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Posted On | January 15, 2018

When you look back on the moments you remember most, I bet they are the moments that didn’t turn out quite like you had planned. Moments where you got a little lost. Moments where you came to a roadblock and had to come up with another plan. But the reason that moment is one you remember so well is because the result was something so much more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.

Well, my favorite photography session was the exact same. Jeff and Kelli wanted to do a mountain-filled photo session to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary. They love the Colorado mountains and spending time with each other getting lost in the woods, so they suggested having their session at a lake in Colorado that they had grown to love. Since I am a total outdoor, hiking, mountain, camping, anything-that-I-can-wear-my-yoga-pants-to type of person I said “yes, yes, YES!”.

We planned their session for a sun-filled Sunday in October at the lake they dreamed of shooting at. Well, the morning of the session, we found out that the road up to the lake was closing literally that day – yeah, the very same day we planned on driving up there! So, being a person who will always find a solution to a problem, I found out there was another lake near the road where the closure was taking place. I told Jeff and Kelli, “meet me there, we’re going to figure it out and we are going to have an amazing time!”

And the result was way more than any of us could have imagined. One, the lake was stunning with the golden light bouncing off the icy top. There was nobody else around so we literally felt like we were lost in the woods together. To top that off, Jeff and Kelli are by far one of the most genuine, caring, fun-loving couple I have ever had the honor to capture on my camera.

These two couldn’t stop smiling at each other. Jeff knew exactly what to do to make Kelli laugh. And, they were totally up for an adventure of walking on a narrow log that jutted into the lake to a small island so we could capture images that they are sure to hold onto forever!

Jeff and Kelli, can I just tell you thank you for being you? Thank you for being fun and flexible! And, thank you for loving each other so well.

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Meet Larissa. Larissa is an adventure couples and engagement photographer based out of Colorado. She’d take an adventure in the mountains over shopping + a date night snuggling on the couch over dinner and a movie any day. Larissa’s obsessed with: morning snuggles with her rescue pup, Hazel, hot chocolate, a good book and yoga pants. She believes in making you forget a camera’s even there, that your story is the actual thing she wants to capture on camera and that real, raw moments are more important that perfectly curated poses. Book your Colorado adventure couples photographer.

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