The Best Winter Elopement Locations in Colorado

Posted On | November 3, 2022

bride and groom exchanging vows in the snow at winter elopement location in colorado

We put together the best winter elopement locations in Colorado. With miles and miles of fluffy white snow, snowcapped peaks that reign over you, and an abundance of snow-filled activities, winter elopements in Colorado are pretty dang epic! Eloping in Colorado during the winter is worth it, but can be challenging because many mountain pass roads are closed and some hiking trails are impassible during the snowy months. Here are our favorite winter elopement locations in Colorado that are sure to impress!


Rocky Mountain National Park Winter Elopement Locations

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the country. As an ideal destination that is close to the airport and easily accessible in the winter, we love RMNP for winter elopements. If you are planning to get married here, please read our Guide to Eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park first so you know where you can hold your ceremony and how to obtain a wedding permit. Here are our favorite Rocky Mountain National Park winter elopement locations.

Sprague Lake Winter Elopement

bride and groom saying vows during wedding ceremony at sprague lake in the winter

Sprague Lake is one of the twelve designated sites in Rocky Mountain National Park where you are allowed to hold your wedding ceremony at – and it is by far our favorite winter elopement location. With stunning views, the idyllic wood pier, and frozen lake that looks like a winter wonderland, this is a perfect location for a just-you-two ceremony or with a small group. Want to see more from this location? Check out Jordan and Kelly’s small winter wedding in RMNP.

Bear Lake Winter Elopement

bride and groom running through snow with mountains in the background at bear lake winter elopement location in colorado

Bear Lake is located at the end of Bear Lake Road and is the starting point for a lot of incredible winter snowshoe hikes in the park. It’s one of the designated twelve locations where you can have your elopement ceremony at. We only recommend Bear Lake during the months the lake is frozen and you can walk out on it (typically January-March) because it is too crowded around the shore edge otherwise.

3M Curve Winter Elopement

wedding couple walking away at 3M Curve winter wedding location in rocky mountain national park

3M Curve is the best winter elopement location in Rocky Mountain National Park for those who want the most privacy. The rocky outcropping looking over the valley with Longs Peak in the distance is often covered with snow during the winter. It is also one of the twelve designated sites you are allowed to have your ceremony at in RMNP. Check out Andrea and Bryce’s snowy Rocky Mountain National Park elopement for some views from 3M Curve.

Dream Lake Winter Elopement

Rocky Mountain National Park winter elopement at Dream Lake with couple walking across frozen lake

While you can’t have your actual wedding ceremony at Dream Lake, you can certainly hike here after your vows for some absolutely epic winter wonderland pictures. The easy-moderate hike is only 1 mile each way and is relatively packed down in the winter months due to it being a more popular hike (but still bring your micro spikes because it can get very icy!). There is just no better view in our opinion than Hallet Peak towering over you! For more inspiration from Dream Lake be sure to check out Amanda and Joe’s Dream Lake elopement in RMNP.

The Western Slope Winter Elopement Locations in Colorado

Winter Elopement at the Top of the Gondola in Telluride

wedding couple walking in snow at the top of the telluride gondola at colorado winter elopement location

If you don’t want to snowshoe to a scenic location, take the free Telluride gondola to the top of the mountain for some epic sunset mountains and a bird’s eye view of the town of Telluride.

Trout Lake Winter Elopement

couple kissing in snow at Trout Lake elopement during the winter in Telluride

For some epic mountains and a sea of perfectly white snow, head to Trout Lake near Telluride, CO. But be sure to pick up some snowshoes in town first because you’re going to need them!

Winter Sleigh Ride Elopement in Telluride

wedding couple snuggling and kissing in sleigh during sleigh ride elopement location in colorado

For a romantic and fun-filled day, book a sleigh ride where you can snuggle up, soak in the views and let the horses do all the work.

Ouray Perimeter Trail Winter Elopement

couple standing at the base of a frozen cascade falls at winter elopement location in colorado

If you’re up for a fun winter hike, the Ouray Perimeter Trail is top of the list. It passes several waterfalls and scenic lookouts, perfect for the couple who wants a little adventure and exercise on their elopement day.

Crested Butte Winter Elopement

Photo by Mountain Magic Media

If you love picturesque mountain towns, then Crested Butte is the perfect place to elope in the winter in Colorado. Yes, they have Crested Butte Mountain Resort if you love downhill skiing, but there are also a ton of other fun things to do here in the wintertime – like ice skating, snowshoeing, dogsledding, and soaking in a romantic sleigh ride. Last but not least, you can’t beat Crested Butte Mountain rising behind you in all of your winter elopement pictures!

