully your wedding photographer will do a great job of asking questions about you and your fiancé to see if you’d be a great fit for each other, so don’t be afraid to share what you love to do together on the weekends, and if he makes you pee-laugh at least weekly – those are all special details about you that your photographer can connect with you on.

Colorado Elopement Photographer

4. How many hours of photography coverage do you think I’ll need?

Wedding photographers have seen a lot of weddings – it seems obvious, but when you think about it they have experienced what works, what doesn’t work and should have a wedding day dialed down to the point where they should be able to recommend how many hours of coverage you should need based on what is most important to you to be captured. Make sure you go through what your tentative plan for your wedding day is and the most important moments you want captured on camera (is it getting ready with your girls or everyone dancing at your reception?). Then let them help guide you on the amount of coverage you may need.

Colorado Wedding Photographer

5. What’s your photography style?

This question sounds generic, but it should get you to the answer of how your photographer likes to work, the types of images they love to capture and how they will interact with you (and your family or friends) on your wedding day. Are they traditional in their posing? Do they like to stay in the background and capture your day more documentary style? Do they make you feel as if the camera is not even there (that’s my approach)? This question will get to the gut of the photographer’s true approach to shooting your wedding day.

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5 Must Ask Questions for Your Wedding Photographer

  1. Marc says:

    So true the beer question! Many of my clients freak out when I ask them how do they spend their free time. Just for the sake of breaking the ice!

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