Gosh, if I could have all the Kaly and Marc’s in the world to photograph, my life would be complete. Besides being totally comfortable in their own shoes, this couple was FUN! I don’t think we had a five minute stretch where these two were not making funny faces at each other, whispering jokes in each other’s ear or laughing together. We spent a November fall evening at White Ranch Park in Golden, CO and then headed up the hill to Lookout Mountain and Windy Saddle for sunset pictures over the Rocky Mountains.

These two are always planning up their next adventure together – their latest one being canyoneering the back country of Zion. They spend their weekdays serving others as a teacher and nurse and love to spend Sunday evenings taking swing dancing lessons together – do you totally get why I love these two?! Marc is the artistic one who had Kaly’s engagement ring custom designed with three diamonds from his grandmothers’ jewelry. He is also the romantic who would do anything to make Kaly smile. Kaly is the grounding one who brings so much genuine love and stability to their relationship. These two are getting married in 2018, and I couldn’t think of a better match. Congratulations Kaly + Marc!

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Kaly + Marc | Golden, CO Adventure Engagement Session

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