Loveland Pass Elopement


Holy guacamole, I don’t think I have ever been so thankful in my life as I was the day I got to tag along with Brooke and Hunter on their Loveland Pass elopement. Seriously, people, I have the BEST JOB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I drove up to Loveland Pass about four hours before Brooke and Hunter were supposed to meet me. As a part of being an adventure photographer in Colorado, I want to make sure that my couples get the most epic locations possible (that also give them intimacy to share their vows privately). Brooke and Hunter had a first look scheduled first thing, so I had my eyes peeled as I was driving up to Loveland Pass. As I was listening to my podcasts in the car I actually got turned around and ended up going the opposite direction I meant to be going. Trying to figure out where I could turn around, I ended up at a little trailhead. “Huh!?!” I thought to myself, “this could be a really cool spot for their first look!”. So I hopped out of my car and explored the area. It. Was. PERFECT!

I immediately called Brooke and told her that we are changing up our meeting spot because I found an even better spot! As I was getting ready to hang up the phone, Brooke asked me for a favor: Hunter didn’t want to see Brooke’s dress before they had their first look. He had tried to button up the back of Brooke’s dress with his eye’s closed but was having a hard time. So Brooke asked me to help her button up her dress as soon as they go there. Not a problem! And, after I gave Brooke and Hunter a hug, and hid Brooke behind the door of their rental truck, I realized why Hunter had such a hard time. The back of Brooke’s dress had about 50 little buttons that crawled all the way up the back of her dress. Bless Hunter’s soul for attempting to button all those with his eyes closed!

After I buttoned up Brooke’s dress, we headed down the path I found earlier and did a short hike up to the spot I had scouted earlier. As Hunter faced the opposite direction, Brooke took off the fur jacket she had borrowed from a co-worker and walked up behind Hunter and tapped him on the shoulder. Their first look was sweet and intimate. Brooke had her hand warmers with her and warmed up Hunter’s hands as she held on to them.

After their first look, Brooke and Hunter hopped in my car and we drove up to the top of Loveland Pass together. As we got out at the top, I pointed to an outcrop of rocks that was across a snowfield. If they were up for it, that was THE spot I had picked out to share their vows. Brooke and Hunter, knowing they signed up for an adventure elopement in Colorado, said “heck yes!” and we started our little treck across the snowfield.

There is something magical about being surrounded by the most beautiful place in the world. There’s something even more magical about sharing that beautiful place with two people who are committing their lives to each other. Brooke and Hunter decided to elope just the two of them. No friends. No family. This marriage they were entering into was about them two and their commitment to one another. As I walked around that magical mountain top watching the biggest, most genuine smile on Brooke’s face and the fleeting tear that graced Hunter’s, I couldn’t help but feel like I have the best job on this planet.

After exchanging rings and reading their vows, we snapped a few more pictures at the top of Loveland Pass before heading to the next spot I scoped out beforehand. We frolicked through the snow (a.k.a. Fell all over in the snow), took many warm-up breaks and just had a fun time as the sun dipped lower towards the horizon.

Brooke and Hunter sat on a snow bank and filled out the Colorado Marriage License that they picked up earlier that morning. After they both signed it, they asked me to sign as their witness. I told them, “you know you don’t have to have a witness in Colorado to get married?”. They said they knew that, but they wanted me to be a part of it so they could remember this day. Ya’ll my heart was laying on the ground by that point.

These two are people who randomly found me on Google. They reached out with an idea to elope in Colorado. They trusted me to find the perfect spot. They believed in me to capture all the moments. We laughed together. We talked about everything under the sun (including the smell of blooming trees where they are from in Tennessee!). I went in knowing they were an awesome couple and I drove away with two friends. I don’t say that lightly. I say it with a full heart for this couple and witnessing one of the most important days of Brooke and Hunter’s life.

Enjoy all of the big and small moments from Brooke and Hunter’s adventure elopement on Loveland Pass!


First look with bride and groom in the mountains of Colorado

Bride and groom first look for Colorado elopement

bride and groom first look in the mountains of Colorado

Snowy adventure wedding in Colorado

Adventure wedding in Colorado

Bride in ling sleeve wedding dress at winter wedding in Colorado

Adventure wedding at Loveland Pass in Colorado

Groom getting ready for Colorado elopement

Bride and groom in the snow for Colorado elopement

Elopement ceremony at the top of Loveland Pass in the winter in Colorado

Colorado elopement on Loveland Pass by Colorado adventure wedding photographer We, The Light Photography

Colorado elopement on Loveland Pass by Colorado adventure wedding photographer We, The Light Photography

Loveland Pass elopement in the snow by Colorado adventure wedding photography We, The Light Photography

Colorado adventure wedding photographer We, The Light Photography

Couple celebrating after their elopement ceremony in the snow on Loveland Pass in Colorado

Couple eloping on Loveland Pass by Colorado adventure wedding photographer We, The Light Photography

Couple kissing on top of Loveland Pass during their Colorado elopement

Colorado elopement photographer

adventure wedding in Colorado wit bride and groom's rings

Loveland Pass wedding by Colorado elopement photographer We, The Light Photography

Sunset elopement near Breckenridge, Colorado by adventure wedding photographer We, The Light Photography

Colorado adventure wedding photographer

Couple dancing on frozen lake by Colorado elopement photographer We, The Light Photography

Couple wearing hiking boots during their adventure wedding in Colorado

Breckenridge wedding photographer

Couple eloping on frozen lake near Breckenridge by Colorado adventure wedding photographer We, The Light Photography

Colorado adventure wedding photographer

Couple signing marriage license after Colorado elopement on Loveland Pass

Bride and groom signing marriage license by Colorado elopement photographer We, The Light Photography

Bride and groom dancing at the top of Loveland Pass at sunset by Colorado adventure wedding photographer We, The Light Photography

Couple at the top of Loveland Pass at sunset with the moon behind them by Colorado elopement photographer We, The Light Photography

Bride and groom standing next to just married sign after eloping in Colorado


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Brooke + Hunter | Colorado Adventure Elopement On Loveland Pass

  1. clare says:

    oh my, they are the cutest couple ever. so full of joy and i love how you captured them in their environment so well!!

  2. These photos are AMAZING! Wow what a location! And this couple is just adorable! You really captured their emotions! Great Job!

  3. Janira says:

    They are BRAVE!!! These are so beautiful!!

  4. flora says:

    Beautiful colorado elopment session in the snow! They look so joyful!

  5. So lovely! I’m sure they’re so happy with these!

  6. These are just adorable. They look so happy and you captured the pure joy of their day so well.

  7. WOW! Those last shots with the sunset and the moon are epic! I love what they did to their truck!! These have me even more excited for my trip to Colorado coming up!

    • Larissa Welch says:

      Ahhhh! I was soooo excited when I saw that moon come out! Yasss you are going to have a blast out here!

  8. Katy Weaver says:

    These Loveland Pass elopement photos are SO GOOD! I love the bold colors and the epic location! They look so happy and in love! What a perfect location for them – so breathtaking!

  9. Kara says:

    Wow I love this snowy Colorado elopement! What an adventurous couple who truly embraced the elements.

  10. Awh what a gorgeous elopement!! you captured this so perfectly!

  11. How fun is this?!? Love your focus on capturing the details and candid moments.

  12. Sara Ozim says:

    What a stunning elopement story set in the beautiful state of Colorado! I love how this session is in the winter, it showcases that a couple can elope WHENEVER they want and it will still be stunning.

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