Olivia’s in-home lifestyle newborn session in Boulder, CO was one for the books!

I always do the absolute best to prepare my clients for a successful newborn session. Since newborns can be finicky and stressful if they are crying during their session, I provide all my new parents with an In-Home Newborn Photography Guide to help walk them through the process and how to best prep their baby to be photographed. With the help of preparation and scheduling the session within two weeks of birth, I almost always have a successful newborn session with the occasional feeding during the session.

Well, I prepped Christine and Jacques the same way I do all my newborn clients and stressed the importance of their little girl, Olivia, being as sleepy as possible and having a full tummy upon my arrival. When I arrived at their home in Broomfield, CO, I was pleasantly surprised to find little Olivia sound asleep in her crib (and was sure to capture a few shots before we ever started moving her since she was so peacefully sleeping). For the next hour and a half, Olivia continued to snooze away, barely waking up when we shifted her and even giving us the sweetest coos of a good dream. 

At the end of the session I commented on how incredibly well she did and gave huge kudos for preparing her so well. Christine and Jacques just laughed at me and told me that this is how she is every day – she sleeps all. day. long. Apparently, Olivia is still on a reverse schedule and sleeps during the day while being more awake at night. So, basically she was a perfectly sleepy baby. I hope you enjoy this session filled with sweet moments, fun florals and tiny baby feet!

Need a Boulder, Colorado newborn photographer?

Meet Larissa. Larissa is an in-home lifestyle newborn photographer based out of Colorado. She’d take an adventure in the mountains over shopping any day + a date night snuggling on the couch over dinner and a movie. Larissa’s obsessed with: morning snuggles with her rescue pup, Hazel, hot chocolate, a good book and yoga pants. She believes in making you forget a camera’s even there, that your story is the actual thing she wants to capture on camera and that real, raw moments are more important that perfectly curated poses. Book your Boulder, Colorado Newborn Photographer.





Olivia | Boulder Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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