Mount Sanitas Couples Photos | Trayce + Addison

Posted On | January 24, 2019

Mount Sanitas couples photos

Trayce and Addison were visiting Colorado and decided to do a Mount Sanitas couples photos. They reached out on a last-minute whim because this Austin-based couple was traveling to the area for a friend’s wedding. Since Trayce’s first email to me and when she wrote back that she’s obsessed with yoga and coffee, I knew I had to meet this couple.

Trayce and Addison’s story isn’t one of those love narratives that started long ago. No, this Kansas City girl met this North Carolina guy on Bumble in Austin, TX just a few months prior to their trip out here to Colorado. But in Trayce’s words they “fell for each other right away” and the rest is history.

Addison runs his own business and has traveled the country and world. And his love for adventure rubbed off on Trayce. They traveled to Europe this past fall to celebrate being together and their new baby girl they will be bringing into this world in just a few short weeks. I love how Trayce said that Addison gave her “confidence in their adventures”. These two are truly a team. They know how to love each other well and deep and make it through the hurdles that life inevitably throws your way.

If we were to be serious for a second, Trayce and Addison’s love language is quality time and just hanging out with each other. Whether that’s walking their 6 year of cockapoo, Reagen, checking out a new coffee shop or listening to live music in their town of Austin. But, if we were really talking about their love language, it would 100% be wrestling. Having fun together is what these two are best at – and that fun spirit is spread all over their photo session.

When they are not working, Trayce and Addison are usually opting to be outside in some way or another, splurging on crazy delicious food, snuggling up for their occasional Apple TV binge or dancing around their home listening to records. And something that probably not too many people know about them is they love to go shoot bows and arrows together and rummage through vintage antique stores. Trayce loves yoga. Addison practices jiu jitsu. Together, they make two totally independent people who work great as a team together.

I woke up before dawn early on a Friday morning to drive into Boulder for these two’s Mount Sanitas couples photos at sunrise. I don’t know if it was just that our personalities and love for adventure meshed so well together, or if it was that 6 am wake up call craze, but I had the best time exploring and taking pictures with these two.

We frolicked through fields, climbed up mountains, rocked out to music and danced as the sun rose up from the horizon. Trayce and Addison changed outfits in an old stone hut that we found on the side of the trail. We laughed until we cried. I love that these two totally embraced letting loose and having a goofy, fun time together.

Trayce and Addison, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me into a little piece of your life. Thank you for choosing me to capture your Mount Sanitas couples photos. Thank you for being so carefree and fun. Thank you for showing me your true personalities and love for each other. I loved being able to celebrate you two and the moments before you bring your baby girl into the world. You are going to be the best parents and you’ve got a friend in Colorado if you ever decide to come back! Cheers to the next adventure!

Mount Sanitas Couples Photos
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Couple dancing on the hiking trail during Mount Sanitas couples photos
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Mount Sanitas couples photos
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Mount Sanitas couples photos

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