What to Do During Your Elopement

Posted On | February 17, 2021

Elopement Activities to Make Your Wedding day Unique

Congratulations on making the choice to elope! Now you may be wondering what to do during your elopement? The number one rule when planning your elopement is to make it about YOU! On your wedding day, it is the perfect chance to create a day around elopement activities that reflect your relationship and values. You have the exciting opportunity to get as creative as you’d like and bring in activities that are either meaningful to you as a couple, or a chance to celebrate your first day as a married couple in a way you won’t soon forget! Below are a few of our favorite elopement activities to consider on your wedding day! 

What to Do During Your Elopement Year-Round

Slow Down when getting ready

The getting ready portion of your wedding day can include so much more than just putting on your wedding attire. Slow down a bit and think about how you would like to spend the last few hours before saying your vows. This is such a special time, so we encourage you to be intentional with it! Some of our favorite “getting ready” activities include:

  • Snuggling up with a cup of coffee or tea
  • Taking a bath or enjoying a soak in the hot tub together
  • Playing a round or two of your favorite board game
  • Help each other get dressed for the day
  • Coping your vows into your vow books or typing them up with a typewriter
  • Cooking breakfast together
  • Putting on your favorite record
  • Writing and sharing love letters with each other
  • Exchanging gifts
  • Meditating or practicing yoga
  • Reading letters from loved ones

For more ideas for how to make your getting ready portion of the day unique check out this guide

Share a first look with each other, or with friends and family

There is an indescribable magic in the first moment you lay eyes on each other dressed in your wedding attire. It’s a moment filled with anticipation, emotion, and pure joy. Consider carving out a special time to share a “first look” with your partner, embracing the opportunity to see each other before the ceremony begins. And it’s not limited to just your soon-to-be spouse; you can extend this heartfelt experience to include your beloved family and friends as well. By allowing for separate first looks, you create additional cherished moments and ensure that everyone feels the love and excitement in their own unique way.

Go Stargazing

Do you find yourself constantly captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of the stars? Whether you’re tying the knot bright and early or enjoying a magical evening ceremony, why not seize the opportunity to indulge in some celestial wonders and capture breathtaking photos under the stars? With just a little planning, you can make your special day even more enchanting by incorporating a precious moment to stargaze.

Check out Kathy + Zac’s elopement or Leslie + Nathan’s elopement for stargazing inspiration! 

bride and groom with lanterns and horses during Crested Butte wildflower elopement

Soak up blue Hour

The magical moment just before sunrise or just after sunset is known as the enchanting “Blue Hour.” Break out the lanterns and enjoy watching the light change! The tender glow of the lanterns, the delicate play of shadows and light—it’s a recipe for pure magic and the most dreamy, romantic photos.

Check out Emilie and Jacob’s elopement for blue hour inspiration!  

Take a Hike

Whether it’s the dead of winter or the middle of summer, it is almost always possible to hike on your wedding day in Colorado! There are many different trails that allow you to get away from the crowds and into nature. We are happy to suggest hiking trails that range from less than 1 mile all the way to 8+ miles for your wedding day! 

Check out Kendall and Ally’s hiking elopement or this backpacking elopement for hiking inspiration! 

Play a few rounds of your favorite board game

Your adventurous elopement doesn’t mean you have to be constantly on the go. Consider taking a break to play your favorite game! How about a few rounds of UNO, a game of cribbage, or a game of Catan? 

Check out Serena and Victor’s or Leslie and Nathan’s elopement for some inspiration!


There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold microbrew on a hot day, or a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning. If you’re like us and love to explore different local haunts, building time for a drink into your timeline is a great way to soak up the local culture while enjoying a break on your wedding day! We put together a list of our favorite Colorado Mountain Breweries, and our favorite Colorado Mountain Coffee Shops!

Check out Cody and Gwenanne’s elopement for some coffee inspiration, or Kacey + Sarah’s elopement with lunch at a brewery! 

couple riding on ski lift on their wedding day

Ride a Gondola or Ski Lift

Sometimes all it takes to get incredible mountain views is a quick ride on a ski lift! There are so many options year-round for a ride up the mountain at a Colorado ski resort. Telluride’s free gondola and Keystone’s view at the top are two of our favorites! 

