Devil’s Backbone Engagement Session | Kaleb + Shea

Posted On | October 26, 2022

Kaleb first laid eyes on Shea in the hallway of their high school, as she was striding down the hall with confidence radiating from her every step. From that day forward, he had the BIGGEST crush on her.

Eventually, he ran into her at the local movie theater where she worked. He knew it was his moment to finally get her number. Hindered by a line, he made a promise to himself during the movie: if Shea was still there afterward, he would gather the courage to ask. And she was. The rest, as they say, is history.

Their love grew steadily, with Kaleb falling head over heels for Shea. The exact moment he fell in love remains a mystery, but the feeling was undeniable. He couldn’t imagine a life without her, and that’s how he knew it was true love.

Talks of marriage had always been on their minds, an unspoken agreement that their love was meant to endure. Then, on the eve of their anniversary trip, Shea had a feeling. When she got home from work that day, a trail of rose petals led her to Kaleb, who knelt before her with a bed of roses and sunflowers. The ring, nestled within her favorite flower, sealed their fate. When Kaleb professed his love and called her his best friend, Shea eagerly accepted his proposal, knowing deep in her heart that he was the one.

It’s always an honor to be able to capture a couple’s story on camera, but there’s something extra special when they’re family.

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