Colorado Elopement Packages

We don’t need to convince you that eloping in Colorado is the best decision you’ll ever make.

(Even though it totally is!)

We Know You’re Ready For…

  • A laid-back, stress-free, no-pressure experience.
  • A new adventure (a.k.a. your greatest adventure yet)
  • Saying a big ol’ “screw you” to tradition
  • Time spent just the two of you.
  • Freedom to stray from the timeline.
  • Eating cake on a mountain top (we’re donut people too)

“But, How Do We Make That Happen?”


Let’s Have A Chat

We just want to get to know you two and what you’re looking for and tell you a little about us and how we help our couples to see if it’s a good match. That’s it! No pressure!


Put Your Date On Our Calendar

If we click, we’ll send over a proposal and initial invoice. Once your date is officially on our calendar, we get started on the fun stuff!


Pick THE Spot

This may be the most fun part! We do all the research and scouting and give you two a custom location guide with all the photos and info you need to pick out the perfect spot to read your vows.


Gather the TEAM

We’ll give you recs of our favorite LGBTQ+ affirming vendors and lodging. No need to spend hours googling!


Dream Up the Best Day Ever

Get ideas, tips, and tricks from our experience in planning 250+ elopements to design a timeline, sans any stress or drama.


Do The Dang Thing

We’ll be there to document with photos that make you feel so you can relieve it again and again for years to come.

But First, There’s a Few Things You Should Know…

We Don’t Believe in Highlight Reels

Many people (and if we’re honest, most photographers) focus on the big moments. While those are important, years down the road when you pull your wedding album out, the moments that stand out are not the stunning scenery or highlight-reels, but the small, in-between moments that make you crack a smile.

People First, Photos Second.

Our first priority is always your experience. The most epic, heartfelt, jaw-dropping images are created when you’re fully present in the moment, experiencing the best freaking day of your life. We’re here to document your memories, not create content for our portfolio. 

Anyone can take pretty landscapes, but not everyone can create a safe space where your emotions come through your photos.

We Love Ugly Crying

It’s more important to remember how you felt in the moment rather than how you looked. We don’t care if you have a double-chin, are ugly crying or laughing so hard your bottom teeth show – if that photo captures the true emotion and can bring you right back to the feeling of that moment 20 years from now, we’ve done our job.

We’ll take candid, emotional, unplanned, imperfect, REAL moments over Pinterest-perfect any day!

You’re Not a Business Transaction

Building a real, genuine relationship with you matters. Our relationship doesn’t end once your gallery reaches your inbox, so be prepared for us to be hitting you up to grab a beer whenever you’re in town for the next 10 50 years!

Steph & Jon

“I could’ve been out there in a bathrobe and she would’ve had me feeling like I was the best thing since sliced bread.”

“Even after our first conversation I could tell Larissa was a literal ball of sunshine, she just gave off a warmth that made you feel at ease and when we met in person on the day of our elopement she was the BIGGEST hype girl I’d ever met. I could’ve been out there in a bathrobe and she would’ve had me feeling like I was the best thing since sliced bread.

I told her that we want to capture the beauty of our location but we also want a lot of candid-style photos. Our immediate family members were there to witness our marriage so I didn’t want 50 pictures of us from only the most flattering angles, I wanted to look at these pictures and see [the] love and joy we were feeling that day (corny, but you get it!).

Larissa honestly just nailed it on every level, she took advantage of our surroundings and got us some BEAUTIFUL panoramic photos, but she managed to capture the emotion through it all. Our ceremony/family/couple pictures are all a perfect progression of how our wedding day felt. Nothing looks forced or too posed, she just basically hung out with us and managed to capture our interactions.”