Check out Joelys + Steven’s Telluride elopement for some gondola inspiration! 

relax in some hot springs

Did you know that Colorado has natural hot springs all over the state?! Imagine taking a soak in the morning before you get ready for the day, or slipping in to relax after a full day of celebrating! Some of our favorite hot springs are Dunton Hot Springs near Telluride, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort near Buena Vista, and Strawberry Park Hot Springs near Steamboat Spring. If you’re looking for something a bit more private, this Buena Vista Airbnb and this Buena Vista Airbnb have their very own hot spring! 

Explore a National Park

Did you know that Colorado is home to four National Parks?! While Rocky Mountain National Park might get all of the attention, Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Great Sand Dunes are two other incredible places to consider exploring on your wedding day! While not a National Park, Colorado National Monument is another beautiful place to add to your list! 

Check out Amanda + Joe’s or Ali + Tom’s Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement for inspiration! 

Get a birdseye view with a Helicopter, hot air balloon, or private plane ride

Looking for a scenic view but don’t want to hike? How about getting a birdseye view on a helicopter tour, hot air balloon ride, or a plane ride? Companies like Grand Adventure Balloon Tours, Grandview Flightseeing, and Fly Venture offer unique tours to see Colorado from a whole new viewpoint! 

Have a Picnic or a Meal with a Private CheF

We’re big fans of food around here and love when couples build a meaningful meal into their day! Whether you pack a picnic to enjoy on top of a mountain or hire a private chef to cook you a special meal, there are so many ways to incorporate delicious food into your day! Consider Summit Brunch, who will bring a fine dining experience to wherever you are in Summit County, (including a mountain peak!), or Juli y Juan, who will prepare the absolute best meal of your life in your Airbnb’s kitchen! 

Check out Nik and Rebekah’s elopement where they shared a charcuterie board on a mountaintop for inspiration or Giedre + Brooke’s elopement which ended with a meal cooked by a private chef! 

Have a Zoom/Facetime Elopement Reception

Eloping just the two of you but still want to include loved ones? Consider a virtual reception over Zoom, Skype, or Facetime! Connect, share, and celebrate your love, even from afar.

Check out Stanley and Leah’s Zoom reception at Lake Dillon for inspiration! 

Read Letters from Loved Ones During Your Elopement

One of the best ways to still include family and friends on your elopement day is by having them write personal letters to the two of you. You can take a break on a rock overlooking the mountains, open them up, and laugh and cry with the sweet words they wrote.

Check out Sophia and Keaton’s elopement where they took a break together and read letters from family and friends.

Get a tattoo

If you’re looking for a unique way to commemorate your wedding day, consider getting a tattoo together! It’s not just a tattoo—it’s a symbol of your unwavering unity, shared memories, and everlasting commitment.

Take a Break and relax

Often elopements are a full-day adventure. Consider making space for some downtime to relax between important moments of the day to recharge. Consider taking a nap in your favorite hammock, or even setting up a blanket and lying in the sun for a bit!

play music together

Do you love to play music? Bring your favorite instrument along and play a few chords together! Whether it’s your guitar, ukulele, harmonica, drums, or something else, there’s never a bad time for some music!

Share Your First Dance

Even though you’re foregoing a traditional wedding, it doesn’t mean you can’t share a first dance! Sway along to your favorite song on a lakeshore, overlooking the mountains, next to a campfire, or even in front of your car’s headlights. The options are endless!

What to Do During Your Elopement in the Summer and Fall

Summer in Colorado, especially in the mountains, typically begins in mid-June. At some elevations there might be snow present year-round, but for the most part, the majority of mountain passes and trails are open by this point! Summer in the mountains is full of green grass, lots of wildflowers, and crystal-clear alpine lakes to explore with temperatures often in the mid-70s. 

Depending on the elevation and part of the state you’re in, fall color usually starts to appear in late August and lasts until the first week or so of October. Temperatures can be a bit cooler but are usually pleasant in the mountains and along the front range. It is not unusual to start seeing snow in mid-September, especially at higher elevations, but most trails and passes are accessible until late October. 

Check out our guide to help decide when the best time to elope is for you! If Summer or Fall is your ideal timeframe, there are lots of options to consider on your wedding day! 


