Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Session

The Colorado mountains. A blanket of snow covering the ground or the chilly wind blowing on the mountain peak. Your best friend beside you. An adventure ahead of you. Those are the key things you need to know to make your Colorado adventure engagement session one you will never forget. As two people who were born and raised near the Rocky Mountains and Colorado adventure engagement photographers, we wanted to share my best tips and advice to make your hiking engagement session successful.

Rocky Mountain National Park Couples Photos

Dress Warm

Wear Layers.

Whether you’re wearing a maxi dress or leggings and a sweater, we always suggest adding a thermal layer on your legs to wear under your dress/pants. If you have the ability to also wear a silk thermal layer under your top, definitely do so! Lastly, add a scarf, gloves or hat with your casual outfit (you won’t regret it!). Avoid wearing layers made of cotton. You might sweat a little if we have to hike or walk to get to the location and when cotton gets wet it locks in the moisture and can make you really cold. It’s better to wear a sweat wicking material made of silk, fleece or wool.

Bring A Jacket.

Even if you don’t plan on wearing a jacket while we are shooting, bring a warm winter jacket with you to put on in-between shots.

Warm Socks + Boots.

Our toes are always the first thing to get cold! We always wear warm socks that are not cotton (see the “Wear Layers” section above) and hiking or snow boots. This way your feet stay warm and dry.

Hand + Foot Warmers.

If it’s winter or we will be hiking above timberline, hand a foot warmers are always a nice bonus to have on you. Those little packets that provide hours upon hours of warmth really can save the day! If you can wear foot warmers in your shoes, go for it. We also suggest breaking open a pair of hand warmers before we start and sticking them in the pockets of your coat so you can warm up your fingers in between shots. And, if you are a cold-blooded lizzard like us and can never seem to be warm enough, open another pack of toe warmers (because they have the sticky side) and stick those babies somewhere on the inside of your dress or shirt against your back (as close to your spine as possible). If you can keep your spine warm, it warms the rest of your core and keeps your body temperature up.

Cozy Blanket or Quilt.

We are total fan-girls of cute and cozy blankets and will say yes 100% of the time to bringing them along for pictures – come on, who doesn’t want an excuse to get even warmer with your spouse-to-be!?

Colorado Adventure Engagement Photographer

Be Prepared

We may sound like your mom, but it’s better to have something you may not need than be without something you do need. So pack a backpack with your change of clothes and a few essentials: a bottle of water, a snack (we’re the girls always popping trail-mix while hiking), and some extra warm layers. If you are a total hot chocolate lover like us, then pack a thermos full of hot chocolate (or coffee, or tea, or whatever’s your jam) that you and your S.O. can enjoy during your session – it also makes for super cute pictures!

Dream Lake Engagement Session

Remember It’s About The Adventure

We may have to stop to catch our breath. It may pour rain, or snow fluffy white flakes, or be windy as heck. But, the best pictures come when you take it all in, let got of what you can’t control and get lost in the mountains with your best friend. We promise it will be a day you’ll never forget – and pictures that will help you relive it all!

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How To Prepare For Your Adventure Engagement Session

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