Woods Walk Winter Elopement in Crested Butte

The Crested Butte Land Trust has one wedding ceremony spot that is open during the winter. The Woods Walk is located just above the town of Crested Butte and requires a short snowshoe or cross-country ski to the site. With Crested Butte Mountain as your backdrop, this location does not disappoint.

Southern Colorado Winter Elopement Locations

Great Sand Dunes National Park Winter Elopement

bride and groom dancing on the dunes during great sand dunes national park elopement in colorado

With a slightly warmer climate in southern Colorado, Great Sand Dunes National Park is perfect for a couple looking for a unique winter elopement location in Colorado. For more inspiration, view Keith and Kate’s Great Sand Dunes National Park elopement.

Garden of the Gods Winter Elopement

wedding couple sitting on back of convertable car overlooking a snow dusted garden of the gods park elopement

Garden of the Gods is BUSY spring-fall, so if you’re dying to have these unique rock formations in your elopement photos, then winter is the perfect time to elope here! It is also located at a lower elevation and doesn’t have snow on the ground all winter long, so a great option for couples who want warmer temps for their winter elopement in Colorado. Check out Morgan and Jacob’s Garden of the Gods elopement for more inspiration.

Paint Mines Winter Elopement

couple dancing at paint mines elopement location in colorado springs

If you’re looking for a different kind of scenery that is truly unique, the Paint Mines near Colorado Springs is a fun place to elope and take pictures. Snow doesn’t stay on the ground all winter long, so if you want moderate temperatures, this place is perfect. You are required to get a permit to take photos there, so be sure to plan in advance and reach out ahead of time.

Summit County Winter Elopement Locations in Colorado

Lake Dillon Winter Elopement

lgbtq couple running in the snow across a field of snow at lake dillon winter elopement location near breckenridge

At the center of Summit County is Lake Dillon. With vast miles of shoreline and limitless options, if you’re willing to snowshoe, Lake Dillon has picturesque mountain views and is a perfect winter elopement location in Colorado. To see more photos from this location check out Kacey and Sarah’s Lake Dillon elopement.

Officer’s Gulch Winter Elopement

couple walking through the snow at officers gulch at winter elopement location in summit county

If you like the feeling of being right beside a mountain, Officer Gulch gives all those vibes. They just look bigger here! With areas to explore like the frozen lake, big rocks and dense forest, there are lost of options here. If you are planning to say your vows here, we recommend bringing snowshoes and hiking a little way around the lake to get away from the highway noise. For more inspiration from this location head to Brittany and Ray’s dogsledding elopement where they said their vows at Officer’s Gulch.

Loveland Pass Winter Elopement

Wedding couple walking through snow field during winter elopement on Loveland Pass

Toted as the highest road in North America that’s open year-round, Loveland Pass is where you go to get miles and miles of top-of-the-mountain views. Don’t let the views fool you thought, be prepared for frigid temps with warm layers and hand-warmers! For more inspiration from Loveland Pass, check out Ben and Arlyne’s Loveland Pass elopement in the winter.

Dogsledding Winter Elopement in Breckenridge

bride and groom riding behind dogsled during dogsledding elopement in colorado

If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting those cute husky dogs that pull sleds around and want to go on the adventure of a lifetime for your elopement, a dogsledding elopement in Breckenridge is perfect for you. Be sure to book a private tour so you can stop and take pictures along the way as well as get those furry creatures all to yourself. For more inspiration check out Brittany and Ray’s dogsledding elopement.

Sapphire Point Winter Elopement

Are you planning an elopement with your close family and friends? Sapphire Point is the best easy-accessible location that you can book in advance for your wedding day. It has stunning views and is located close to many other scenic areas for photos of just you two after your ceremony. Sapphire Point is one of our favorite winter elopement locations in Colorado for a group of people. If you want to see more inspiration from this location, check out Laura and Adam’s winter elopement at Sapphire Point.

For more information about eloping at Sapphire Point, be sure to check out our guide below!

Sapphire Point Wedding Guide

Hike to this Mountain Pass Near Breckenridge for your Winter Elopement

wedding couple celebrating after marriage on top of mountain pass at breckenridge winter elopement location

Located just a short 15-minute hike from the parking lot, this epic mountain view is located close to Breckenridge and is perfect for couples who want to go somewhere that may be less busy on their elopement day. To see more from this winter elopement location in Colorado check out Anne and Danny’s sunrise elopement in Breckenridge.