There’s nothing like warming up around a campfire under the gorgeous Colorado stars! If cake isn’t your thing, consider making some s’mores or sharing your first dance around a campfire! You could even have your first dance by firelight! Just be sure to check the current fire restrictions in your elopement location before lighting your campfire to make sure you’re good to go,

Check out Jake + Caiti’s elopement for some campfire inspiration! 

Explore with a Jeep or ATV

If you’re wanting to get to more secluded areas with incredible views but hiking is just not your jam, a Jeep or ATV tour might be a great option for you! Tours like these are led by professionals and allow us to cover large distances on mountain passes and trails in a shorter period of time. They’re great if you have guests who might not be as mobile, as well! Two of our favorite Jeep trails are Yankee Boy Basin and Rollins Pass!

Check out Kayla and Jeff’s UTV elopement for inspiration!  

go fishing

If fishing is one of your favorite summer activities, there is no reason why you can’t spend some time casting a line on your wedding day! There are numerous streams, lakes, and rivers throughout the state that allow fishing, and getting a fishing license is a super easy process! 

Go Ziplining

Feeling adventurous? Colorado has several adventure parks that offer zip-lining! Soar through the trees and get your blood pumping at places like Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours, Steamboat Zipline Adventures, or Top of the Rockies Zipline

Go for a swim

If cooling down on a hot day sounds like the ideal way to spend an afternoon, consider going for a swim on your wedding day! Colorado is full of lakes and rivers that are perfect for taking a dip, as well as lots of places to cliff jump if you’re wanting to get your heart pumping!

explore on horseback

If you’re looking for a true “wild west” experience, horseback riding definitely fits the bill! Just like a Jeep or ATV tour, this unique experience allows you to cover a good amount of trail in a shorter time period. Whether you’ve never been near a horse or have ridden all of your life, there are many outfitters all over the state who can make your riding dreams a reality! Check out Saddleback Ranch in Steamboat, National Park Gateway Stables in Estes Park, or Breckenridge Stables in Breckenridge!  

