Peaks to Ponds: Epic Colorado Elopement Locations in 2024

Posted On | March 12, 2024

Do you know you want epic mountaintop views for your elopement in Colorado? Or perhaps you dream of lakeside vows? As Colorado elopement photographers who have photographed 250+ couples in 125+ locations across the state, we are sharing the top places to elope in Colorado. They are categorized by scenery so you can find that picture-perfect location you’ve been dreaming of.

With 15 separate mountain ranges, 54 mountain peaks above 14,000 feet, 81 named waterfalls and views that will make you stare in wonder, we believe Colorado is the best place to elope for fun and adventurous couples.

While we can help you find a place to elope in almost any type of scenery in Colorado, as elopement photographers who avidly explore the state we were born and raised in, we do have a list of some amazing locations for a small wedding or elopement depending on what scenery you’re looking for. This list just scratches the surface of the best Colorado elopement locations!

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Mountain Top Elopement Locations in Colorado

Looking for an unforgettable backdrop for your Colorado elopement? Well, imagine this: you and your partner standing on top of a jaw-dropping mountain top, with snow-capped peaks stretching as far as the eye can see. Talk about epic! Choosing a mountain top for your special day adds that extra dose of wow factor and adventure. Picture yourselves surrounded by nature’s incredible beauty, soaking in the 360-degree views and feeling an intimate connection to each other and the earth. From the vibrant colors of sunrise to the glowy hues of sunset, the ever-changing sky perfectly complements the rugged magnificence of the mountains. So, if you’re craving an elopement that’s both romantic and thrilling, with a side of breathtaking scenery, the mountaintops of Colorado are calling your name.

When planning a mountaintop elopement, it’s essential to be aware of a few factors that can impact your experience:

  • Weather can be unpredictable in mountainous regions, so be prepared for sudden changes in conditions. Keep an eye on forecasts and have appropriate attire to stay warm and dry. Remember, temperatures tend to be colder at higher elevations, so layering is key!
  • Some mountain roads or trails might be closed during certain times of the year due to snow or hazardous conditions. Make sure to check for any closures and plan accordingly to avoid any unexpected surprises on your big day.
  • For those seeking the best time to exchange vows on a mountaintop in Colorado, mid-June through early October is generally ideal. This period offers milder weather, fewer chances of snow, and more accessibility to popular locations.
  • Most mountaintop locations are above the tree line. At this high elevation, a very fragile ecosystem exists called alpine tundra. This tundra is made up of dwarf shrubs and lichen that have difficulty recovering if damaged by human feet. It’s important at these high elevations on mountain tops to practice Leave No Trace principles by minimizing impact, staying on trails and respecting the fragile ecosystem.

If breathtaking scenery is a must-have on your elopement day, here are some of our favorite mountain-top Colorado elopement locations!

Loveland Pass Elopement | Keystone, CO

If you want all the top-of-the-world feels on your wedding day, then exchange your vows at 11,990 feet above sea level. Said to be the highest mountain pass in the US that regularly stays open during a snowy winter season, Loveland Pass is the picturesque Colorado mountaintop elopement location. For more ideas, view Kyla + Chris’ Spring Loveland Pass Elopement and Cheyenne + Florencio’s Fall Loveland Pass Elopement

Lost Gulch Overlook Elopement | Boulder, CO

Accessible year-round, Lost Gulch Overlook is one of the most popular locations in Boulder for portraits. It has dramatic rock formations and a stunning view of the mountains. Because this location gets so busy, we recommend planning to visit here on weekdays or at sunrise to avoid the crowds. View Kaylen + Dylan’s Lost Gulch Anniversary Session for inspiration!

Independence Pass Elopement | Aspen, CO

High alpine lakes, miles of trails, and top-of-the-mountain vibes are the biggest draws of Independence Pass. If you want to be secluded, Independence Pass is one area that you can get away from the crowds and find some peace and quiet. The pass is closed from mid-October to early June though, so plan on a summer or fall elopement here. View Tyler and Paige’s Independence Pass Elopement for inspiration! 

