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Posted On | November 7, 2019

Summit County Elopement in Colorado

Ben and Arlyne’s Loveland Pass elopement was everything I dreamed it would be – and so much more! The weather was absolutely perfect – gloriously sunny, decently warm despite the snow and filled with all the romance and excitement of an adventure elopement in Colorado. I loved everything about their mountain elopement, and I am so excited to be sharing their story today!


How They Met

Ben and Arlyne met a few years ago while working together, and became friends over the first several months. After about nine months, they finally worked up the courage to go out on a date together. Since that first date at the movies nearly three years ago, these two have been together ever since. Ben fell quickly in love with Arlyne’s smile, and Arlyne loved Ben’s sense of adventure, and these two fit together like no one else I’ve ever seen.


The Proposal

Ben took Arlyne to Colorado for a casual ski trip. While they were walking around the ski town of Breckenridge, Ben spotted the most incredible ring at a small jewelry store that he knew Arlyne would absolutely love. He bought it for her right then and there. The very next day Ben proposed to Arlyne on the slopes.


What They Love To Do

More than anything else, Ben and Arlyne just love spending time together. Arlyne says that’s their love language: quality time together and doing anything and everything together with their dogs (like going to the dog park or on hikes). They even love spending quality time together at home, working in the yard or working on their house – as long as they’re together, life is good.


Their Loveland Pass Elopement

When Arlyne told me that being on the top of a mountain takes her breath away, I knew that the tippy top of Loveland Pass would be the perfect place for their elopement. There’s nothing quite like the cool mountain air, surrounded by the mountain peaks and rugged terrain that Colorado has to offer. They laced their boots and together we hiked to the most spectacular and private spot, with the glow of morning sun and the sparkle of snow all around us, Ben and Arlyne self solemnized their Loveland Pass elopement.

Their vows were heartfelt and tear-filled. Arlyne burst into tears after the first words of her vows and Ben’s reaction to reciting his own vows was beautiful. I loved how Arlyne tenderly wiped his tears away, while holding back her own as she listened to him promise to love her forever. The emotions that came through when it was just the two of them, surrounded by those glorious mountains and in awe of everything – I don’t think these two could have imagined a much better wedding day.

When Arlyne and Ben told me they wanted a forest of trees as part of their backdrop, I started looking for a spot as we were driving down the road together. I pulled over when I spotted a grove of aspen trees and what I was praying to be a small trail that lead into the woods. Honest to God, as we walked down that little trail, the grove of aspen trees was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen – the light coming through made for the most perfect backdrop for portraits. That is also where they chose to sign their marriage certificate.

Afterward, we drove down toward Lake Dillon where Ben and Arlyne popped open a bottle of champagne. Spraying the heck out of it, we all celebrated their newlywed joy. Ben and Arlyne had one last request – to put on their Office t-shirts and take some fun pictures in those. Well folks, we delivered for all you Office fans. I loved watching them, totally being their goofy selves and relishing every moment of such a special day. Holy moly, I am grateful to have been asked to be part of it.

Thank you, Ben and Arlyne, for inviting me to be part of something so special and intimate; it means the world to me that I could be witness for your elopement. I wish you both all the love and happiness in the world!



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