The Two Things That Will Get You Photos You Fall In Love With

(And Yes, You Need Both)

1. A photographer who knows how to use their camera.

There are a lot of really talented photographers out there! Many are more accomplished than us. But that’s not going to guarantee photos you love. You also need…

2. Someone you could spend an entire day with – and still want to get a beer with afterward.

This is the key to photos you’ll love. When you feel like you just have a friend tagging along on your wedding day and not just a vendor you hired, you will have the freedom to soak up the moment, be your goofy, weird self, and your “friend” will photograph the moments along the way.

Colorado Wedding Photographer

Remember how we said we’re more than just your photographer?

We’re not kidding. We’re here to make this process easier than “accidentally” binge-watching the newest season of your favorite show. Every single elopement package includes:

  • Adventure Elopement Planning Guide with step-by-step plans, insider tips and resources from the 250+ elopements we’ve planned.
  • A custom location guide with hidden gems for you to explore and info on accessibility, privacy, permits and photos.
  • Unlimited communication – You can email us anytime, anywhere, about anything – no question is too silly.
  • Recommendations for vetted, LGBTQ+ affirming elopement vendors.
  • A custom timeline that allows you to have the epic and stress-free elopement day of your dreams.
  • Local knowledge about Colorado’s quirky features, like weather patterns, seasonal closures, last-minute back-up locations, and dealing with high altitude and wildlife .
  • We’re CPR, AED & Wilderness First Aid Certified and always travel with backups of anything we might need.
  • A built-in back up photographer you know you can trust (because we’re a team).
  • Day of coordinator (you don’t need to look at your watch one time), best friend, and hype girl.
  • A polaroid memory to take home as a tangible keepsake on your wedding day.

If it’s on your elopement to-do list, we’re here to help check it off.

Colorado Elopement Packages

Colorado is THE spot to elope if you want adventure, stunning scenery, and a chance to have a moose as your wedding guest. We specialize only in Colorado and can help you plan the perfect just-us day or a celebration with up to 10 of your friends/family.

What’s Included

3+ Hours of Photography Coverage

We intentionally document your day with both digital and film. Includes high-resolution digital images, printing rights, a shareable online gallery, and free album design.

Full Elopement Planning Assistance

When we say we help with it all, we mean it. Location scouting and ideas. Vetted and LGBTQ+ allied vendors who know elopements. Recs for activities to do on your elopement day. Stress-free timeline planning. Planning resources and ideas. Unlimited communication because we never leave you high and dry.

Packages start at $4400 with an average investment of $7100

Laurie & Andrea

“We were able to provide Bailey with small glimpses of what we had in mind for our wedding day, and she was able to take our ideas and make them more than we could have ever imagined for our day.”

“From our very first conversation, we knew Bailey was meant to be our photographer.

Planning became a breeze with all the information and guides we were provided. Even from out-of-state, we felt like Bailey was right there with us the entire time readily available to answer any questions that may have come up along the way. We were able to provide Bailey with small glimpses of what we had in mind for our wedding day, and she was able to take our ideas and make them more than we could have ever imagined for our day.

Our experience with We, The Light Photography was nothing short of phenomenal! Not only do we have gorgeous photos of our wedding day that we can enjoy for the rest of our lives, but we also have a new friend in Bailey.”

Get a Jumpstart on Planning Your Colorado Elopement

Helpful tips and inspiration to get you started

How To Elope In Colorado

35mm film photo of couple looking out into the distance with the Rocky Mountains in the background during Colorado elopement

Best Places To Elope In Colorado

35mm film photo of wedding couple walking along ridge in the Rocky Mountains during Colorado elopement

What To Do During Your Elopement

black and white emotional wedding photo of two brides and their parents' performing a knot tying ceremony the rain during their Colorado elopement
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AllCouplesAre Welcome Here.

Are You Freakin’ REady?

We’re 100% here for whatever day you’re dreaming up. Fill out our contact form to start chatting.

Are You Freakin’ REady?

