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If you are considering a Sapphire Point wedding, here is everything you need to know to make your wedding dream possible!

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Sapphire Point Wedding Overview

Located in Breckenridge, Colorado, Sapphire Point is an incredibly popular handicapped-accessible location for wedding ceremonies for groups of up to 35 people. It is also one of the most affordable small wedding venues in Summit County. Sapphire Point is accessible year-round, though the overlook is not maintained during the winter months. It sits at an elevation of 9,500 feet and has stunning views of Lake Dillon and the Gore Mountain Range and Tenmile Mountain Range.

Be sure to check out Samantha and Zach’s Sapphire Point elopement or Jamie and Jeff’s Sapphire Point wedding for inspiration!

For more information on getting married in Breckenridge, check out our elopement guide!

The Ultimate Guide To Your Breckenridge Elopement

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How to Reserve Sapphire Point for Your Wedding

Sapphire Point is an extremely popular wedding location, so it is important to make your reservation as soon as possible. Prime weekend and holiday reservations between April and October often are booked within minutes of being released, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

Reservations are released online at at 8:00 am MST six months in advance. It is important to note that your reservation does NOT give you exclusive use of the overlook. While your permit allows you to hold your ceremony at the overlook, other visitors and tourists may still be present. 

Reservations are made for a three-hour block of time. There are only four 3-hour reservations per day: 6:00 – 9:00 am, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, 2:00 – 5:00 pm, and 6:00 – 9:00 pm. We recommend talking with your wedding photographer about the best time to reserve Sapphire Point so you can take advantage of the best lighting. We consult with all our couples ahead of time to make sure their reservation time works with their wedding day vision!

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At Sapphire Point?

As of March 2023, it costs $128 for a three-hour reservation at Sapphire Point. The fee is collected online at at the time of your booking.

Sapphire Point Wedding Rules and Regulations

There are several rules that are important to follow during your ceremony at Sapphire Point. Below are some of the most important to take into consideration when planning your wedding ceremony: 

  • You cannot prevent others who are not in your party from accessing the overlook at any time 
  • You must be able to present your reservation confirmation if asked
  • You need to follow Leave No Trace Principals and remove all furniture, flowers (including petals!), trash, and other items from the site at the end of your reservation
  • Stakes and poles are prohibited 
  • Your vendors may require an additional commercial permit – contact the Dillon Ranger District at (970) 468-5400 for more information

For a complete list of rules and regulations, click here!

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Tips for Your Sapphire Point Wedding 

Plan for a Weekday Wedding

As we’ve already mentioned, Sapphire Point gets extremely busy, especially on weekends and holidays. For the most privacy, we highly recommend considering a weekday wedding at Sapphire Point or having your wedding during the off-season (late October through early May). 

Parking Is Limited 

There are only 22 parking spaces for the entire area, so it is extremely helpful to have members of your party carpool if at all possible. 

Do Not Feed the Wildlife 

Chipmunks, squirrels, foxes, and other wildlife are often present at Sapphire Point and are very used to people. However tempting it might be, it is important not to feed or pet the wildlife, even if they come up to you. 

Your Pup Is Welcome! 

Sapphire Point is a dog-friendly location, so feel free to bring along your four-legged friend! Be sure to keep them on a leash and clean up after them. 

Prepare for High Altitude

Sapphire Point is located at 9,500 foot elevation, so it is important to keep in mind how you and your guests react to high altitude, especially if coming from sea level. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to acclimate and consider staying somewhere lower (like Denver) for a night or two before heading up to Breckenridge.

The best way to avoid altitude sickness once in the mountains is to make sure you’re staying hydrated. You’ll likely need to drink more water than you think! You’ll also want to make sure everyone wears sunscreen (even during the winter and on cloudy days) since the air is thinner and the sun’s rays are harsher at high altitudes.

For more information on how to prepare for being at high altitude, check out these tips from the CDC!

Weather Changes Quickly

There’s an old saying in Colorado that if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes. This is especially true in the mountains! Because weather can be unpredictable and Sapphire Point has no shelter, it is important to consider having a backup plan at your rental home or reception location in case the weather causes any issues.

Winter Considerations

Sapphire Point is accessible year-round, so a winter wedding is possible! The overlook is not maintained during the winter months, so you and your guests will want to be prepared with warm winter boots and potentially microspikes to safely travel from the parking area to the overlook. Microspikes can be purchased online from places like Amazon or REI.