Snowshoe Mayflower Gulch Winter Elopement

couple hugging with snow on the ground at mayflower gulch at colorado winter elopement location

Feeling up for a snowshoe hike? Then Mayflower Gulch Trail is the perfect winter elopement location in Colorado. You can hike 2 miles to the top for some epic views overlooking the valley. Or save your lungs and stay at a lower elevation and 1.5-mile hike to the old mining town. This location is absolutely stunning at sunrise! Want to check out more photos from this epic winter elopement location in Colorado? Check out Kathy and Zac’s adventure wedding.

Grand County Winter Elopement Locations in Colorado

Winter Park Winter Elopement

Skiing? Snowmobiling? Tubing? All on your list? Then Winter Park, CO is a wonderful town to elope in during the winter months. There are several nearby mountain passes that you can access by either snowmobiling/snowshoeing or car that provide beautiful mountain views for your ceremony.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch Winter Elopement

If you’re into the idea of a more luxurious winter elopement in Colorado, then Devil’s Thumb Ranch is the perfect spot. Nestled in the rolling hills outside Winter Park, CO, this historical ranch is a balance of American history and mountain lodge luxury. You can hold your ceremony on-site and enjoy all the amenities of staying here.

Snowshoe to this Private Lake in Grand County for your Winter Elopement

groom sweeping bride off her feet during winter snowshoe elopement in grand county colorado

A short, 1-mile, level snowshoe hike in will lead you to this peaceful mountain lake that will feel like you have it all to yourself. Located in Grand County, this lake is perfect if you have a group of family and friends you want with you on your elopement day. For more inspiration from this location check out Hannah and David’s snowshoeing wedding in Granby.

Grand Lake Winter Elopement

Located at the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake is a sleepy, small, mountain town located off the beaten path during the winter. You can say your vows right on the shores of the deepest natural lake in Colorado and then head into Rocky Mountain National Park afterward for pictures of just you two.

Clear Creek County Winter Elopement Locations in Colorado

Echo Lake Winter Elopement

couple dancing at sunset during the winter at echo lake at colorado winter elopement location

For an easy-access winter-wonderland, Echo Lake is located only about an hour and fifteen minutes from Denver International Airport. If you’ve never walked on a frozen lake before, here’s your chance! Views of one of Colorado’s 14,000 ft peaks, Mt. Evans, wavers in the distance with lots of forests and shoreline areas to explore!

St. Mary’s Glacier Winter Elopement

couple standing on rock in middle of lake at st mary's glacier winter elopement location in colorado

A 1.2 mile hike will bring you to a frozen lake and glacier that you can see people skiing on into the early summer months. St. Mary’s Glacier is close to the Denver area and has one of the more scenic views near Idaho Springs. For backcountry skiers, feel free to strap them up on your wedding day and take a few turns down this famous glacier.

Northern Colorado Winter Elopement Locations

Hike to This Incredible Lake for your Winter Elopement

couple backcountry skiing across frozen lake in northern colorado at winter elopement location in colorado

Located in Northern Colorado, this winter snowshoe hike (you can also cross-country ski and back-country ski) is a winter sports paradise. Head up at sunrise to have the amazing mountain views to yourself. For more inspiring photos from this location, check out Megan and Ethan’s backcountry skiing elopement.

Horsetooth Reservoir Winter Elopement

couple standing on rock edge overlooking horsetooth reservoir at norther colorado winter elopement location

If you are staying near Fort Collins, CO and don’t want to have to drive far for some beautiful views on your elopement day, head to Horsetooth Reservoir. There are miles of hiking trails to choose from that are accessible year-round if you’re looking for a bit of adventure, as well as several easily accessible vistas! We definitely recommend a weekday (and even sunrise) for the most privacy. Don’t expect there to be snow on the ground at this location all winter, but be prepared if snow is in the forecast for your elopement day or the day before!

Devil’s Backbone Winter Elopement

couple walking across field with jagged rock formations in the background at devil's backbone winter elopement location in colorado

Located just outside of downtown Loveland, Devil’s Backbone is a 2.4 mile relatively flat hike with gorgeous views of the mountains and unique rock features. It’s relatively quiet during the week, especially at sunrise and sunset. Snow here melts fast during the winter, so expect it to be snow-free unless a recent storm has passed through.

