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Danielle and Billy flew out to Colorado to visit for the first time and wanted to remember their adventure here with a couples photography session on Loveland Pass. These Pennsylvania natives have always wanted to explore Colorado, so decided that it was finally time when they were looking for a place to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary.

Danielle and Billy met when they were teenagers (13 and 15!). Both of their Pennsylvania families traveled to a popular vacation spot at Cape May, New Jersey, in 2008. All the teenagers in the campground would hang out together and that is where these two’s story starts. One night as they were all hanging out by the lake, a tall, red-headed boy walked up to a sweet, brunette girl and offered to sell her pizza. Danielle ended up taking Billy’s phone and entering her phone number into it and for months after that summer vacation they would talk and text each other every day.

Almost a year later, they found out that they lived about an hour away from each other and Billy finally asked Danielle to be his girlfriend. Because of their slight age difference and living an hour apart, they had to survive the rest of high school and Billy’s first two years of college over long distance before they could finally be together.

Six years after they met on the shores of Cape May, Billy got down on one knee and asked Danielle to be his wife in front of a famous Christmas Tree in Pennsylvania. They got married in August of 2017 and took their dream trip out to Breckenridge, Colorado to celebrate their one year anniversary this past August.

When Danielle was telling me what they love to do, I couldn’t help but think it was exactly Ben and I! When these two are not working/going to school, Danielle and Billy love to be “old souls” and hang out and have a quiet night in, reading, snuggling on the couch and watching Netflix. But they also have an adventurous side and are always up for exploring new places and going on hikes and walks. While they were here in Colorado, these two hiked almost everyday and loved exploring the Colorado Rockies.

Danielle emailed me a few weeks before their trip out to Colorado to schedule an adventure couples session. When I received her email, I squealed because I love any couple who is up for exploring the mountains! When she told me that her and Billy were staying in Breckenridge and were totally open to any magical, breathtaking location that I suggested, I knew we had to go to Loveland Pass! I hadn’t photographed a couple at Loveland Pass yet, but was dying to do so – so Danielle and Billy made that dream of mine complete.

On a gorgeous, sunny, summer day in Summit County, I got to meet Danielle and Billy. I love to bring along my couple’s favorite drink to start off their session. Danielle told me she loved white wine, so I packed my little cooler with an ice pack, cups and a bottle of white wine. When we all met up at the base of Loveland Pass, I realized I had forgotten a wine opener! Ooops! But, I had a key, a pocket knife and about everything else you could possibly think of that might open up a bottle of wine. No luck! So we started their session and then as we headed up to Loveland Pass, I did a quick run-in into a run-down liquor store to buy a $1 purple wine opener. And if you ever have a session with me where I bring wine, you will see that purple wine opener make a successful appearance.

We celebrated Danielle and Billy’s one year anniversary with a glass of wine and the sun setting on Loveland Pass. We ran next to alpine lakes. We battled willow bushes and jumped over streams. We climbed rocks and ran on top of the mountain. We laughed about the 90’s top hits that made it into my playlist and talked about each other’s dreams. And I knew that as I drove home from Danielle and Billy’s adventure couples session on Loveland Pass that night, I had two new, totally awesome friends. To this day, I still love DM-ing Danielle and seeing what her and Billy are up to.

Thank you, Danielle and Billy, for being so real and genuine. Thank you for sharing your epic love story with me and allowing me to see the sweet, romantic, goofy side of your relationship. You two are one heck of a team together and I cannot wait to see the mark you make on this world. Happy anniversary! And you know you always have a friend to call up for a hike in Colorado!

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Need a Colorado couples photographer for your adventure session on Loveland Pass?

Meet Larissa. Larissa is an adventure couples and wedding photographer based out of Colorado. She’d take an adventure in the mountains over shopping + a date night snuggling on the couch over dinner and a movie any day. Larissa’s obsessed with: morning snuggles with her rescue pup, Hazel, hot chocolate, a good book and yoga pants. She believes in making you forget a camera’s even there, that your story is the actual thing she wants to capture on camera and that real, raw moments are more important that perfectly curated poses. Book your Colorado Couples Photographer Photographer.





Danielle + Billy | Loveland Pass Adventure Couples Session

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