Don’t Forget Your Marriage License

In order to get legally married in Colorado, you will need to apply for a marriage license. The nearest place to do so is at the Summit County Clerk and Recorder’s Office in Breckenridge, but you can go to any county in Colorado!

chipmunk on wedding dress at Sapphire Point Overlook

Best Time of Year for Your Sapphire Point Wedding

Summer Sapphire Point Wedding

The summer months (typically mid-June through early September) are the most popular time for weddings at Sapphire Point. During the summer, there is an average high of around 70°F, making it comfortable to be outdoors. The mountains often get afternoon thunderstorms, but they typically last less than an hour before going back to sunny weather.

Fall Sapphire Point Wedding

Fall in Colorado is usually relatively short. Leaves start changing in mid-September and are usually gone by early October. During the Fall, Sapphire Point is still quite busy but will start seeing crowds thin out as the leaves disappear. If you dream of fall aspen leaves for your wedding, there are not many aspen trees directly around Sapphire Point, but there are some incredible hidden gem aspen groves surrounding Lake Dillon that you can escape to for pictures after your ceremony. The weather is usually mild in September with an average high of 64°F but quickly starts to dip with an average high ranging from 43°F to 54°F in October. The first snowfall usually happens around this time as well, so it’s important to be prepared!

Winter Sapphire Point Wedding

Winter (late November through the end of February) is one of the least busy months at Sapphire Point and is a great option if you’re hoping to avoid crowds. The only exceptions are the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Spring Break which bring lots of tourists and traffic all week long. In winter, the average high ranges from 20°F to 29°F depending on the month, so it is important to be prepared with warm clothes and proper winter gear.

Spring Sapphire Point Wedding

Spring at Sapphire Point can be a bit of a wildcard and is the other slowest time for weddings at Sapphire Point. March, historically the snowiest month of the year, has an average high of 40 degrees but is also the most likely month for a blizzard. In April, everything begins to thaw with temperatures climbing each week into the mid to upper 40s. In May, temperatures begin to reach the low 50s with occasional snowstorms still present. Springtime is a great time to get married at Sapphire Point if you’re hoping to avoid crowds, but it is also a key time to have backup plans in place in case of inclement weather.

Sapphire Point Wedding Vendors

If you’re planning your Sapphire Point wedding, here are some of our favorite local vendors to consider!

Sapphire Point Officiants

While you are not required to have an officiant to legally get married in Colorado (it’s called self-solemnizing), here are a few of our favorites!

Sapphire Point Florists

Want a bouquet or boutonniere to complete your elopement day? Here are our favorite florists Summit County that specialize in flowers for small weddings and elopements.

Sapphire Point Rentals

Looking for chair, bench, or arbor rentals for your ceremony? Below is our favorite local rental company!

Sapphire Point Hair + Makeup Artists

Need someone to work their magic with hair and makeup on your wedding day? Here are some options that serve Summit County! 

Alternate Wedding Locations to Sapphire Point With 10+ Guests

If you love the views Sapphire Point has to offer but are feeling a bit stressed out about the possibility of strangers being present for your ceremony, or if Sapphire Point is already booked, here are a few of our favorite Sapphire Point wedding ceremony alternatives for groups of 30 or under! 

Windy Point Group Campground Wedding | Dillon, Colorado 

Windy Point Group Campground is a lesser-known wedding option just minutes from Sapphire Point. Located along the shore of Lake Dillon, it is the perfect location for larger groups of up to 100, or for groups hoping for a location where they can hold both their ceremony and reception. It has gorgeous mountain and lake views as well as a covered pavilion. 

Check out Mercedes and Kain’s Windy Point Group Campground wedding for inspiration! 

Maroon Bells Amphitheater | Aspen, Colorado 

elopement ceremony at Maroon Bells in Colorado

Also an extremely popular ceremony location, the Maroon Bells Amphitheater offers a bit more privacy and can accommodate up to 50 people. It has stunning views of the mountains and lake and can be reserved up to a year in advance. 

Braydon and Emily’s fall Maroon Bells wedding is the perfect inspiration! 

Moraine Park Amphitheater | Estes Park, Colorado 

For those looking for a forest feel, the Moraine Park Amphitheater in Rocky Mountain National Park is an excellent choice! This location can accommodate up to 30 people and is the only ceremony location in the park that is dog friendly. 