drone photo looking down at a couple in wedding attire in a packraft while paddling around a mountain lake during packraft elopement in colorado|cabin at Creekside Chalets in Salida Colorado where brides got ready for elopement day|bride getting her hair done by hair and makeup artist a vow to artistry inside cabin for elopement|wedding couple's hiking boots sitting next to their backpacks for adventure wedding|bride making pancakes on elopement day wearing black and red plaid shirt|two brides wearing matching plaid shirts making pancakes together on their elopement day|looking from outside through the window at two brides dressed in pajamas making pancakes on the morning of their adventure elopement|two brides' wedding rings wrapped around a rainbow pride ribbon|wedding couple in matching plaid pajamas sitting on couch eating pancakes and drinking tea the morning of their elopement day|two white mugs of tea sitting on table with lipstick print on the edge|black and white photo of two brides sitting on couch in matching plaid pajamas eating breakfast together and laughing|top down view of a plate of pancakes with raspberries and person grabbing cup of tea|reflection of outdoor patio in the window with leftover breakfast sitting on a table inside|wedding dress and suite laid out on bed before getting dressed|wedding couple helping get dressed on elopement day|bride buttoning other bride's suit on wedding day|flat lay of forest and mountain wedding invitations with wedding rings and flowers|black and white photo of|wedding couple putting rainbow socks and hiking boots on for adventure elopement|detailed shot of pile of logs|two brides walking with dog at Creekside Chalets in Salida for elopement|bride snuggling other bride from behind on wood bridge|two brides squatting down petting their dog|bride giving mom a hug on her elopement day while dad watches nearby|bride filling up camelback water bladder for hiking elopement|dog|bride wearing wedding dress closing car door beside cabin in the woods|lgtbq wedding couple hiking down dirt path to alpine lake in the rocky mountains for colorado elopement|close up black and white of bride writing her vows into a notebook|backs of wedding couple sitting next to each other with dog looking between them at colorado elopement|wildflowers with wedding couple blurred out in the background|wedding couple sitting on blankets relaxing with dog|bride putting on backpacking backpack next to car for adventure wedding in colorado|bride's parents holding flowers and getting ready for hiking elopement|packraft paddles stuck in pocket of backpack with flower boutonniere for packraft elopement in colorado|wedding couple and parents hiking in the rocky mountains for adventure elopement in colorado|bride wearing blue suite dipping her hands in an alpine lake before elopement in colorado|elopement ceremony with guitars next to alpine lake at buena vista elopement||black and white photo of two women playing guitars during mountain elopement in colorado|woman tuning guitar during elopement ceremony|phone recording elopement ceremony in the rain next to alpine lake in the rocky mountains|black and white photo of bride sharing emotional vows in the rain during buena vista elopement|picture frame with photo of a couple sitting on the ground next to a lake and bride's dress during elopement ceremony|bride in suite reading emotional vows in the rain during adventure elopement in colorado|lgbtq elopement ceremony in the rain with umbrellas next to alpine lake during buena vista elopement|emotional black and white photo of lgbtq weddign couple getting married in the rain surrounded by supportive parents|group of wedding guests in the rain with raincoats and umbrellas next to alpine lake during rainy colorado elopement|wedding couple hiking down a trail in rain gear and umbrellas during adventure elopement in colorado|black and white photo at dawn with wedding couple getting ready standing at the back of car in the forest for elopement|adventure wedding couple hiking in the dark at sunrise with headlamps leading the way and the mountains in the background|white wildflowers near buena vista colorado|wedding couple taking pictures of phones during sunrise hike up to alpine lake for colorado elopement|eloping couple with hiking gear standing away looking out at the mountain views at sunrise|bride in suite sitting on grass tying her shoes|backpacking backpack with packraft paddels stuck in outside pocket for packraft elopement|lgbtq couple getting ready for wedding in the mountains|lgbtq wedding couple hikign up side of mountain with alpine lake in the background during elopement in buena vista|lgbtq couple lokking at each other and smiling with mountains in the background during colorado elopement|lgbtq wedding couple walking across field with alpine lake and mountains in the background during adventure elopement in colorado|black and white photo of wedding couple walking together and laughing|lgbtq couple embracing each other on the side of a mountain with lake in the background during colorado elopement near buena vista|lgbtq wedding couple hugging each other in the mountains with pine trees in the background during adventure wedding|wedding couple standing next to each other laughing as they blow up inflatable packraft for their packraft elopement in colorado|bride wearing suite blowing up inflatable packraft during adventure elopement in colorado|bride blowing up packraft in the mountains for packraft elopement in colorado|wedding couple getting into packraft on edge of alpine lake in the mountains of colorado for their packraft elopement|black and white photo of lgbtq wedding couple paddling out to island in middle of lake during packraft elopement|bird's eye view looking straight down on wedding couple paddling in packraft wound ans island in an alpine lake during packraft elopement in colorado|lgbtq wedding couple getting out of packraft onto island in middle of a lake during packraft elopement in colorado|lgbtq couple having first dance in the mountains of colorado during adventure elopement|drone photo of lgbtq wedding couple dancing on an island in the middle of a lake during packraft elopement in colorado|wedding couple dancing on an island in the middle of a lake with sky reflected below during adventure elopement in coloado|wildflowers on the edge of a lake near buena vista colorado|lgbtq wedding couple dancing on island in alpine lake in the mountains during colorado elopement|wedding couple paddling in raft on mountain lake during packraft elopement in colorado|wedding couple walking along the shore of a lake after packraft elopement in colorado|wedding couple hiking back down the mountain with beautiful views after adventure elopement in colorado|gif of wedding couple twirling on mountain side with lake in the background during colorado adventure elopement

get out on the water

There are reservoirs and lakes all over the state that offer great opportunities to get out on the water! Whether you’re looking for something motorized, or would rather paddle yourself, there are many options to rent a watercraft for the day, including pack rafts, canoes, paddleboards, pontoons, kayaks, jet skis, and more! Shadow Mountain Lake in Grand Lake, Ridgeway State Park in Ridgeway, Steamboat Lake near Steamboat, and Dillon Reservoir in Dillon are all beautiful places to paddle around! 

