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Posted On | December 11, 2018

couple laughing during Betasso Preserve engagement session

Kathleen and Adam’s Betasso Preserve engagement photos in Boulder, Colorado, was fun, casual and everything you hope for in a December day! We started their session off with uncorking a bottle of wine to celebrate these two and their engagement, and I got to hear all about the adventure they have been on so far!

Adam and Kathleen have been dating for about two years, but knew each other through family and friends for about five years before that. Funny side-story: Kathleen’s older sister was actually Adam’s teacher back in the day and she totally vouched for Adam being a great guy! So it’s fun that their love story started out randomly with them seeing each other a few times and just hanging out and getting to know each other. After years of just casually knowing each other, Adam started noticing that Kathleen was liking his photos on Facebook more and more (thank God for social media!) and he finally asked Kathleen out.

They have been dating now for two years and just celebrated their two year anniversary this past October. And on that day a few months ago, Adam proposed and asked Kathleen to spend the rest of her life with him. Their proposal story is a perfect combination of suspense and surprise. Adam and Kathleen had been talking about getting married for a while and had already gone to look at rings together. Kathleen had a pretty good hunch that Adam would pop the question their anniversary (pretty dang good guess!). But Adam still wanted it to be a surprise and to drop to one knee at a moment that Kathleen was totally not expecting. So after Kathleen was a little bummed that the day was nearing the end and there was still no question, they were getting in the car and Adam made up an excuse for Kathleen to get out of the car because he forgot something. As she was getting out, Adam met her on the other side of the car and got down on one knee right there in the driveway while it was sleeting snow outside and proposed. They are planning their wedding for next September in the beautiful Colorado fall in the church that Kathleen grew up in.

For a December day you can usually ask for two of the following weather conditions in Boulder, Colorado: You can ask for it to be sunny. You can ask for it not to be windy. Or you can ask for it to be warm. Thankfully we got two and a half of the three! It was sunny and warm (with just a little bit of wind at the very end of the session!). But it didn’t start off that way. As we both pulled up in the parking lot and cheered our glasses of wine to celebrate their engagement, tiny snowflakes started to fall from the sky. We could not figure out where they were coming from! Thankfully they didn’t last long and the sun came out for the rest of their session giving off the most gorgeous winter golden light.

We hiked around the area for their Betasso Preserve engagement photos, stopping along the trail whenever I found a gorgeous backdrop or golden sun peeking through the trees. That is the reason I love the mountains so much. I have been to Betasso Preserve many times, but each time, depending on the time of year and the lighting, I seem to always find new magical spots.

Thank you Kathleen and Adam for being freekin’ awesome! Thank you for your adventures and laughs during your Betasso Preserve engagement session. I can’t wait for your wedding next year!

Betasso Preserve Engagement Session
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Betasso Preserve Engagement Session
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Boulder CO Engagement Photos
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Colorado Engagement Photos
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