Cottonwood Pass Elopement | Buena Vista, CO

For couples looking to feel like they’re in the Sound of Music on their wedding day, Cottonwood Pass is an excellent choice. Whether you’re looking for an easily accessible location to say your vows or would like to hike to one of many alpine lakes, it has something for everyone! Cottonwood Pass is accessible from early June through early November. View Taylor + Garrett’s Sunrise Cottonwood Pass Elopement for inspiration! 

Trail Ridge Road Elopement | Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail Ridge Road connects the east side, Estes Park, of Rocky Mountain National Park to the west side of the park, Grand Lake, via a high alpine bi-way. While you can’t legally hold your ceremony on Trail Ridge Road, you can get married at one of the 12 reservable wedding sites in Rocky Mountain National Park and then head up to Trail Ridge Road for pictures afterward for some epic views. This high alpine pass with extended views of the Rocky Mountains and continental divide attracts thousands of visitors each year. The road is closed seasonally but is typically open Memorial Day through mid-October, so plan on a summer or fall elopement here. View Nicole + Daniel’s RMNP Elopement and Alexa + Peter’s Summer Sprague Lake Elopement for inspiration! 

Telluride Gondola | Telluride, CO

Telluride is located in the heart of the San Juan mountain range. It’s home to some of the most dramatic and unique mountain peaks in Colorado. If you don’t want to hike or snowshoe to a scenic location, take the free Telluride gondola to the top of the mountain for some epic mountain sunsets and a bird’s eye view of the town of Telluride. Check out Joelys and Steven’s winter elopement and Ruby and Blake’s fall elopement in Telluride for some scenic inspiration!

Vail Mountain | Vail, CO

The top of Vail Mountain is a breathtaking location for couples interested in eloping in the Colorado Rockies. At an elevation of over 11,000 feet, the Holy Cross Event Deck offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges, as well as a picturesque backdrop for an intimate ceremony. Getting to the top of Vail Mountain is an experience in itself, as couples take a scenic gondola ride to reach the summit. Along the way, you can enjoy stunning views of the mountain and the surrounding wilderness. Once at the top, couples can choose from a variety of scenic locations, including the Holy Cross Event Deck or one of the many nearby trails or scenic overlooks.

Corona/Rollins Pass | Winter Park, CO

For the more adventurous couple, consider eloping along Corona/Rollins Pass! During the summer you can explore the 4×4 roads with an ATV, UTV or high clearance vehicle and access several alpine lakes, as well as sweeping alpine views. In the winter, this pass is a popular place to snowmobile and backcountry ski! Check out Sarah + Joshua’s Rollins Pass elopement!

Guanella Pass | Georgetown, CO

Guanella Pass is a picturesque scenic mountain byway located near Georgetown, CO, that provides a stunning backdrop for an elopement. The pass is surrounded by rugged peaks, forests, and pristine meadows, making it a perfect destination for couples looking to exchange vows in a serene and natural setting. Guanella Pass is typically accessible Memorial Day through mid-October and is particularly popular when the wildflowers and foliage are in full bloom. Whether you are planning an intimate elopement ceremony or a celebration with family and friends, Guanella Pass offers a range of options, from rustic campsites and cozy lodges and hotels nearby.

Waterfall Elopement Locations in Colorado

Hey, water-obsessed lovebirds! If you’re on the hunt for a Colorado elopement location that’s equal parts magical and mesmerizing, a gorgeous waterfall may be perfect for you! Picture this: you and your partner, surrounded by lush greenery, standing in awe as crystal-clear water tumbles down in the background. Talk about a dreamy setting! Choosing a waterfall for your special day adds that extra touch of enchantment and natural beauty. The stunning backdrop of cascading water and lush foliage will make your wedding album pop. Plus, the cool mist from the waterfall provides a refreshing escape from the summer heat. So, if you’re up for an adventure and want a truly magical elopement experience, head to a Colorado waterfall.