Check out Marlene and Martin’s elopement to see how they incorporated a canoe into their wedding day, or Merina and Sierra’s pack raft elopement! 

bride and groom standing on cliff edge overlooking turquoise water of lower blue lake during backpacking elopement in colorado|||||wedding couple hiking through the forest for backpacking elopement in colorado|hiking couple holding hands on mountainside for hiking elopement in colorado||yellow wildflower in focus with couple hiking along trail in the mountains of colorado for adventure elopement|||couple making freezdried dried food during backpacking elopement|couple making food at backpacking camp during adventure elopement in colorado|||||couple embracing with mountains in the background during adventure wedding in colorado|couple walking across stream in the mountains during adventure elopement in colorado|couple walking with dogs across mountain at sunset during telluride elopement|couple snuggling on the grass surrounded by wildflowers during hiking elopement in telluride colorado|||couple walking along a hiking trail with san juan mountains in the background at Blue Lakes near telluride colorado|couple putting up tent during backpacking elopement in colorado|||||couple snuggled up looking out over valley of blue lakes in telluride|||couple walking towards lower blue lake near ouray colorado|||couple running holding hands next to lower blue lake during adventure photo session|||||||wedding couple writing vows at sunset overlooking mountains during hiking elopement in colorado|||couple holding lanterns at dusk with mountains in the background during backpacking elopement in colorado|wedding couple picture with lanterns in the mountains during adventure elopement in colorado|close up picture of wedding couple at dusk holding lanterns and kissing during backpacking elopement in colorado|couple walking with their dogs at dusk in the mountains holding lanterns during hiking elopement in colorado||couple walking with their dogs at dusk in the mountains holding lanterns during backpacking elopement in colorado|couple lit up at night with milky way in the night sky during backpacking elopement in colorado|couple walking in the mountains at night with headlamps beneath the starry sky during adventure elopement in colorado|couple getting ready for wedding in the dark in their tent for backpacking elopement in Colorado|||bride tying hiking boots int eh dark next to tent for backpacking elopement at blue lakes in telluride|groom wetting hair with bottle of water to get ready for colorado elopement|groom helping bride zip dress at the top of the mountain for hiking elopement in colorado||||wedding couple standing on edge of cliff at blue lakes in Telluride saying vows during backpacking elopement in colorado|bride wiping tears from eyes while saying vows to groom in the mountains during colorado elopement||bride and groom saying vows with large mountain behind them during elopement near telluride colorado|||bride and groom sharing first kiss on the edge of a cliff overlooking lower blue lake during colorado backpacking elopement|bride and groom popping and spraying champagne in the mountains after eloping at blue lakes near telluride colorado|black and white photo of wedding couple cheersing their custom metal mugs after eloping in telluride colroado|||bride and groom sharing first dance on the top of a mountain during backpacking elopement in colorado|bride twirling in her wedding dress in the mountains of colorado during backpacking elopement|bride and groom hiking down trail in wedding attire during colorado elopement||bride and groom running through field in the san juan mountains during southern colorado elopement|groom scooping bride up with bride wearing hiking boots in the mountains of colorado|wedding couple standing back to back with turquoise blue water behind them during elopement at blue lakes near telluride colorado|happy bride hiking down the trail with backpack and wedding dress on during hiking elopement in colorado|bride and groom crossing a river in the mountains after adventure wedding in colorado|bride and groom with their dogs next to turquoise lower blue lakes in telluride after their colorado elopement|||||couple snuggled up next to text in the forest with wedding dress hanging in the tree after backpacking elopement in colorado||bride and groom signing marriage license in the mountains during colorado hiking elopement|wedding couple having their dogs sign their marriage license in colorado mountains|colorado marriage license with dog prints as witness signatures|bride and groom sharing their first dance at the top of the mountain with turquoise lower blue lake below during colorado elopement|||

go backpacking  

There is no better way to truly immerse yourself in the mountains than getting away for a night (or two), setting up camp beneath the stars, roasting s’mores over a campfire and waking up to a pink sunrise. A backpacking elopement is for those couples who want to get away from the crowds, breath in the fresh mountain air, and truly immerse themselves in the mountains. Some of our favorite backpacking trails are Mohawk Lakes and Blue Lakes.

Check out this backpacking elopement for inspiration!

go Camping  

Picture a secluded campsite, nestled amidst towering trees and overlooking a serene lake. Let the crackling campfire be the backdrop to your love story, as you celebrate your marriage surrounded by the tranquil ambiance of nature. This unique elopement experience is sure to create cherished memories!

