Two Day Waterfall Elopement and Winery Reception | Kasey + Veronica

Posted On | October 21, 2021

Kasey and Veronica have a relationship that is truly the stuff of movies. They first met via their exs, who happened to be sisters and roommates…
As Veronica explained, “Unknowingly, I fell in love with Kasey from the first moment we met. Never before in my life have I felt everything else around me go silent, and I all I could see was her. I instantly gravitated towards her.”
When they were dreaming up their wedding day, they knew they wanted to elope in Breckenridge, but still be able to celebrate with their loved ones. So, we came up with a plan to do both!
The day of their wedding, the pair got ready with their family and pups before sneaking off to exchange their vows privately and explore all of the gorgeous scenery Colorado has to offer. That afternoon, they met back up with their family for their sunset ceremony.
The next day, we met back up in Denver and partied hard at a local winery with all of their friends + closest family!
If you’ve been stuck between wanting to elope and still wanting a more traditional reception, a two day elopement might be right up your alley!

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