When planning a waterfall elopement in Colorado, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The water flow of the waterfall can vary depending on the season and recent precipitation. It’s a good idea to research the specific waterfall you have in mind and check if it tends to have consistent water flow during the time of your elopement.
  • While Colorado is known for its stunning landscapes, it doesn’t have as many waterfalls compared to other regions. This can cause well-known waterfalls to be busy and full of day hikers. Therefore, it’s essential to plan your elopement accordingly and avoid busy times of the day (typically 9 am – 4 pm).
  • The best time for a waterfall elopement in Colorado is typically from May through mid-August. This period corresponds to the spring and summer seasons when rainfall and snowmelt contribute to higher water flow, creating more dramatic and picturesque waterfalls. However, it’s worth noting that weather patterns can vary, so it’s advisable to check local conditions and water flow levels closer to your desired date. You can do so by reading trail reports on sites such as

If a waterfall is a must-have on your elopement day, here are the best waterfall elopement locations in Colorado!

Secret Waterfall Elopement | Breckenridge, CO

For couples looking to get away from the crowds for their intimate ceremony, consider this secret waterfall near Breckenridge, CO. The hidden path to this waterfall is just a short walk from the car, making this location extremely accessible from late May through October. View Jordan + Kellen’s Private Vows at this location for inspiration! 

Bridal Veil Falls Elopement | Telluride, CO

Bridal Veil Falls is one of the tallest, more easily accessible waterfalls, therefore one of our favorite waterfall elopement locations in Colorado. Located in the San Juan mountains in southern Colorado, just outside Telluride, Bridal Veil Falls is a gem of that area. The OHV road is accessible during the summer and early fall with a high-clearance vehicle. If you can’t drive all the way to the top, like many people, you can hike the 2.4 miles along the road to the waterfall. Even though it is hiking accessible during the winter, the area can be closed if there is avalanche danger present, so it’s best to visit during the summer and fall. The best part? If you elope with us, there are some fun secret waterfalls nearby that we can also visit on our way up or down that are much more private, because Bridal Veil Falls definitely gets busy. Interested in eloping here? Check out Alyssa and Jake’s Bridal Telluride Waterfall Elopement.

Boulder Falls Elopement | Boulder, CO

Boulder Falls is one of the more easily accessible waterfalls in the front range that runs year-round (but does freeze in the winter). So if you’re not planning a high-elevation elopement and love the larger cities on the front range to explore during your elopement in Colorado, Boulder Falls is the perfect place to stop. Because of its easy access with a short 1/8 mile walk, it can get very crowded. If you want Boulder Falls completely to yourself, we recommend eloping at sunrise for the best chance. Both Ally and Kendall and Geidre and Brooke visited Boulder falls on their elopement day.

Fish Creek Falls Elopement | Steamboat Springs, CO

Known as the most famous waterfall near Steamboat, CO, Fish Creek Falls definitely holds up its title proudly. It’s only a 1/4 mile walk from the parking lot to access the bridge in front of the falls. And for couples who want a different view, you can simply walk up another trail next to the parking lot to get a birds-eye lookout over the falls. You can also hike an additional 2.5 miles to another waterfall for the most privacy. Our favorite part about Fish Creek Falls is that it’s accessible all year round (but bring snowshoes in the winter!). Interested in eloping here? Check out Courtney and DJ’s Steamboat Springs Proposal at a frozen Fish Creek Falls.

Cascade Falls Elopement | Ouray, CO

If you love the idea of eloping in Southern Colorado, the town of Ouray will surely come across your search results. We absolutely love this little town known for its off-roading, access to the million-dollar highway, and steep cliff walls surrounding it. Ouray also is home to the impressive Cascade Falls. With a roughly 200-foot drop, these falls are sure to impress. They can be easily accessed with a short 1/4 mile hike from the parking lot, but if you are up for more of an adventure, we highly recommend hiking the full Ouray Perimeter Trail that passes by Cascade Falls. These falls get busy during the day so we highly recommend having your ceremony at sunrise or in the off-season (November-April).

Western slope Waterfall Elopement | Glenwood Springs, CO

The western slope is home to the best triple waterfall in the state of Colorado. Located near Glenwood Springs, it’s an amazing option for waterfall fanatics to elope at. It is also one of the only waterfalls sure to be running year-round (except when it’s frozen). This is great because these falls get very busy in the summer and early fall, so you can still visit it during the slower off-season. Because it’s one of Colorado’s most beautiful waterfalls, we definitely recommend getting up early and having your elopement ceremony right at sunrise. There are also some fun hikes nearby where you can get different viewpoints of the falls, see mountain caves, and soak in some different scenery. Interested in eloping here? Check out E’Beth and Brendan’s Colorado Waterfall Elopement.

