Warning, your heart just might explode while looking at the amazing images from this in-home newborn session! From the moment that dad, James, welcomed me in the door, I knew this was going to be one heck of an awesome session – they were dressed perfectly and baby Grace was just sweetly laying in her swing chair, just ready to take some pictures.

We started off with individual portraits next to their sunny back door. Their sweet pup who was outside the door kept peeping in on what we were doing with baby grace (Oh, did I mention they have the cutest dog ever who reminds me of a golden version of my pup, Hazel!?). Sweet little grace rocked her individual portraits even if we had to keep popping in her binki and then pulling it out again.

This session truly reminded me how incredibly small this world is and how we are all so interconnected. The night before this session, I was at a meetup with other photographers and we ended up talking about how much we all love brunch and some great places around town to eat at. One awesome lady mentioned Goody’s Eatery in Westminster and raved about their breakfast. Low and behold, I am talking to Jennaweh and James and find out that James founded and owns Goody’s! Now I definitely have to go try it for myself! (and you should too if you’re nearby)

Jennaweh and James were such an awesome team when it came to taking care of baby Grace. As their first baby, they were so conscious of trading off holding and changing her – and at one point James was holding Grace as Jennaweh put her tiny baby dress on. Part of newborn sessions that I love so much is seeing such great examples of parenting and tag-teaming.

Now for the most adorable part! Little grace’s bedroom was absolutely magazine perfect. It all started when Jennaweh and James found the gorgeous, girly chandelier-style crystal lamp in the corner of her bedroom. Once they found that lamp, the rest of the room just fell together from the home-made flower heart on a palette over the changing table to the pink Himalayan rock lamp on her dresser – it was absolutely picture perfect and such a great setting to capture some amazing lifestyle shots.

I feel like I could go on and on about this session, but I can’t wait for your heart to explode just like mine did when I saw the way baby Grace looked so intently and securely at her daddy when he held her. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Meet Larissa. Larissa is an in-home lifestyle newborn photographer based out of Colorado. She’d take an adventure in the mountains over shopping any day + a date night snuggling on the couch over dinner and a movie. Larissa’s obsessed with: morning snuggles with her rescue pup, Hazel, hot chocolate, a good book and yoga pants. She believes in making you forget a camera’s even there, that your story is the actual thing she wants to capture on camera and that real, raw moments are more important that perfectly curated poses. Book your Westminster newborn photographer.





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