Kyla + Chris have been together for EIGHT years after first meeting in high school. The moment that truly made them fall in love with each other was going on a week-long road trip to northern Michigan that forced them to spend uninterrupted time together and work through the challenges of camping for a week.

Kyla loves to paint and garden. Chris loves to read and play guitar. Together, they love taking their son to explore the outdoors.

On a calm and peaceful morning this past June, I met Kyla + Chris at the little mountain house they were getting ready at. Before most of the world was even awake, we drove up to one of my favorite passes in Colorado where they got married just the two of them.

My favorite two favorite parts of the morning:

1️⃣ Kyla + Chris didn’t have pre-written vows for their “ceremony”. Instead, they spent 10-15 minutes just chatting back and forth about how far they’d come, what each other meant to them and what they hoped the future held for them as husband and wife.

2️⃣ After their sunrise ceremony, we explored a nearby mountain lake where these two took off their socks and shoes to dip their feet in and skipped rocks (let me tell you, if rock skipping was a professional sport, Chris would definitely win the Olympics for it!).

Kyla + Chris, thank you for being 100% you two. Thank you for showing up and creating a day that I could tell was authentically you. It’s couples like you that give me the biggest smile as I’m driving away, thinking to myself “I have the best job in the world”.


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Loveland Pass Sunrise Elopement | Kyla + Chris

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