How to Show Your Pride: 5 LGBTQ Pride Elopement Ideas

Posted On | January 28, 2023

We LOVE when couples bring some personality into their wedding day – including LGBTQ pride elopement ideas. Below are five of our favorite ways to celebrate and infuse your pride into your elopement!

LGTBTQ pride elopement ideas with reading from Justice Anthony Kennedy

1) Incorporate a reading into your ceremony.

During your ceremony, ask your officiant, a loved one, or even your partner to share a reading. Some great places to start when looking for what to incorporate include passages from bell hooks’ “All About Love,” or Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion in Hodges v. Obergefell.

LGBTQ elopement ideas with queer couple wearing pride flag on boutonniere

2) Wave your pride flag

Whether you’re wanting to bring an actual flag or plan to incorporate one into your wedding details, there is no better day to have it proudly displayed than your wedding – the ultimate proof that love wins!

LGBTQ pride elopement ideas with queer couple snuggling each other on wedding day

3) Hire LGBTQ+ vendors

When you’re searching for vendors, consider hiring businesses owned by someone in the queer community. Check out our list of inclusive Colorado LGBTQ+ owned, employed, or affirming wedding vendors!

LGBTQ elopement ideas with queer couple walking beside lake in the mountains

4) Consider non-traditional wedding attire that you feel confident in

Gone are the days of strict dress codes around what is considered “proper” wedding attire. From bridal jumpsuits and custom hats to bespoke gender-neutral suits, you have lots of options when it comes to clothing that you’ll feel confident and comfortable in all day!

LGBTQ elopement ideas with queer couple getting dressed in rainbow socks

5) Infuse pride colors into your wedding day

We’ve seen so many creative ways that couples have incorporated the colors of the pride flag into their wedding. Consider socks, lapel pins, flowers, or even a rainbow cake!

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