Alexa and Jason’s Moraine Park Amphitheater wedding is a great example of what your wedding could like here! 

Sunrise Amphitheater | Boulder, Colorado  

Sunrise Amphitheater overlooks the city of Boulder and its surrounding foothills. It is handicapped-accessible, has built-in seating and can accommodate up to 100 people. 

Crested Butte Mountain Wedding Garden | Crested Butte, Colorado 

Crested Butte Mountain Wedding Garden is perfect for any couple looking for wildflowers and mountain views! It can accommodate up to 150 people and has an option reception space available for rental if desired. 

View Caitlin and Michael’s Crested Butte Mountain Wedding for inspiration! 

Point Park Dock | Grand Lake, Colorado 

lavender toss with bride and groom after small wedding in grand lake colorado

While Point Park Dock operates on a first-come, first-served basis, it is an excellent option for groups of up to 75. Lakeside, Point Park has stunning views of Mt. Baldy and is accessible year-round. 

Check out Rachel and Eric’s Point Park wedding for photos of this location! 

Other Small Wedding Venues

LGBTQ couple standing on rock looking off towards the mountains beyond them at sunset while a flock of birds flies by during their boulder colorado wedding

For a list of 50+ of our favorite small wedding venues across the state, check out our guide below!

Best Small Wedding Venues in Colorado

Alternate Wedding Locations to Sapphire Point With Under 10 Guests

Since Sapphire Point is a popular wedding and tourist location, it often gets booked up well in advance. For some couples who are looking for a more-off the beaten path ceremony location, Sapphire Point may not be the best location. If you are getting married with a group of under 10 people, here are a few of our favorite alternative locations to Sapphire Point nearby. 

Loveland Pass | Dillon, Colorado 

Reaching an elevation of 11,990 feet, Loveland Pass is the highest road in the U.S. that is open year-round! Loveland Pass makes an excellent ceremony location for groups of up to 10 people with access to a stunning alpine lake and sweeping mountain views.

Check out Grace + Brandon’s Fall Loveland Pass Elopement or Kyla + Chris’ Spring Loveland Pass Elopement for some inspiration!

Alpine Lake | Breckenridge, Colorado 

panorama of bride and groom kissing next to mountain lake at sunset during colorado adventure elopement

This alpine lake sits just outside of downtown Breckenridge and is a gorgeous location for small groups under 10. Whether you are looking for something easily accessible by car, or want to get your heart pumping with a hike, Breckenridge’s alpine lakes are a calm place to share your vows and soak up Colorado’s beauty. 

Check out Lindsay and Frank’s elopement at one of our favorite Breckenridge alpine lakes! 

Lake Dillon | Dillon, Colorado 

Lake Dillon offers numerous locations along its shore to share your vows, enjoy a picnic, watch the sunset, or even get out on the water! You can bring your own watercraft, or rent anything from a paddleboard or kayak up to a pontoon at nearby marinas. Eloping along the shores of Lake Dillon is perfect for groups of up to 10 people. Check out Jake and Caiti’s kayaking elopement on Lake Dillon!

This Breckenridge Waterfall | Breckenridge, Colorado 

Less than 15 minutes from Breckenridge are two gorgeous waterfalls, providing a perfect backdrop as you share your vows! One waterfall is a short walk from the car, while the other is a 15-20 minute easy hike. These waterfalls are great for groups of up to 10 people. 

Check out Kasey and Veronica’s waterfall elopement for inspiration!

Other Colorado Elopement Locations for Up To 10 Guests

For more suggestions for where to elope in Colorado, check out our guide below!

Best Places to Elope in Colorado

Looking for a photographer for your Sapphire Point wedding?

Meet Larissa + Bailey! As two born and raised Coloradoans who have photographed 200+ couples in 100+ locations across Colorado, we specialize in creating a different kind of wedding day that is just as adventurous as you are. We use our experience and knowledge to craft a different kind of wedding day that feels completely authentic to you. Want to hike to a high alpine lake? We can give you trail options for that! Want to canoe along the banks of a mountain lake? We can tell you the best lakes to do it on! Want to watch the sunset from the top of the world? We’ll lead you to our favorite spots for sunset! Book your Sapphire Point wedding photographer today!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our guide for How to Plan a Colorado Elopement!





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