Take a Motorcycle or bike ride

Choosing to ride a bike (motor or pedal!) on your wedding day is a unique and meaningful choice that can add an extra layer of joy and adventure to your special day. It symbolizes a spirit of freedom, togetherness, and embracing the simple pleasures of life and allows you the chance to slow down, savor the journey, and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

Hike a via ferrata

A via ferrata is an exhilarating and unique mountain adventure that combines elements of hiking, rock climbing, and mountaineering. If you’re looking to get your heart pumping on your wedding day, it’s a thrilling activity that offers a perfect balance between adventure and safety, allowing you to push your limits while appreciating the stunning natural landscapes that surround you. Whether you’re a seasoned climber seeking a new challenge or an adventurous beginner looking to step out of your comfort zone, a via ferrata promises an unforgettable outdoor experience that will leave you with lasting memories! Check out these top via ferratas in Colorado!

go rock climbing or bouldering  

If you’re a climber, consider doing your favorite hobby on your wedding day! By incorporating rock climbing into your wedding day, you infuse it with adventure, excitement, and a shared sense of achievement, creating unforgettable memories (and epic photos!) along the way!

go sandboarding at the Great sand dunes

Sandboarding on your wedding day offers more than just adrenaline-pumping thrills. It presents an opportunity to connect with nature, as you immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The quiet solitude, interrupted only by the sound of the wind and your own laughter, creates a sense of peace and tranquility. Learn more about sandboarding and sand sledding!

What to Do during Your Elopement in the Winter and Spring

Winter/Spring in Colorado can look different depending on what elevation you’re at! Along the front range, any snow that comes through often melts quickly and temperatures can range anywhere from the mid-50s to below zero. In the mountains, once it begins to snow heavily (usually around the beginning of November), it typically sticks around until the end of spring in late-April. The temperature can range from mid-30s to below zero, with temperatures slowly rising as spring approaches. March and April are our snowiest months, and most mountain passes are closed between Labor Day and Memorial Day. 

Check out our guide to help decide when the best time to elope is for you! If you’re dreaming of a snowy wonderland, there are lots of cold-weather options to consider on your wedding day! 

bride and groom kissing while dogsledding for their elopement

Explore the mountains via sleigh ride, dog sled, or snowmobile

When there’s a lot of snow, transportation in Colorado can get creative! Live out your dreams of a winter wonderland wedding by taking a romantic sleigh ride through snow-covered trees, fly through the forest on a dog sled, or ride to the top of a mountain pass on a snowmobile! 

Check out Kacey and Sarah’s snowmobile elopement or Brittany and Ray’s dogsledding elopement for inspiration! 

go snowshoeing

While hiking is an option year-round in Colorado, some trails might require snowshoes in the snowier months. This is a great way to get away from the crowds and explore during the winter! You can rent a pair of snowshoes and poles from places like REI and Christy’s Sports

go Ice skating

Once the many ponds in Colorado freeze for the winter, they make the perfect spot to skate! Places like the Rotary Park Rink in Ouray, Evergreen Lake, YMCA of the Rockies, Dercum Square Ice Rink in Keystone, or Winter Park’s Village Ice Rink are all great options!

couple cross-country skiing during their elopement

go skiing or snowboarding

Colorado is known around the globe for our incredible skiing, both at resorts as well as backcountry! Imagine celebrating your wedding day on the slopes, or gliding through trees while cross-country skiing! 

Check out Megan and Ethan’s cross-country skiing elopement for inspiration! 

Go sledding

If you still crave some speed but skiing or snowboarding isn’t your first choice, consider taking a break to go sledding on your wedding day! Did you know you can even sled in Rocky Mountain National Park?! 

Visit the ice castles

If you’ve ever wanted to live out some major Elsa-vibes, check out the Ice Castles in Dillon! This castle is constructed each year and is usually open January through the beginning of March, depending on weather. It’s best to get tickets as soon as they go on sale since they almost always sell out! Note: the Ice Castles are not currently scheduled to be in Colorado during the 2023/2024 season. We’re keeping our fingers crossed they come back next year!

Play in the snow

Let your inner child loose and play in the snow! Build a snowman, create a snow fort, or have a snowball fight!  

Regardless of what you decide to do during your elopement, it is your opportunity to create a day that is just as adventurous as you are! Are you ready to get started planning your best day ever? Get in touch and let’s do this thing!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our list of Best Places to Elope in Colorado, and our guide for How to Plan a Colorado Elopement!

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