I’m here to be super real with you, my friend. My 2017 mantra is “Don’t wait for perfect, start one step at a time.”

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This might come as a surprise to some of you as I have in the past year quit my nine-to-five job (I’m coming up on my one year anniversary February 24th!) and started this photography company.

I have been able to overcome a lot of fears of moving forward like starting this business before I was an absolute master at my craft, or launching a monthly newsletter before I had a monster-huge email list. BUT, don’t be fooled. Every single day I struggle with taking steps forward and doubting my talents and abilities. My struggle with perfectionism stunts me every. single. day.

My biggest struggle right now is reaching out to other creatives in the industry to network with and learn from. In my head, I believe that there is no way that a successful business owner, who has been photographing for 10+ years would ever want to talk to me. So in my mind, I have put together a list of what I feel like I have to accomplish before I could ever feel confident enough to reach out:

  1. Have a large following on Intragram – like at least 1,000 followers.
  2. Experience in photographing at least 3-5 weddings.
  3. And, have flash mastered and be able to use it anywhere any time.

I know the above list sounds silly, but it is truly the mental threshold I have put on my ability to reach out to other professional photographers.

…don’t wait for perfect, start one step at a time…

I don’t know why I have built up this qualifier list in my head, and I know it will take some time to work through why I put these limitations on myself. But, step one is recognizing the limitations I put on myself. Now, step two (deep breath) is breaking down those fears and eliminating those thresholds and realizing that I am totally qualified in this moment to reach out to whomever I want. And, even if I get denied (which I have already), trusting that there is someone out there that I am meant to meet and learn from in this “un-qualified” season of my life.

So, what’s your 2017 mantra? How do you see it playing out in your life?





What’s MY 2017 Mantra?

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