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If you are a hobbyist, side-hustle or part-time photographer looking to generate more income and take your business full-time then you already know all the hats you need to wear to have a successful photography business.

You probably already have heard that to market your photography business your website needs to be SEO-friendly. Oh, and you need to blog all of your sessions or weddings. (And those things called alt-tags are important!)

Maybe a webinar told you that you need to have an email list and that paid forms of advertising, like Facebook, can be successful….but you haven’t seen those results for yourself.

Larissa - Colorado Newborn Photographer

Larissa Welch | Owner of We, The Light Photography

Here’s What You Might Not Know

Even if you have an Instagram account with a few hundred followers, a website that showcases your favorite pictures and you get a few leads here and there, having a clear marketing strategy for your photography business will allow you to:

photography business education

Generate Consistent Leads 

Stop waiting around for the next lead to magically pop into your inbox. Take control of your marketing and create a plan that sends leads to your inbox consistently.

photography business education

Know Where To Spend Your Time (+ Money)

Know exactly what SEO is, what your website needs to have, how to run successful Facebook ads, what you should be posting on social media and what to blog about so that you no longer waste your time aimlessly trying out what you think will work best.

photography business education

Turn Leads Into Paying Clients

Generating leads doesn’t always equal paying clients. Create a killer inquiry response and follow-up process that shows you as the expert and allows you to confidently turn leads into paying clients.

photography business education

Become An Expert In Your Niche

Photograph what sets your heart on fire (whether that’s weddings, elopements, families or something else) and distinguish yourself in the industry as THE photographer to hire.

Even though the reason to start your photography business came out of passion, the process to actually create a successful business is tough.

Want To Build A Successful Photography Business? Fantastic!

But how the heck do I do that?

You made the courageous decision to just start.

You photographed your first ever session (maybe it was just of your best friend) and got giddy about the thought that this could be your full-time job. You started following other photographers on Instagram who have “made-it” and are doing exactly what you dream of.

You stay up until midnight, after working a full day at your other job, to work on perfecting your website, editing pictures and thinking about what the heck to post to Instagram.

If you’re super committed…

Maybe you’ve even put your own money into Facebook ads that say “now booking 2020”. You were hopeful, ran the ad, but got only one lead that turned into a dud.

Perhaps you purchased an online course from a successful photographer and all they told you was to be yourself, find your niche and blog all your sessions to build up your SEO. But you want something that you can do TODAY that will bring your next client to you.

Even with the best intentions, most would-be photographers fail to make this dream-job come true, sitting on the sidelines, watching others pursue what you so desperately want.

Here’s why most would-be photographers fail to take their passion full-time:

photography business education

1. A Lack of Strategy

Without a strategic marketing plan and proven methods that get your service out into the world, most would-be photographers get completely lost.

photography business education

2. Paralyzing Comparison

They fall victim to paralyzing comparison on Instagram, disbelief in the quality of their photos, and lack of clarity on exactly what they need to do to market their photography business.

photography business education

3. Believe Skills Are All They Need

They think that just because they know how to take pictures with their camera, people will start asking them to be their photographer.

Knowing how to take pictures DOES NOT EQUAL knowing how to run a business.

Here’s why this is crippling

As an already busy human being who is maybe balancing another job, or kids, or other passions, you can’t afford for it to take five years to get to the point with your photography business where you are financially stable.

The moment that you get stuck on how to market your photography business, you give it less and less of your time until that dream is stuffed so far down in uncertainty that you stop altogether.

Therefore, learning successful marketing strategies to get your name and service out there is critical to your dream.

And luckily for you, there are a lot of photographers out there who are struggling too.

And there are very few doing it right. Which means…

Even if you have been trying to build your photography business for a couple years, or you are just now ready to turn it from a hobby into your job, there’s still an opportunity to jump in, learn the marketing strategies and bring leads into your inbox that you can convert into clients (and solid income).

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1-on-1 coaching for photographers

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Larissa - Colorado Newborn Photographer

Larissa Welch | Owner of We, The Light Photography

I want to dive into your business, hear what your goals are and help you create a custom growth strategy. I’ll be open and honest and share everything I’ve learned from starting my photography business almost four years ago and making $5K in 2016 to generating over $77K in 2019. On average I receive almost 29 leads per month (that’s practically a lead EVERY DAY). I’m channeling my successes and my failures into a comprehensive, step-by-step workshop that not only teaches you successful marketing methods to generate consistent leads, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same.

photographer coaching sessions aren’t just a high-level coaching call, but custom strategy session that teaches you step-by-step implementation.

The End Result: A step-by-step framework for multiple marketing methods ready for you to deploy and start generating real profits in your business.