Colorado Film Photographers

For Couples With A Weakness For Film

Film is a reminder of an era of intentional moments.

An era when digital cameras weren’t around and you couldn’t snap 100 different photos of the same thing.

You can’t do that with film.

Film requires you to slow down.

To stop and notice the sounds, the light and the feelings around you so that you can intentionally choose what to remember about that moment with the single click of a shutter.

Film Is Timeless

Editing trends come and go, but film doesn’t. Aside from the fashion, you often can’t tell whether a photo was taken in the 80s, 90s, or modern-day. Your film photos will never go out of style.

Keylan & Kris

“We added film to our experience to capture our most important day and wanted a whimsical feeling to our photos. Bailey captured perfect moments in film that are perfect snapshots of our relationship. The film photos add a classic nostalgic feeling and a romantic tender depth.”

We have always had a weakness for film

photography business education

I first learned how to shoot and develop film in high school – it was such a bonding experience to borrow my dad’s Canon film camera from the 80’s and show him what I could create 20 years later.


Experimenting with film has been such a boost to my creativity and made me fall in love with photography even more. When you only have 36 opportunities to tell a story within a roll, you start noticing things you might not have before, and start thinking about what’s in front of you in a different way.


Our editing style has always been based on film. But no matter how good you get at photographing, no matter how much you edit a digital photo, it will never. be. film.

That’s why we decided to start bringing real film into our elopement days. To get the real deal for a look and photograph we had been trying to emulate for years. And to give you the most intentional, moment-filled photos to remember your wedding day by – grain and all.

Getting Grainy With It

Check out a few of our favorite film and digital hybrid galleries

35mm film photo of couple walking across ledge in the mountains by Colorado film photographers We, The Light Photography

Eva & Juliano

black and white 35mm film photo of wedding couple walking across a mountain top in Rocky Mountain National Park

Kylee & Eric

Keylan & Kris

Kayla & Lauren

“We chose film because we loved the aesthetic and feel it gave some of the pictures we had seen on social media. Once we saw our own film pictures, we were even more OBSESSED!! The film photos captured our day so beautifully and with an unmatched authenticity. They gave a different mood and nostalgia that we couldn’t beat!”

Film For Everyone

At first, we were going to make film an add-on to any package, but we got so dang fired up with 35mm that we decided everyone deserves it.

Every elopement package (and almost all couple’s packages) include film in the price. Simple.