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I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of retrospect lately and looking back on how far I’ve come, what’s changed (and, to be honest, what hasn’t changed), and what I am grateful for. While I think that reflection is so important to life happiness, for my birthday this year I want to dig deeper into what I want to focus on in my 27th year of life.

Ben (my hubby) and I are at a crazy limbo in life. We never quite know how our direction is going to change, where our future is leading us, or honestly what we’re going to eat for dinner tonight. He’s getting ready to make leaps of his own and we will be in a situation that is completely foreign to both of us as two entrepreneurs trying to make life work. In the next year, I want to be the best wife I can be. Ben has graciously given up so many things for me to chase my dream in photography, and now I feel like it’s my time to give back to him so he can chase his dreams.

I really want to read more. I absolutely love reading – it fills my soul as I get lost in words and paragraphs and pages. Have you heard of the term “flow” – where you are so involved in what you are doing that hours and hours could pass by without notice? That is how I feel when I read. I used to read a lot more and I’m not letting myself make excuses anymore that I don’t have enough time to read. So, currently on my nightstand waiting to be read are Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst, Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist, and Unashamed by Christine Caine. Do you have any other awesome book recommendations?

The last thing I am looking forward to in my 27th year of life is grounding myself more. When I was 26, a lot of my focus and energy went towards what could I do next, who can I be next, and, in all honesty, I am exhausted. While I do believe that anything worthwhile in life is not going to be easy (or else every body would do it!), I also think that you can achieve your goals without #hustle. Hustle means leaving everything (and everyone) else behind that doesn’t help you achieve your goals. Hustle means working every night until 1am because you’ve placed a false sense of what has to be done on you. And I am completely guilty of hustling over the past year – ask my husband! BUT, I have realized that even though there might be a night a week that I may have to work extra late to get something out the door, that it doesn’t need to be the norm. One thing I have been fearful of losing since I decided to take photography seriously is Colorado summer nights spent backpacking under the open skies filled with stars that no one in the city can see. If I continue with a hustle mindset, then I would lose this in my life. I realize that this job is a lot of weekends, but instead of hustling every weekend during the summer, I am blocking out weekends that I will say NO, because I need that time with friends, God and the great outdoors to restore my soul so that I can come back to photography with a fresh and creative perspective.

So there you have it – the three big things that, as I turn a chapter into my 27th year of life, I want to focus more on. Supporting my husband, reading more, and turning down the #hustle life. As you know well, my friend, making changes is not easy. But, will it be worth it? Absolutely!





What I’m Looking Forward to in My 27th Year of Life

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