Poudre Canyon Winter Elopement

couple dances in the snow in the Poudre Canyon at winter elopement location in Colorado

A short drive from Fort Collins, CO will take you into Poudre Canyon. Expect to see tall pine trees, dramatic rock faces, and a gorgeous (sometimes frozen) river. Snow on the South side of the canyon tends to melt quickly while snow on the North side sticks around for a while! There are lots of quiet trails and vistas to explore in the canyon, as well as dozens of breweries in town you can warm up at after!

Boulder Colorado Winter Elopement Locations

This Hike with Flatirons Views for your Winter Elopement

wedding couple kissing in front of boulder flatirons at winter elopement location in colorado

Located with a very short 1/4 mile hike is this view with the stunning Flatirons in the background. We love the typical Boulder locations like Chautauqua and South Mesa Trailhead, but this hike is our favorite because it’s much more private.

Lost Gulch Lookout Winter Elopement

wedding couple kissing on rocky outcropping with rocky mountains in the background at sunset at lost gulch elopement in the winter

Lost Gulch is well known in the Boulder area – we mean look at those incredible views! But it is also one of the busiest spots. Any day of the week, you can expect tourists and groups of college students smoking marijuana from up here and it can be difficult to find any privacy. If Lost Gulch is a must-have for your elopement day, we 100% recommend a weekday sunrise so you can have it all to yourself.

This Hike with Stunning Mountain Views for your Winter Elopement

lgbtq couple kissing on rock overlooking mountains at boulder winter elopement location

If you love the views from Lost Gulch, but don’t want to crowds, consider this hike to a more remote area with some of the best views of the Rocky Mountains. This 2.2 mile round trip hike takes about 30-45 minutes to get to in the winter months and is 100% worth it. Soak up views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness all by yourself as you saw your mountain-top vows.

Mt. Falcon Winter Elopement

couple kissing on top of mt falcon at winter elopement location in colorado

Mt. Falcon has two starting points. The east side has stunning views of Red Rocks Amphitheater, while the west side has sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains. With plenty of hiking options from 1/4 mile to 3+ miles, there is a lot of versatility here. Because of its proximity to the front range, we absolutely recommend a weekday and even sunrise for the most privacy.

Brainard Lake Winter Elopement

From mid-October to late-May the road is closed from the Winter Parking Lot to Brainard Lake. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t hike up there for the incredible views that Brainard Lake brings. If you don’t want to snowshoe the 2.5 miles each way to Brainard Lake, there is a smaller lake with slightly less breathtaking views only a 1/4 mile hike away.

Aspen, Colorado Winter Elopement Locations

Winter Sleigh Ride Elopement in Aspen

Ever dreamed of a magical winter sleigh ride elopement in the mountains of Colorado? Aspen is the perfect place to make that dream come true with lots of sleigh ride options and picturesque winter scenery. Sleigh rides typically run from mid-November through March depending on snowfall. Be sure to book your own private sleigh ride so you have the sleigh all to yourself and time to take pictures.

Maroon Bells Winter Elopement

Only accessible by snowmobile or hiking in the winter means you are guaranteed to have Maroon Bells, the most photographed place in Colorado, all to yourself in the winter. Those towering peaks are absolutely stunning and it’s such a treat to be in front of them with such privacy in the winter months when the road is closed.

This Winter Elopement Location Outside Aspen, CO

If you want to get away from the bustling crowds, head up a nearby county road outside of Aspen, CO for winter scenery that will blow your mind. With fields of untouched snow, snow-capped peaks, and glowing winter light, this winter elopement location in Aspen, Colorado is sure to impress.

Other Favorite Mountain Towns with Great Winter Elopement Locations in Colorado

Buena Vista Winter Elopement

couple walking through snow beside a frozen lake with snowy mountains in the background at winter elopement location in buena vista

This tiny mountain town is a winter paradise. Located a short distance from a ski resort, numerous natural hot springs, lots of hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing trails, and a handful of alpine lakes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t pique your interest! Since Buena Vista is at a bit of a lower elevation than surrounding mountain towns, snow tends to melt quickly here while sticking around the surrounding mountains through the Spring. Places like the Surf Hotel in town are great for small, cozy receptions with your closest friends and family after spending the day exploring outdoors!

Twin Lakes Winter Elopement

wedding couple dancing next to Twin Lakes at colorado winter elopement location

Twin Lakes is a great elopement option year-round, but especially in winter. With both hiking trails and easily accessible lakeside options, there are lots of places you can choose explore on your wedding day. Twin Lakes is usually pretty quiet in the winter, so you can expect to have stunning views all to yourself!

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