When’s The Best Time To Elope In Colorado

Posted On | January 20, 2023

We’ve lived in Colorado our entire lives, and we have to say that there isn’t a month we don’t love in this state! So, what is the best time to elope in Colorado? Whether it’s a warm summer morning in July, a crisp and colorful afternoon in September, or a fluffy snow-filled day in January, Colorado is stunning year-round. However, our recommendations to you would depend on a few questions:

  • How much cold are you comfortable with on your elopement day?
  • Which locations are you considering eloping at? Some locations are great year-round, while some are inaccessible in winter!
  • What type of scenery do you want to be surrounded by (snow, wildflowers or changing aspen leaves)?

This guide will walk you through the best time to elope in Colorado based on your needs.

Before we get into what each month can look like for your Colorado elopement, we have to be very honest with you about the weather here. Colorado has very unpredictable weather! One day it can be snowing, the next it can be 70 degrees and sunny. Often the weather can change quickly within the same day as well. Summers are known for afternoon thunderstorms – but, they rarely scare us because it’ll rain for 20-30 minutes and then the sun will come out. The below recommendations are based on typical weather during the timeframe, but you need to be open for anything to happen.

Here’s the scoop on the best time to elope in Colorado!

What It’s Like To Have A Winter Elopement in Colorado

December, January, and February Elopement in Colorado

In Colorado, December, January, and February are the months that truly embrace winter with some of the coldest temperatures. However, don’t let that scare you away! Colorado is known for its 360 days of sunshine, and while temps in the mountains can range from 0 to 35 degrees, the Denver/Boulder area can have sunny 60 degree days or a winter blizzard. If you’re dreaming of a snowy winter elopement, these months offer guaranteed snow in the mountains. Sure, you’ll need to bundle up in some extra layers, but the shorter days make it easier to plan a sunrise or sunset ceremony. Plus, with fewer people on the mountain trails and parks, you can have the most amazing locations all to yourselves. So embrace the chill and elope in Colorado during the winter time!

Brittany and Ray’s dogsledding elopement and Megan and Ethan’s backcountry skiing elopement are great examples of just how much fun a winter elopement can be! Andrea and Bryce’s Rocky Mountain National Park elopement has some of the fluffiest December snowflakes we’ve ever seen.

You should elope in December, January or February in Colorado if: You want to guarantee snow in the mountains, you want lots of privacy

Average Daily Temperatures in the Mountains in December, January, and February in Colorado: 30-35 degrees

Average Daily Temperatures in the Denver/Boulder area in December, January, and February in Colorado: 40-45 degrees

March Elopement in Colorado

In Colorado, March is a month of transition. It marks the arrival of spring and brings warmer temperatures. However, it is also the snowiest month in the state, which can make things tricky if you’re planning an elopement. But don’t worry, because we believe that March is still one of the best times to elope in Colorado.

The average daily temperature rises by about 10 degrees in March, making it more comfortable to be outside for extended periods. You can still enjoy the beauty of snow, but you won’t be too cold. However, one thing to keep in mind is that road closures are more frequent in March due to the increased risk of avalanches.

To ensure a smooth and stress-free elopement, we recommend having a backup location closer to the foothills in case of any road closures. Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park are some of our favorite March elopement locations that are easier to access!

Overall, if you’re looking for a snowy and adventurous elopement, March is a great month to consider. Just make sure you plan ahead and have a backup plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Paige and Braden’s March Rocky Mountain National Park elopement was full of sun and snow!

You should elope in March in Colorado if: You still want to guarantee snow in the mountains but want slightly warmer temps

Average Daily Temperatures in the Mountains in March in Colorado: 40 degrees

Average Daily Temperatures in the Denver/Boulder area in March in Colorado: 52 degrees

What It’s Like to have a Spring Elopement In Colorado

April and May Elopement in Colorado

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to take a chance on Colorado’s ever-changing weather, then April and May are the perfect months for you to elope! These months are considered “mud-season” in Colorado, but don’t let that discourage you. As temperatures rise and the snow begins to melt, it starts to feel like spring. Trails are less busy during this off-season time, giving you a more intimate experience with nature.

However, keep in mind that April and May are unpredictable in terms of weather. You could experience a snowstorm in the mountains, but you could also have a 50-60 degree sunny day. The average daily temperatures increase 10-20 degrees compared to March, so you won’t have to worry about freezing in your wedding clothes.

If you’re open to the possibility of snow on the ground but not completely sold on it, April and May are great months to consider for your Colorado elopement!

Check out E’Beth and Brendan’s April waterfall elopement or Kate and Keith’s May Great Sand Dunes National Park elopement to see just how beautiful spring can be in Colorado!

You should elope in April or May in Colorado if: You want a better chance of privacy during your elopement, warmer temperatures and you are open to whatever the weather will bring (snow or sunshine)

Average Daily Temperatures in the Mountains in April and May in Colorado: 45 – 60 degrees

Average Daily Temperatures in the Denver/Boulder area in April and May in Colorado: 60 – 70 degrees

garden of the gods wedding

What It’s Like to Have a Summer Elopement in Colorado

June Elopement in Colorado

June is a magnificent month to tie the knot in Colorado! As the temperatures rise, the snow melts, and the sun shines brighter, the state comes to life with its stunning greenery and colorful wildflowers. It’s no surprise that June is the second most popular month for elopements in Colorado, right after September. With many mountain passes and roads reopening after the winter, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect spot for your special day. Keep in mind that the exact timing of these openings can vary based on snowfall from year to year. Rivers and waterfalls also begin to roar with the sound of snowmelt, providing an exquisite backdrop for your ceremony. And while you’ll enjoy endless sunshine during June, don’t be surprised to spot some lingering snow at higher elevations, adding a touch of magic to your elopement.