We’re 100% here for whatever day you’re dreaming up. Fill out our contact form to start chatting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialty is helping our couples find the perfect spot to say their vows! Most of our couples do not have a location in mind before they book with us. After you book, we’ll send you a location questionnaire to understand what types of locations you’d be dreaming of. Then we use our experience, 27+ years of exploring CO, and research skills to put together a custom location guide with a list of location ideas we think would be right up your alley. (P.S. we also help you with the not-so-fun research on if a permit is needed to get married at your dream location.)

You sure can! At 10 guests, we require our couples to reserve a ceremony site with the appropriate park or public land jurisdiction. This way you have a guaranteed location for a larger group and you practice Leave No Trace.

Our most popular package is the eight hour, half-day elopement. This truly allows enough time to get to know you and have a relaxing time getting ready, explore the location you chose to get married, say your vows, celebrate, and take some epic pictures. Hey, we may even be able to sneak in some blue-light/star photos!

Yes! While we are not able to actually book those vendors for you, we certainly help you with recommendations/research on the best vendors that serve the area you choose to elope at.

To us, they are a crucial part of getting to know you two and allowing you to see how we work and feel comfortable with us before the BIG moments of your day. Instead of meeting us for the first time when you are literally ready to say your vows and take the most important photos, we love to slowly ease you into our candid and low-key photography style and get to know you as you are getting ready.

During the time you spend getting ready, there’s likely to be a lot of feelings and emotions that come up. It’s when the day really starts to feel real and is such an important part of your story that deserves to be captured!

Yes! Our half-day, full-day and 2-day elopement packages include travel to anywhere in Colorado (including gas, hotel, and other travel expenses). Our partial-day and mini-elopement packages include travel up to 90 miles from your photographer.

Larissa is based out of Erie, CO. Bailey is based out of Timnath, CO.

We 100% get it! Getting your picture taken can feel super awkward, especially if you’re supposed to just stand there and smile and act lovey, all the while wondering what to do with your hands. Let us assure you – you are NOT awkward, and we will give you direction the whole time! Our photography style is much more casual and candid. Instead of putting you in Pinterest-perfect poses that don’t feel normal, we prioritize helping you two be present in the moment and give you two things to DO together that create genuine laughs, smiles, and intimacy that we then capture on camera. Our goal is for you to feel like you can be yourselves and have fun together! 

Knock on wood it doesn’t happen, but on the rare occasion that your booked photographer is unable to be there for your elopement, we have a solid backup system in place. As a team, we are always each other’s first call to step in. If for some reason the other person isn’t available, we have a list of go-to trusted photographers who have a similar skill level, style, and approach who will step in. We promise we won’t leave you hanging!

Not at all! We have worked with couples who have booked anywhere from a year to less than a week out from their elopement day. As long as you’re willing to stay on top of communicating and we have the date open, we’re always open to helping with last-minute elopements!

Absolutely! We LOVE when we get to meet our couples in person before the big day! You can learn more about our couples sessions here.

We very rarely shoot together, so you will most likely be working with either Larissa or Bailey. We respond to inquiries based on availability and who we think might be a better fit for each couple!

We do not limit the number of images we give you – if we take a good photo, you deserve to have it. However, we do go through and remove photos that are duplicates, out of focus or have eyes closed. We commit to delivering a minimum of 30 images per hour.

You will receive a robust sneak peek (because we can’t help ourselves!) within 7 days from your elopement and the full gallery within 8 weeks.

We deliver your final photos in an online viewing gallery that you can share with family and friends.

Yes! You have access to download all of the high-resolution photos directly from your online gallery. From there you get personal printing rights, to print wherever you want.

Absolutely! You have access to our luxury prints, canvases and framed photos that can be ordered directly through your online gallery. We also know that creating your own album is daunting so offer full album designs with our luxury handcrafted albums.

We specialize in photography and do not offer video services at this time. However, we do have a list of incredible videographers that we often work with that we would be happy to share! 

Where In Colorado Do You Want To Elope?!

From Telluride to Steamboat Springs, We Help Couples Elope All Across The Centennial State