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The other day I had just gotten home from a hot yoga class. There was sweat everywhere. Ya know, it was one of those classes where I was walking back through the gym to my car and people looked at me funny because I was so sweaty. My hair was greasy sweaty. My shirt was darker because of the sweat. Gross sweaty.

I got home and was in a time crunch. In about 15 minutes I had to be on a video call with a bride and groom about potentially photographing their wedding this coming September. But, for as free flowing and confident I am with showing up with no makeup on and in my sweatpants, this was too much. No one wants to show up on a video chat looking stanky and greasy.

So I jumped in the shower really quick. I washed my hair. I knew I needed to shave my legs, but didn’t have much time for that. So very fast, I shaved just the bottom half of my legs to at least get something smoother. It was going to have to do.

After my shower, I was slabbing lotion on my legs (gotta keep those guys hydrated in this Colorado dryness). And I realized that this half leg shave thing wasn’t so bad. It reminded me of something my mom told me a long time ago: “you’ll get to a point your life when you just won’t have to shave your upper leg because the hair just doesn’t grow there anymore…”

In my 8th grade hairy-legged head I always thought she was nuts. There was no way I would dissolve to that level and stop shaving my whole leg. It never would have been allowed.

But that day, after my shower and a half leg shave, I realized the truth in what my mom was telling me. And I am really excited about it.

Now, I don’t know if it was the fact that my upper leg hair is actually thinning out from years of shaving. It may just be a fact of getting older. OR, perhaps it is the idea that as you get older you just stop giving a damn about having perfectly shaven legs. Either way, it felt really good to not feel the pressure to have to get that whole leg shaved.

I chuckled silently to myself in the bathroom upon this realization. And I smiled really big.

I turn 29 today. For months leading up to this day, I dreaded it. I didn’t want to get older. I felt like I was not ready to be almost 30. There was so much more I wanted to accomplish before this point in my life.

But in that moment in the bathroom with a damn good half-shaven leg, I realized something. Getting older is not so bad. You learn to love yourself better. You learn to not give a damn so much. You learn to put your time and energy and focus into the stuff that really matters. You learn to brush off other parts of your life that don’t matter so much – like perfectly shaven legs.

I don’t know if you have ever had older women tell you about their half-shaven leg theory. Or if you have come to this realization yourself yet. But I have to say that 29 is not so bad. If it means more time with my husband and dog in the mountains and less time shaving my legs, I’ll take it! I’ll take all of it.


Meet Larissa! Larissa Welch Owner of We, The Light Photography Larissa is an adventure wedding and couples photographer based out of Colorado. She’d take a hike in the mountains over shopping any day. Larissa’s obsessed with: morning snuggles with her rescue pup, Hazel, hot chocolate, a good book and yoga pants. She believes in making you forget a camera’s even there, that your story is the actual thing she wants to capture on camera and that real, raw moments are more important that perfectly curated poses. Love what you see? Book a couples session with Larissa.





The Moment I Realized That Turning 29 Is Not So Bad

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