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People First. Photos Second.

Your Elopement Shouldn’t Be About Your Photos

Wait What?

We said what we said. And we mean it.

Have you ever talked to a photographer who didn’t embrace your vision? Tried to convince you that the dream spot you already have in mind isn’t great? Morphed your original plans that made you giddy into something that they thought would be better (and in all honesty, make their own portfolio more epic)?

Don’t get us wrong, we promise you’ll receive stunning images that truly document alllll of those little moments throughout the day.

However, taking photos will always take a back seat to your experience. Making your wedding day what you want no matter what is our priority. Your photos should be about your wedding day, not the other way around.

People first, photos second. Always.

We don’t need to convince you that eloping in Colorado is the best decision you’ll ever make.

(Even though it totally is!)

Here’s How We make this easier than “accidentally” binge-watching the newest season of your favorite show


Let’s Have A Chat

We just want to get to know you two and what you’re looking for and tell you a little about us and how we help our couples to see if it’s a good match. That’s it! No pressure!


Put Your Date On Our Calendar

If we click, we’ll send over a proposal and initial invoice. Once your date is officially on our calendar, we get started on the fun stuff!


Pick THE Spot

This may be the most fun part! We do all the research and scouting and give you two a custom location guide with all the photos and info you need to pick out the perfect spot to read your vows.


Gather the TEAM

We’ll give you recs of our favorite LGBTQ+ affirming vendors and lodging. No need to spend hours googling!


Dream Up the Best Day Ever

Get ideas, tips, and tricks from our experience in planning 250+ elopements to design a timeline, sans any stress or drama.


Do The Dang Thing

We’ll be there to document with photos that make you feel so you can relieve it again and again for years to come.

But First, There’s a Few Things You Should Know…

  • We don’t believe in highlight reels
  • People come first, photos are second
  • We love messy hair, ugly crying and double chins (because they’re real)
  • You’re not another business transaction
  • We’ll take emotional, unplanned, real moments over Pinterest-perfect any day

Carly & Bryce

She somehow knows the perfect moments right before they happen and is able to save those for you forever

“The content she captures will make you cry. Larissa was able to capture so many unique moments of our day, so many genuine squinty-eyed smiles, or big belly laughs, or sweet looks between my husband and I. She somehow knows the perfect moments right before they happen and is able to save those for you forever.

Sure you will get the traditional posed photos that your grandma loves, and any photographer can pose you so it LOOKS genuine, but Larissa is different. She instead helps you shift your focus onto what really matters for the day, for me that was my husband, and guides you until you have forgotten all else going on around you and you’re dancing together with your hair falling out and laughing so hard you might pee, and then she captures THAT moment. Not posed, not even fake posed, just guides you into relaxing into the moment so she can capture the true love.

Now THAT is a talent!”

Getting Grainy With It

Our editing style has always been based on film. But no matter how good you get at photography and no matter how much you edit a digital photo, it will never. be. film.

That’s why we decided to bring real film to our elopement days.

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AllCouplesAre Welcome Here.

Colorado Photography Packages

Couple standing on ledge next to waterfall for Colorado Elopement

Colorado Elopements

Perfect for a just-you day or with up to 10 of your family or friends.

LGBTQ lesbian coupl kissing in front of mountain waterfall during colorado small wedding

Colorado Small Weddings

For couples who want to celebrate with 11 to 30-ish guests.

engaged couple kissing with dramatic mountains in the background during Colorado couples photography session

Colorado Couples & Engagements

For couples celebrating any stage in their relationship.

Hey There, Hey!

We’re two born and raised Coloradoans who have spent our whole lives camping, hiking, and exploring every corner of this state. Larissa is the person who always chimes a smiley “hi!” on the hiking trail. Bailey is the person who will absolutely cry at your wedding. Together we’ve planned and photographed over 250 weddings, collectively been to 46 countries, and agree that cracking a local beer around a campfire is the best way to spend an evening.

“There are a ton of really talented photographers. What makes you different?”

We’re so glad you asked!

We’re Born and Raised in Colorado.

We’re not ones to brag, but when it comes to Colorado, we’re kiiiiinda experts. We have spent our whole lives camping, hiking, and exploring every corner of Colorado and have fostered solid relationships with other local elopement vendors. We know of epic locations that you won’t find on AllTrails, and have a deep understanding of the quirky things you need to keep in mind when planning your wedding here: weather patterns, seasonal closures, high altitudes, and wildlife.

We’ve Photographed a Crap-Ton of Elopements.

250+ to be precise. We know what to do when it rains, when wildfires change your plans, and use our vast experience as a sounding board as you plan your elopement.

Lots of Photographers are in it for Publications and Taking Epic Shots. We’re In It For You.

Our first priority is always your experience. The most epic, heartfelt, jaw-dropping images are created when you’re fully present in the moment, experiencing the best freaking day of your life. We’re here to document your memories, not create content for our portfolio.

We’re Pretty Fun.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We want to celebrate with you, and not just be a bystander following you around with a camera. We care about YOU and work to foster a relationship that goes beyond your wedding day.

We Capture Real, Raw Moments.

The perfect photo is overrated. We tell your story with all of the goofiness, imperfection, emotion, and realness it entails.

Kayleigh & Taben

“absolutely worth every penny 2x over”

“Bailey was absolutely incredible. She went a million miles above what my husband and I were hoping for with our elopement. We’re from out of state, so Bailey saved my BUTT with all of her (spot on) vendor recommendations, location recommendations/guidelines, and flexibility when working with us. She was just as much our planner as our photographer, and I cannot emphasize enough how amazing that was. Literally everything she suggested to us was exactly the right choice, and it came to the point where I was 100% trusting every decision she was suggesting, and we hadn’t even met yet!

Not only is she incredibly trustworthy and knowledgeable, but she is literally the sweetest person ever!! My husband is rather socially anxious, and the immediate deciding factor between Bailey and another photographer was that Bailey immediately made us both feel at ease and like we had known each other for years. She’s so good with people. Bailey is absolutely worth every penny 2x over, and you will not regret working with her on your special day. If you’re in between two photographers, CHOOSE BAILEY!!!”

Get A Jumpstart On Planning

Tips And Inspo To Get Started Planning Your Colorado Elopement

How To Plan an Elopement in Colorado

wedding couple wearing hiking backpacks with Just Married signs looking out over the mountains during Colorado elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

wedding ceremony in the mountains at small wedding venue in Colorado

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wedding couple carrying shoes and walking through a stream at The Great Sand Dunes during elopement in Colorado

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