Forest Elopement Locations in Colorado

Imagine this: you and your partner are surrounded by towering trees, sunlight peeking through the leaves, and a gentle breeze rustling the branches. It’s like stepping into your very own enchanted realm! Choosing a forest location for your Colorado elopement adds that whimsical touch of nature’s beauty and tranquility. The dappled light filtering through the trees creates a dreamy backdrop that’s pure gold. Plus, the forest provides a natural shelter from the elements. So, if you’re ready to embrace the magic of nature and make your elopement an unforgettable woodland adventure, head to a Colorado forest.

When planning a forest elopement in Colorado, there are a few things to consider:

  • Be aware of the local regulations and permits required for the specific forest location you have in mind. Some areas may have restrictions or guidelines to protect the natural environment.
  • Be mindful of the potential presence of wildlife in the forest. While encounters are generally rare, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with any local wildlife and take necessary precautions to ensure safety.

If you’re dreaming of a magical, woodland, forest elopement location, here’s a list of the best in Colorado!

Moraine Park Amphitheater | Rocky Moutain National PArk

Moraine Park Amphitheater is ideal for large ceremonies, as it can accommodate up to 30 people year-round. With built-in seating and towering pines, it is a dreamy location for a ceremony, as well as the only dog-friendly ceremony location in the park. Be sure to reserve the amphitheater far in advance as RMNP limits the number of wedding permits. Check out Alexa + Jason’s Moraine Park Amphitheater Elopement for some ideas!

Mountain Wedding Garden | Crested Butte, CO

Nestled in the heart of nature’s splendor, the Mountain Wedding Garden in Crested Butte, CO, offers a unique combination of mountain views and a private forest setting. Imagine exchanging your vows under a canopy of towering trees with lush greenery and fragrant wildflowers surrounding you. The forest surrounding the Mountain Wedding Garden adds a touch of whimsy and tranquility to your special day. Check out Caitlin and Michael’s small wedding at the Mountain Wedding Garden.

Stone Shelter | Boulder, CO

For couples seeking a budget-friendly and convenient forest scene elopement venue, the Stone Shelter in Boulder is a fantastic choice. With a cost of $50-$275, it offers affordability without compromising on charm. Another bonus? Dogs are allowed, making it the perfect spot to include your furry friend in the celebration. The Stone Shelter provides an onsite area for having a small celebration with close friends and family. Located on Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, you’ll also have easy access to the city’s amenities, allowing you and your loved ones to continue the celebration and explore the vibrant surroundings. View Jenny and Mac’s Stone Shelter elopement for more inspiration.

Black Stone Rivers Ranch | Idaho Springs, CO

If you’re envisioning a picturesque and romantic elopement surrounded by towering trees, Blackstone Rivers Ranch in Idaho Springs may be your perfect place. This stunning venue offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and rustic charm. Imagine exchanging vows in a serene forest setting, with the sounds of a gentle river flowing nearby. The venue provides convenient getting-ready rooms for the couple, ensuring a seamless and stress-free preparation process. After the ceremony, celebrate with your loved ones in the onsite reception tent, surrounded by the enchanting ambiance of a grove of aspen trees. End the night telling stories and roasting s’mores around their onsite campfire pits. Additionally, Blackstone Rivers Ranch is conveniently located near scenic Mount Evans and Echo Lake, offering a plethora of breathtaking backdrops for your wedding photos. Check out this small wedding at Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

Echo Lake | Idaho Springs, CO

Accessible year-round, Echo Lake is the perfect choice for a couple looking to get married at a scenic mountain lake surrounded by dense forest without having to hike too far. It’s an absolute gem nestled in the mountains, offering stunning mountain views and a serene ambiance. Whether you’re seeking a backdrop of towering pines, breathtaking vistas, or the tranquil waters of the lake, Echo Lake delivers it all. With the option to easily hike the short quarter-mile loop around the lake, you can fully immerse yourselves in the beauty of nature while capturing those incredible moments. Check out Quincy and Ash’s Echo Lake Elopement for more inspiration.