Isaac + Michelle’s June Breckenridge elopement was full of waterfalls and mountain vistas! Jordan and Kellen’s rainy June elopement was absolute magic.

You should elope in June in Colorado if: You love sunshine, warmer days and want to be surrounded by lush green vegetation

Average Daily Temperatures in the Mountains in June in Colorado: 70 degrees

Average Daily Temperatures in the Denver/Boulder area in June in Colorado: 80 degrees

the different views of a colorado wedding

July and August Elopement in Colorado

We’ll be honest – we’ve both lived in this state our whole lives and July is one of our favorite months in Colorado. While some might assume it’s too hot, we beg to differ. At high elevations of 10,000 feet, the temperatures are just right. If you prefer warmer weather, July and August are perfect for you. In fact, these times offer some of the most pleasant temperatures for outdoor activities like hiking or taking in the stunning sunset views on Trail Ridge Road! Plus, July is peak season for wildflowers, making it a magical time to explore the mountains. During these months, you can access locations that are otherwise closed or difficult to get to, giving you endless possibilities for your elopement.

One of the most epic elopements we’ve ever photographed was this August Backpacking elopement in the San Juans! If you’re looking for some wildflower inspiration, be sure to check out Emilie + Jacob’s Crested Butte elopement. For some more adventurous inspiration, Kayla + Jeff’s off-roading elopement is a must-see. Finally, Sierra and Merina’s packraft elopement can’t be missed!

You should elope in July or August in Colorado if: You want to guarantee the best weather in the mountains, you love the idea of being surrounded by wildflowers or you want to access locations that you can’t get to any other time of year

Average Daily Temperatures in the Mountains in July and August in Colorado: 75 degrees

Average Daily Temperatures in the Denver/Boulder area in July and August in Colorado: 85 degrees

What It’s Like To Have A Fall Elopement In Colorado

September Elopement in Colorado

September is the most popular month to elope in Colorado. Why? September in the mountains sees crisp, cooler, fall temperatures and the aspen leaves are changing. The aspen leaves can change at different times each year depending on how wet our spring and summer were, but typically the aspens begin to change color in mid to late September at higher elevations and in early October at lower elevations. The biggest downside to this time is the mountains swarm with tourists and locals trying to get in their last hikes for the season and scouting out changing colors. If you are considering eloping in Colorado during the fall, we 100% recommend sunrise and/or a weekday elopement.

Check out Grace + Brandon’s September Summit County elopement, Ashley + Nick’s intimate Maroon Bells wedding, or Linzey + Ivan’s fall airbnb wedding for some fall inspiration!

You should elope in September in Colorado if: You love crisp, cool, fall temperatures, don’t mind people being around and want fall colors in your pictures

Average Daily Temperatures in the Mountains in September in Colorado: 75 degrees

Average Daily Temperatures in the Denver/Boulder area in September in Colorado: 66 degrees

October Elopement in Colorado

October is another one of those in-between months in terms of what type of weather to predict. Overall, you still see crisp, cooler fall days, but the mountains begin to see their first snowfall in October. Although it’s not frequent, there is a chance that you could see some snow on your elopement day in October. The fall leaves begin to change down at lower elevations at the beginning of October.  Many mountain passes begin to close mid-October upon the first snowfalls. Our favorite thing about October is that it tends to be less busy than June – September so you can guarantee a little more privacy.

Check out Cheyenne and Florencio’s October Loveland Pass elopement, Alexa and Jason’s Rocky Mountain National Park elopement, or Kendall and Ally’s Boulder hiking elopement!

You should elope in October in Colorado if: You love crisp, cool, fall temperatures, want less busy trails than September and get excited about the chance of snow

Average Daily Temperatures in the Mountains in October in Colorado: 55 degrees

Average Daily Temperatures in the Denver/Boulder area in October in Colorado: 66 degrees

November Elopement in Colorado

In recent years, November has proven to be a more popular month to elope in Colorado than in years past. You start to see snow sticking around at higher elevations but still have slightly warmer days than the winter months. Be ready for snow starting in November. Trails and the mountains are less crowded, but avoid the week of Thanksgiving as the mountains tend to be busy with tourists. Sunrise is always a great option to avoid those crowds!

Check out Victoria and Kacey’s Boulder hiking elopement, Audrey + Melody’s November hiking elopement, and Serenity and Trey’s Silverthorne intimate wedding for some November wedding inspiration!

You should elope in November in Colorado if: You like a chance of warmer temperatures but snow at higher elevations and more privacy on your elopement day

Average Daily Temperatures in the Mountains in November in Colorado: 41 degrees

Average Daily Temperatures in the Denver/Boulder area in November in Colorado: 50 degrees

Now you know all the down-low about the best month to elope in Colorado. If you want to guarantee a winter wonderland, go with January, February or March. Don’t want to risk any snow and love wildflowers? July and early August are your best bet. No matter which month you choose to elope in Colorado, it’s going to be epically beautiful. It is Colorado after all!

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