Erie Colorado

Today is a really good day because exactly one year ago, Ben and I closed on our house in Erie. Ever since college, then living in Lowry and then living in Parker, we knew that we would eventually make it back home to where our family and friends live. I know, it’s weird; most people want to get away from their family after college. But, I absolutely love my family! I love watching movies with them, I love playing games with them (you have to try Farkle!), I love having breakfast with them, I love watching my brother-in-law’s football games…I really just love being near them.

So, the day Ben and I decided to finally look into moving closer, we both just knew it was time and that it was the right move to make. It was a crazy journey to finding a home and finally getting up here, but it has been worth every struggle and uncertainty we faced for the past three hundred and sixty-five days of loving it!





Happy One Year Moving Anniversary to Ben And Me!

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