Flagstaff Mountain | Boulder, CO

Get ready for an epic forest elopement like no other at Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, CO! This place has got it all: stunning landscapes, beautiful forest scapes, mountain views, and easy access. Plus, with its lower elevation, you can enjoy a warmer climate and elope here any time of the year. Picture yourselves surrounded by towering trees, creating the perfect intimate and magical atmosphere for your special day. Whether you’re planning a whimsical spring elopement with colorful wildflowers or a cozy winter celebration with snow-capped peaks in the distance, Flagstaff Mountain has you covered. Both Kinsey and Brandon’s spring elopement and Audrey and Melody’s fall elopement at Flagstaff Mountain are great examples of what your wedding day could look like if you eloped here!

Meadow Elopement Locations in Colorado

Choosing a meadow for your Colorado elopement location brings a touch of serene charm to your special day. Picture this: you and your partner standing next to a vibrant carpet of wildflowers, the gentle breeze carrying their sweet fragrance through the air. Opting for a meadow ensures a sense of openness and tranquility, allowing you to immerse yourselves in the vastness of nature. It’s a romantic setting that perfectly symbolizes new beginnings and the beauty of growth.

When selecting a meadow location, it’s important to remember these considerations:

  • Embrace the principles of Leave No Trace. By treading lightly and minimizing your impact, you can preserve the pristine beauty of the meadow for others to enjoy. Choosing a low-impact ceremony setup on a durable surface, practicing proper waste management, and respecting the delicate ecosystem will ensure that the meadow remains a haven for centuries to come.
  • Consider timing your meadow elopement during the wildflower season in Colorado, which typically occurs from July through mid-August. This period showcases a kaleidoscope of colors as the meadows come alive with a breathtaking display of wildflowers.

If a breathtaking meadow elopement location is a must-have, here’s a list of the best in Colorado!

Yankee Boy Basin | Ouray, CO

Yankee Boy Basin in Ouray, CO is the ultimate meadow elopement location that will leave you breathless. Here’s the scoop: accessible with a 4×4 car, so no hiking is required! Be aware though, that it is not accessible during the winter and spring, so mid-June through early October is best for your elopement. This gem offers an unrivaled backdrop of sprawling meadows and jaw-dropping vistas, nestled within the unique and picturesque San Juan mountain range. Yankee Boy Basin delivers big time during wildflower season. Picture yourself surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors as vibrant wildflowers blanket the meadows from July through early August. It’s like stepping into a fairytale!

Moraine Park | Rocky Mountain National Park

Looking to capture stunning meadow-side elopement photos? Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park could be your perfect backdrop. While you can’t have your actual ceremony there, RMNP offers 12 nearby ceremony sites where you can tie the knot before heading to Moraine Park for a magical sunset photo session. This picturesque location boasts a breathtaking meadow setting with awe-inspiring mountain views. As an added bonus, a serene river gracefully flows through the meadow, adding a touch of natural beauty to your photos. Moraine Park access is limited in the fall during elk rutting season, so it’s not a recommended location that time of year. Check out Amye and Harper’s engagement session at Moraine Park.

This Secret Valley | Aspen, CO

Looking for the ultimate elopement destination? Look no further than this stunning valley near Aspen, CO. Get ready to be blown away by the breathtaking scenery and jaw-dropping views that surround you. With 4×4 road access, you can easily reach this hidden gem. One of the highlights of this valley is its enchanting groves of aspen trees. When fall rolls around, these trees burst into a brilliant golden hue, creating a mesmerizing backdrop that will take your breath away. Imagine exchanging vows amidst this stunning display of nature’s beauty. Be aware that this 4×4 road does close when snow accumulates so is best accessed from mid-June through mid-October.

MAroon Bells | Aspen, CO

Located just 10 miles west of the iconic town of Aspen, CO, the Maroon Bells are touted as the most photographed place in Colorado. The picturesque Maroon Bells Valley and mountain peaks are stunning for an elopement. Sunrise brings hundreds of visitors to Maroon Bells, so we recommend a sunset elopement or booking the Maroon Bells AmphitheaterAshley + Nick’s Maroon Bells Wedding and Emily and Braydon’s Maroon Bells wedding are both perfect examples of what it would be like to get married here!

