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Something that has just been on my heart lately is the need to share with you all that I do. And I don’t mean I need to share my morning routine (which literally consists of throwing on some yoga pants and a sweatshirt – and if I’m doing something really important, I will slap on some eye liner and mascara) or when I go to bed or how little or much I work. But, I feel like I need to share with you the fact that I am not just a photographer. As in, this isn’t my only job. It is my goal and dream to one day do photography full time, BUT, that’s just not where I am right now.

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In addition to my number one passion of photography, I am also a nanny to a 14 month old boy (yep, that’s him above!) who gives me a run for my money with his temper tantrums and, literally, all he wants to do is have me pull him around the house on a little plastic scooter – for hours! In addition to my number one passion of photography, I am the marketing coordinator (think website design, marketing collateral design, copy) and transaction coordinator for all the deals for my husband’s family’s real estate brokerage.

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I’m not sharing any of this with the intent to show you how much I’m doing. No. Not at all. I am sharing this because some (and I mean a lot) of us struggle with wanting so badly to do our number one passion full-time. But there is a process and season and so many trials that we must go through first to get to that point. And, I am telling you that if you have a full-time job and do your passion on the side, it is OK. If you have to ask for more hours at work or get a second job because your number one passion isn’t quite cutting it, it is OK. You are EXACTLY where you need to be and there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t ever give up on your number one passion!

I’m cheering you on, friend!





What’s Been On My Heart To Share With You Lately

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