I am so excited to meet you and your family for your Fall Mini Session! I love to capture real families in real ways. I get that toddlers don’t always want to cooperate, or that sometimes you feel like you are dragging your significant other along, and that is why I am patient, fun and just take the time to get to know you. But, for as much as I can do, it also helps if you are ready and prepared for your session. Here are my top pointers for preparing, dressing and showing your best at your session.​




Mini sessions are a good length for getting great pictures in a short amount of time. But, that also means that I want to take advantage of every second of the 20 minutes we get together! So please, plan to arrive to the meeting point at least five minutes early to your scheduled time. That means you need to give yourself time to find parking, get kiddos dressed, make any last-minute touch-ups and walk about 3-5 minutes to the meeting point.


NCAR Mesa Laboratory in Boulder, CO:

The NCAR building is located at 1850 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305.  I suggest parking on the west end of the parking lot right where you drive in. You will need to walk 3-5 minutes south-west to meet me at the trailhead. Please see below map for where to meet:


Here is a picture from Google maps of what the meeting point looks like:



Mini sessions will be held whether it’s sunny or cloudy. I will make a day-of decision and send you an email to reschedule your session if it is raining, snowing or too dang cold for kiddos.


I love the pictures where every single family member is looking at me and perfectly smiling! But, there are just some times where little kiddos give me a “no way Jose” look in the camera. In those cases, I love to ask you to tickle your little one, throw them up in the air, run around and just be a kid. So, don’t stress if your kid is not cooperating and just help me figure out whatever it is that will make them laugh and smile.




Be prepared for the weather.
A cold kid is an unhappy kid. And an unhappy kid doesn’t necessarily make for good pictures. It could be 70 degrees and sunny or 50 degrees and cloudy on your mini session day. No matter what, because we are photographing at sunset, the temperature is always cooler. I suggest choosing your clothes in preparation for colder weather. That means dressing in long pants, warm sweaters and, if needed, a jacket.

Coordinate colors, not match.
Gone are the days where everyone wears a white shirt and jeans. Instead, pick a few colors that go well together and choose clothes that match that color scheme.

Color options.
If you don’t know where to start with colors, start with one piece of clothing that you know you want to include and then build off of that piece. For example, if you know you want to wear that green dress you’ve been eyeing, start there, add a blue shirt on your hubby, and a pop of orange with your son’s shirt.

Below are a few color palette suggestions for fall:


Keep our backdrop in mind.
Since we will be in a more natural setting, I would stay away from very formal clothing (ie. slacks and cocktail dresses). Still have fun and dress up, but a little more casual outfits while layering in textures is a great option.

Pattern is good – I love patterns and think they add a wonderful variety to images! But, too much pattern can be distracting. If you do decide to add a pattern, just make sure that not everyone in the photo is wearing patterns, as it can distract from the final image. My rule of thumb is that for every 2 people one person can wear a pattern.

Say no to characters and logos.
I know that your little guy might have a favorite Spiderman shirt, but please skip any characters and logos on shirts for your session. They are often distracting and take away from the final image and your kiddo’s gorgeous face.

Textures, layers and statement pieces.
I love the comfort of a well-fitted cotton shirt. But sometimes it’s great to spice things up with a statement necklace, a scarf, or a belt. Not everyone has to wear a statement piece, but ladies, give yourself a little extra love and wear that cute scarf or necklace you absolutely love!

Men look most masculine in long, fitted pants with close toed shoes. Top it off with an un-tucked button-up or a pull-over sweater and you have the perfect combination.

Women, you have tons of great options. My first choice is always a dress. But if you are not the dress type, then I would suggest a well-fitted sweater/blouse paired with jeans/leggings and boots. (And don’t forget a cute scarf or statement necklace!)

Still questioning your outfits?
If you feel like you are in need of assistance, I am happy to help you!  Arrange your outfits on a large bed or on the floor, and then send me photos of your favorite combinations.  We can work together to ensure we find the perfect combination!


If any issues arise, please call or text me at 303-396-7614. If I am in the middle of a session I will get back to you as soon as I can.


After your session is over, I will turn around your edited images to you within 2 weeks. BUT, I always like to throw a fun sneak peak up on my Facebook page so be sure to give it a LIKE so you don’t miss it! When your images are ready, you will receive an email from Pixiset with a link to download your high res images. You will also have the print release so you can get those awesome images printed for Christmas cards or hung up in your house!


I always love to share with my clients that 10% of all my proceeds goes to Musana Community Development Organization to help moms and children get off the ground and build a sustainable future in Uganda. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the community there first-hand a year and a half ago, and saw how badly this organization is needed! So thank you for all of your support!

Still have questions? Please email me at





How To Make The Most of Your Fall Mini Session

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