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Posted On | January 31, 2019

Colorado Fall Engagement Photos

Ty and Nichole’s adventure engagement session at Brainard Lake near Ward, Colorado was just short of perfect – because nothing is perfect in this world. But, as a Colorado engagement photographer, if I was to claim a perfect engagement session theirs would be it.

We met up on an early September day in a parking lot near the entrance to Brainard Lake. Ty and Nichole hopped in my car and we headed further up the mountain to a trail head where we could crack open a few beers (Coors Light, Ty’s favorite) and just chat for a few minutes before jumping straight into their fall engagement session.

Ty and Nichole met about four and a half years ago. They both pulled up to the Viewhouse restaurant to eat dinner with their separate group of friends. As Nichole got out of the car she noticed Ty across the street where he had just parked. Ty glanced in her direction, noticing her as well. They both continued on in their separate directions.

After laughing and talking with their own friend groups over dinner, they caught each other’s eye again in the bar. That night they just started talking and getting to know each other. Nichole told me that “as soon as I met him I knew I was going to marry him”. We know it sounds cliche, but until it’s happened to you too, you can’t understand that it’s the best feeling.

Ty is a die hard baseball fan. He played baseball all throughout college and traveled around playing semi-pro for a few years after that. Baseball is in his blood. Now, Ty coaches baseball so these two live at the baseball field pretty much every weekend out of the year. Nichole is Ty’s biggest fan when sitting in the bleachers, cheering his team on.

On the rare occasion that Ty and Nichole are not sitting around the diamond, these two are spending their time outdoors in some way. Golfing, fishing, camping, or just taking their two dogs (Gemma + Coors) on a walk are some of their favorite things.

Last year, Ty and Nichole planned a vacation to Costa Rica with Ty’s family. Ty thought it would be the perfect moment in time to get down on one knee and ask Nichole if she would be his forever-wife. Nichole said yes and Ty’s little sister was able to film the whole moment on camera.

Now these two are planning their dream, laid-back, casual wedding for this coming September. But we had to celebrate Ty’s proposal and Nichole’s “yes” first with a fall engagement session in Colorado.

After we finished our beers on the hitch of my Honda Element, we headed up a trail head near Brainard Lake into the woods. We drove to a spot where we hopped and skipped on rocks over a creek. We ran through fields and got lost in the willow bushes. At one point we were warned of a moose that was in the area as a woman with a camera lens the size of a telescope walked by – although we eagerly looked for it, we never got to see that moose. We danced to country music in a field with the majestic mountains as the backdrop and I claimed Ty and Nichole as my future country swing dance teachers (I seriously want to get a lot better at it!).

Even though it was only the beginning of September, fall hit Colorado early because of the drought we had seen earlier in the summer. Typically I wouldn’t expect to see any changing aspen trees until a week or two from their session date, but we got so lucky because off the side of the road were groves of yellow aspen trees. We even got to adventure through a grove of the more rare orange-red aspen leaves and end their Brainard Lake engagement session watching the sunset over the mountains.

It was a Colorado fall day that most people would call perfect. Ty and Nichole, thank you for being to so open and real. Thank you for being up for an adventure and showing me your fun-loving spirits. Thank you for letting me into a little piece of your relationship and your life. I cannot wait to see you two at your wedding this year!


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