Your Elopement Shouldn’t Be About Your Photos

Wait What?

We said what we said. And we mean it.

We care more about your experience than your photos.
Don’t get us wrong, we promise you’ll receive stunning images that truly document alllll of those little moments throughout the day.

However, taking photos will always take a back seat to your experience. Your photos should be about your wedding day, not the other way around.

When you let go and give yourselves the space needed to truly embrace the moment instead of caring about capturing the perfect photo, all of the unposed moments, pee-your-pants laughter, and raw emotion come out. That is what we capture on camera.

People first, photos second. Always.

Photos For Non-Photo People

Taking photos is awkward.

That’s why instead of focusing on the photos, we keep your focus on each other. You’ll definitely get direction, but we’re sure to give you plenty of space and freedom to soak up the moment.

We give you things to do together that create genuine smiles, laughs, and feels that – when captured in a split second on camera – allow you to look back and say “This is US”.

When we’re behind the camera, we feed off your energy, your vibe, and the way you two so naturally fall into each other and guide you into photos that feel candid and real.

At the end of the day, it should not feel like a photoshoot, but rather like hanging out with a good friend (who also happens to have a camera).

Sound Like The Photos For You?
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“Larissa was extremely helpful and thoughtful from the moment we got in touch… We weren’t 100% sure of how we wanted our elopement to look when we started talking to Larissa, and she knew all the questions to ask and provided us with such helpful information that made planning everything out a breeze.”

Dominika & Govind

“There are a ton of really talented photographers. What makes you different?”

We’re so glad you asked!

We’re Born and Raised in Colorado.

We’re not ones to brag, but when it comes to Colorado, we’re kiiiiinda experts. We have spent our whole lives camping, hiking, and exploring every corner of Colorado and have fostered solid relationships with other local elopement vendors. We know of epic locations that you won’t find on AllTrails, and have a deep understanding of the quirky things you need to keep in mind when planning your wedding here: weather patterns, seasonal closures, high altitudes, and wildlife.

We’ve Photographed a Crap-Ton of Elopements.

250+ to be precise. We know what to do when it rains, when wildfires change your plans, and use our vast experience as a sounding board as you plan your elopement.

Lots of Photographers are in it for Publications and Taking Epic Shots. We’re In It For You.

Our first priority is always your experience. The most epic, heartfelt, jaw-dropping images are created when you’re fully present in the moment, experiencing the best freaking day of your life. We’re here to document your memories, not create content for our portfolio.

We’re Pretty Fun.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We want to celebrate with you, and not just be a bystander following you around with a camera. We care about YOU and work to foster a relationship that goes beyond your wedding day.

We Capture Real, Raw Moments.

The perfect photo is overrated. We tell your story with all of the goofiness, imperfection, emotion, and realness it entails.

Need some proof that we know what we’re talking about (and are pretty dang good at it)?

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“Larissa was extremely helpful and thoughtful from the moment we got in touch… We weren’t 100% sure of how we wanted our elopement to look when we started talking to Larissa, and she knew all the questions to ask and provided us with such helpful information that made planning everything out a breeze.”

Dominika & Govind

Meet Your Friends, Then Photographers


Hey there! I’m Larissa (she/her), the person who always chimes a smiley “hi!” on the hiking trail and who’s couples I photograph describe me as a bubbly cheerleader (although I was farrrrr from ever being a real one in high school).

My ideal weekend is spent away from everyone else (all my introverts raise their hand ✋), roasting s’mores over a campfire and hiking for miles with 25 lbs of backpacking gear (type 2 fun-haver here!).

I’ve hiked for days on end through Nepal, free-swam with sharks in Hawaii, drank way too much homemade vodka in Thailand, crashed on a scooter in Croatia, border-hopped into Bosnia just for dinner, and fallen in love with how the moon still looks enchanting no matter where I am in the world.

Yes, I am an elopement photographer, but at 8pm it’s just me, a cup of hot cocoa, and my current library book.

The moment I live for every wedding is when I get to give my couples the biggest dang hug for the very first time – because I FINALLY get to meet you in person after months of chatting and planning and facetiming. I get literal shivers of excitement to see your real face for the first time. So be ready for a big ol’ bear hug from me!

I believe photos aren’t taken to be Instagram-worthy, but to bring you back to that season of life. To remember the way they made you pee-your-pants laugh (despite your double chin) or how they held you tight at the end of a long day. Photos are for remembering the good ol’ days – the days you are currently living.


Hi! I’m Bailey (she/her). Someone recently described my style as “organized fun” and I couldn’t agree more 😂  

I have a deep love for exploring new places and am constantly googling the never-ending random questions that pop into my head. I want to be Leslie Knope and have a weakness for good books, new recipes, true crime podcasts, and big (extremely fluffy) dogs. Sarcasm is my love language, and I’m pretty sure I eat my weight in chips and salsa on a regular basis. 

As crazy as it is to admit, I didn’t elope.

Although my husband and I knew a traditional wedding didn’t feel like us, we had no clue that other options – like eloping – even existed. I was *stressed* the entire day, and enjoyed adventuring on our honeymoon significantly more than our actual wedding 🤪

My disappointing wedding experience is one of the biggest reasons that I am so passionate about advocating for and supporting couples like you who choose to go a different route. I’ve got your back – pinky promise.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can usually find me hanging out at my favorite microbrewery, hiking in the Rockies, exploring new 4×4 trails, paddleboarding at Horsetooth Reservoir, or skiing at A Basin. I’m a stereotypical Colorado girl, and I’m pretty dang proud of it!  

Oh, and there‘s a 100% chance that I will cry at your wedding. #sorrynotsorry

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If You Choose Us, Here Are The Values You’re Supporting


You are welcome here.

Love is love no matter what. You are supported here regardless of what you look like, how you identify, your abilities, or what you believe.


Know better, do better.

There is always room to grow and we commit to lifelong learning (and unlearning).


Build real relationships.

The magic happens when you’re encouraged to be your authentic self, which is built with honest-to-the-bone communication.


Love our land.

We believe in taking the best care of Mother Earth by leaving no trace, practicing sustainability, and teaching you to do the same.


Create what you want.

There are limitless possibilities in life and empower you to blaze your own trail.


Stop and smell the flowers.

Life isn’t a race to the top, but noticing the joy in each turn along the way. Remember both the big and small, fleeting moments in life.


Go the extra mile.

We believe in serving first, giving the best experience, and going above and beyond what we promise.


Be a light.

We recognize and use our privilege to create change in our communities by donating $50 from each elopement/small wedding booked to one of the following causes of your choice:

  • Battle racism and the mass incarceration that disproportionately impacts black and brown people through the Equal Justice Initiative
  • Help underprivileged youth explore the outdoors through Big City Mountaineers
  • Provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention to LGBTQ people through The Trevor Project
  • Protect precious landscapes and wilderness, historical sites, and places of cultural significance through the National Park Foundation
“My Values Are Your Values, Let’s Get Planning”