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Your to-do list is a mile long, you spend most nights on the couch in your pajamas with your laptop in front of you researching things for your wedding, and you feel like you have a second full time job – we hear ya! Wedding planning can get stressful, especially because you have most likely never planned a wedding before. This season is special and unique because you will probably never have to do it again. But we know that it can come with stress, so we wanted to share some advice from planning our own weddings and witnessing countless of other weddings.


You are having a wedding because you want to marry your best friend. It’s plain and simple. And at the end of the day, if you do only that, it will still be successful. You are not just planning a wedding you are planning a marriage. And if you can look beyond just your wedding day at the hundreds of thousands of days you’ll get to spend with your best friend, it hopefully makes this short season of wedding planning seem all worth it.


You have a wedding budget, everyone does! And it’s stressful trying to fit #allthethings within that budget. Take some time to sit down with your fiance and list out the top three things that are most important to you for your wedding (flowers, venue, photography, catering, DJ). Now that you have your BIG THREE, put your budget towards those three things first, then split the rest of the budget between the remaining items. 


Wedding planning was never meant to be taken on by just you. You are surrounded with family and friends who are so excited for this season in your life (and are secretly begging you to ask them for help). Don’t have a preference on your DJ? Ask your sister to research DJ’s for you. Doing DIY centerpieces? Plan a craft day with your bridesmaids to help you out while sipping mimosas. 


You deserve to take a break and refresh your mind. Plan a few date nights throughout the wedding planning season with your fiance where you vow to talk about anything BUT wedding planning. It’ll be a chance for you two to reconnect and remember why you are planning this day in the first place. And stepping away from thinking about roses vs. peonies and navy vs. dark blue will give you a fresh perspective for moving forward.


It is inevitable that something will not go as planned on your wedding day. For Larissa it was the rain that hit about a half an hour before the ceremony was supposed to start, her officiant tearing his rotator cuff two days before our wedding and after she said “I do” none of our guests threw the little packets of bird seeds that she spent hours upon hours hand-making. So, remember that you can’t control everything, that good enough is truly good enough, and (back to point #1) you are still getting married and that is the most important thing.


Sounds simple doesn’t it? Hiring vendors who absolutely love what they do, can help your vision come to life and who are going to get their job done right no matter what on the day of your wedding. You’ve most likely never planned a wedding before, so you don’t know exactly how the day should go. Your wedding vendors have seen a zillion weddings, have battled every sort of mishap and love what they do! So we can’t stress enough that hiring the right vendors who will help walk you through the process and celebrate alongside you on your wedding day is so important. So consider your vendors carefully as you hire them. Make sure you get along well with them and hire the people who are enthusiastic about your wedding day.

Wedding planning is stressful. Make an effort through this process to remember that your future marriage extends far beyond your wedding day and that a wedding is a perfectly imperfect celebration of you two and nothing else. Your wedding day will be here before you know it, and soon you’ll be spending your evenings figuring out what to do with all your free time. Enjoy the engagement season. Enjoy the process. Enjoy calling your fiance “fiance”, because it’s only for a short time. Happy planning!

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Tips to Avoid Stress While Wedding Planning

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