Mayflower Gulch | Frisco, CO

Get ready for an epic elopement adventure at Mayflower Gulch in Frisco, CO! This stunning location offers a unique experience that begins with a hike ranging from a leisurely 0.2 miles to a moderate 2.1 miles one way. Lace-up your boots and embrace the journey as you make your way to this gem nestled in the heart of nature. The best part? Mayflower Gulch is accessible year-round, allowing you to plan your elopement during the season that most speaks to you. Just keep in mind that this place can get popular, so for a more intimate experience, consider saying your vows at sunrise when you’ll have the serene beauty of Mayflower Gulch all to yourselves. From towering peaks to breathtaking alpine meadows, this extraordinary location is a true paradise for nature enthusiasts. Read about Kathy and Zac’s sunrise elopement at Mayflower Gulch for more inspiration.

Twin Lakes | LEadville, CO

Situated between the charming mountain towns of Buena Vista and Leadville is Twin Lakes. With multiple hiking trails, an abandoned resort, and two alpine lakes, there are lots of options to choose from on your elopement day! Jess + Ken-Ichi’s Two-Day Twin Lakes Elopement is the perfect example of what your elopement here could look like!

Lakeside Elopement Locations in Colorado

Choosing a lakeside location for your Colorado elopement offers a captivating tranquil setting. Picture this: you and your partner exchanging vows with the shimmering lake as your backdrop, reflecting the majestic surrounding mountains. Opting for a lakeside ceremony creates a serene ambiance, where the gentle lapping of water and the soft rustle of leaves provide a soothing soundtrack to your union.

When planning a lakeside elopement, it’s essential to be aware of a few factors that can impact your experience:

  • It’s crucial to embrace the principles of Leave No Trace. Respecting the fragile ecosystem and minimizing your impact ensures that the natural beauty of the lake remains unspoiled for future couples and visitors. Being mindful of waste management, choosing a durable surface for your ceremony, and leaving the area as pristine as you found it will contribute to the sustainability and preservation of these breathtaking lakes.
  • Consider the seasonality when planning your lakeside elopement. Colorado’s lakes come alive with different characteristics throughout the year, offering unique experiences. In the summer, you can bask in the warmth of the sun, go for a refreshing swim, or enjoy water-based activities. Spring and autumn bring vibrant colors and a sense of tranquility, while winter offers a picturesque snowy wonderland, perfect for a cozy and romantic elopement.

Here’s a list of the best lakeside elopement locations in Colorado!

Blue Lakes | Telluride, CO

Looking for a true adventure elopement? Blue Lakes near Telluride, CO, is a spectacular destination for the bold and the brave, as it requires a challenging hike of 8.7 miles round trip with a hefty elevation gain of 2,509 ft. Strap on your hiking boots and get ready to conquer this epic trail. For an even more immersive experience (and to split up the hiking), we recommend breaking up the hike into two days and backpacking up to the lakes, allowing you to camp overnight and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the Milky Way illuminating the night sky. With the stunning turquoise color of Lower Bue Lake and panoramic mountain views, this dream destination can get quite popular. For a more intimate celebration, we suggest considering a sunrise elopement. So, if you’re up for a hike, breathtaking views, and a night under the starry sky check out Rachel and Jake’s backpacking elopement at Blue Lakes!

Brainard Lake | Boulder, CO

Brainard Lake is located 40 minutes up the canyon from Boulder, CO. It is one of the easiest high-elevation lakes to access and is full of expansive views, moose hanging out in the willow bushes and pine trees. The road to Brainard Lake is closed from mid-October through Memorial Day. If you are willing to hike the 5-mile round trip up to the lake in the winter you will be welcomed with seclusion and peace. Check out Taylor + Will’s Brainard Lake Elopement and Kaitlyn + Pat’s Brainard Lake Elopement for inspiration!

Sprague Lake | Rocky Mountain National Park

This handicapped-accessible location is one of our favorites in the park for ceremonies! An easy 10-minute walk from the parking lot on a gravel path takes you to a dock with stunning views of Sprague Lake and the mountains. It’s the perfect location year-round, whether you’re eloping just the two of you or with your closest friends and family! It can accommodate up to 15 people in the summer and 30 people in the winter.  Check out Paige + Braden’s Winter Sprague Lake Elopement or Alexa + Peter’s Summer Sprague Lake Elopement for inspiration!

Cottonwood Pass | Buena Vista, CO

For couples looking to feel like they’re in the Sound of Music on their wedding day, Cottonwood Pass is an excellent choice. Whether you’re looking for an easily accessible location to say your vows or would like to hike to one of many alpine lakes, it has something for everyone! Cottonwood Pass is accessible from early June through early November. View Taylor + Garrett’s Sunrise Cottonwood Pass Elopement for inspiration!

Twin Lakes | LEadville, CO

Situated between the charming mountain towns of Buena Vista and Leadville is Twin Lakes. With multiple hiking trails, an abandoned resort, and two alpine lakes, there are lots of options to choose from on your elopement day! If you like the idea of saying your vows on a mountain beach, this is one of the few rare places you’ll find it. Jess + Ken-Ichi’s Two-Day Twin Lakes Elopement is the perfect example of what your elopement here could look like!

Trout Lake | Telluride, CO

For couples looking for a stunning alpine lake that is accessible year-round, consider Trout Lake! Located minutes from downtown Telluride, it’s a great spot to kayak, fish, and hike during the summer, as well as snowshoe and cross-country ski in the winter. Check out Ruby + Blake’s Fall Trout Lake Elopement or Joelys + Steven’s Winter Trout Lake Elopement for examples of what it might look like to elope here! 

PAss Lake | Keystone, CO

Looking for a picturesque elopement spot that offers stunning mountain views without the fuss? Pass Lake on Loveland Pass near Keystone, CO, is easily accessible, requiring just a short 10-minute hike. The best part? It’s open year-round, so you can plan your elopement whenever your heart desires (though snowshoes are a must-have in the winter and spring months!). Prepare to be mesmerized by some of the best mountain pass views Colorado has to offer, with a pristine high alpine lake as the cherry on top. Located in close proximity to popular mountain towns like Breckenridge and just an hour’s drive from Denver, Pass Lake offers both convenience and natural beauty. To make the most of your experience, consider avoiding the weekends to steer clear of I-70 traffic and the hustle and bustle of day hikers. Want more inspiration? Kyla and Chris’ elopement and Kaisha and Sarah’s elopement were both at Pass Lake.

Echo Lake | Idaho Springs, CO

Accessible year-round, Echo Lake is the perfect choice for a couple looking to get married at a scenic mountain lake without having to hike too far. It’s less than a quarter of a mile to hike all the way around the lake and has mountain views as well as a nice patch of tall pine trees! Plus, it’s only a short, hour’s drive from Denver or 20 minutes from the mountain mining town of Idaho Springs. View Quincy + Ash’s Echo Lake Elopement for inspiration!

Grand Lake | Grand Lake, CO

Grand Lake is one of our all-time favorite elopement towns in Colorado. With a small mountain-town feel without all the frills and tourists of more popular areas, Grand Lake is perfect for a more low-key couple. It also has easy access to the east side (and much less crowded side) of Rocky Mountain National Park for pictures after your ceremony. With views of Mt. Baldy across the lake, Grand Lake is a gorgeous ceremony location year-round and can accommodate larger groups! View Nicole and Daniel’s elopement and Rachel and Eric’s small wedding in Grand Lake for more inspiration!

Overlook Elopement Locations in Colorado

Ready for an elopement that will take your breath away? Imagine you and your partner standing on the edge of a cliff, with the most epic mountain views stretching out before you. That’s right, we’re talking about a mountain overlook location for your Colorado elopement, where adventure and romance collide in the most spectacular way. Get ready to feel like you’re on top of the world as you say your vows amidst nature’s grandeur.

The best part? Mountain overlooks serve up some serious photo-worthy moments. From panoramic views to spanning vistas, overlooks give an epic vibe.

Here’s a list of the best mountain overlook elopement locations in Colorado!