Why You Need A Wedding Album

Posted On | September 19, 2021

Not sure if you need a wedding album? Here are our personal reasons why it’s the best way to tell your story.

An album is much more than just a book of photos – it’s an experience. 

It’s meant for snuggling on the couch as you flip through it on your 5-year anniversary, reminiscing on what an incredible day you had. An album is meant for pulling out to share with loved ones who weren’t there to experience what you did, and for showing your grandchildren 50 years from now how smokin’ hot their grandparents were back in the day. Your wedding album is a chance to be transported back to that mountain top or pine forest or alpine lake, remembering how giddy you were right before your first look, and how much your heart soared during your first kiss.

The Perils of Not Printing Your Photos

How many times have you heard of someone having their phone stolen or having their computer crash, losing everything that was stored on it? And how many photos do you have stored on your phone that you took during a moment you wanted to remember forever, only to never look at it again? Don’t leave the preservation of your memories up to chance.

Your memories deserve so much more than living in a dusty folder on your computer, or floating around in the cloud!

What Albums Mean to Bailey 

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was flip through family albums. There was something magic about going back in time and seeing just how similar my mom and I looked as kids, what my grandparents looked like on their wedding day, or how adventurous my parents were backpacking through Europe. I would snuggle up with my grandma as she would share stories sparked by an image that she had almost forgotten and learn little bits of family history that I had never heard before. 

When my grandfather passed away last year, I spent a week at his home helping my parents go through everything he owned. Some of the most important items we found out of everything in his house were photos. ⁠⁠

We spent hours passing around old family albums, marveling at how young he looked when he first joined the military, and how tiny I looked in his arms the first time he held me as a baby. We looked through memories of trips he took out to see us growing up, and photos of his travels around the world. We even found 140+ year old photos passed down for generations of family on their wedding day! ⁠⁠

Your photos are a part of your family’s history, and they deserve so much more than a folder in your phone that will occasionally get scrolled past. Your photos are heirlooms that deserve to be put in an album or hung up on your wall. They deserve a tangible place in the world, and to be pulled out and reminisced upon regularly. 

When my husband and I received our wedding album, I cried the first time we held it in our hands and flipped through it. It helped me see my wedding day in a totally new light, and reminded me of little details of the day that I had already forgotten. All of the emotion and excitement and joy of the day came flooding back with each turn of the page. I am so excited to have it now be a part of our family heirlooms to be passed down for generations to come, and we’ve already decided to find time on each anniversary to sit down and reminisce with our album! 

If you’re on the fence about printing your wedding photos, I can’t recommend it enough. There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than snuggled up with an album on your lap! 

What Albums Mean to Larissa 

A few years ago, I was going through a box of old photographs and found a picture of me and my dad on my very first backpacking trip. I was probably about 12 years old. We both were wearing big, clunky, external-framed backpacks with foam sleeping pads strung onto the bottom (because that’s what they had in the old days) and we’re standing in the forest at the edge of the trail about to begin our very first night in the woods. I look eager for what was to come (I mean who doesn’t love freeze-dried ice cream!). My dad looks calm and maybe a little nervous about keeping his daughter safe in the woods for the first time.

That trip is one of my fondest memories. It sticks out so clearly in my mind, but I had forgotten the details about how old I was – and how young my dad was. Or the whistle I wore around my neck in case I needed to call for help (thank you Girl Scouts!). And laughing at how we both wore jeans to go backpacking (apparently hiking pants weren’t a thing back then). Looking at that photo brought back all those little details that I had forgotten, but made the trip so memorable.

THAT is the power of printing your photos.

I now have that black and white photo of my first backpacking trip with my dad framed and sitting on my dresser. I have a million other photos I’ve taken since I got a cell phone, just sitting out in digital space. But to be honest, I don’t pull those up and look at them. I don’t go back through digital photos from a year ago – let alone two months ago. They just stay on my phone, backed-up to the cloud waiting for the day that I will examine them again to ignite a memory – a day that probably won’t come.

But the photos I have printed out truly have a different hold on my heart. They grasp my attention and memory in a tangible way. For the purpose of this post, I pulled that framed picture of my first backpacking trip off my dresser and am physically holding that photo in my hand. Touching our faces and our backpacks – and sensing the adventure that was about to ensue.

A photo in an online gallery, or saved on a USB drive, or in an “album” on my phone, just doesn’t compare. Since I only have one single photograph from that backpacking trip, it’s the ONLY evidence of what happened. I can only imagine how much more memories and details would come flooding back if I could flip through an album of those 24 hours. I would be able to remember the scent of the pine trees as we walked up the trail. And the roar of the waterfall that we passed along the way. I’d be able to remember the campsite we set up (and maybe even return to it someday with my own kid). But I don’t have that. I have one, 5×7 black and white picture.

Now you. You have so many incredible images from your wedding day – the day you two became partners for life. The day you chose to express your love for each other by seeking a new adventure together. You have photos to remind you of the jitters you felt as you were writing your vows into your vow book. You have photos that capture the essence of the wildflower bouquet you held in your hands – in such detail that you can almost smell them again. You have photos of the view that took your breath away as you said your vows to your partner. You have photos of the mountains that stood tall as your witness. You have photos of your partner choking up while trying to explain how just much you mean to them.

Those photos tell YOUR story. And your story is the very first of its kind. Each of those photos, when selected and thoughtfully designed into a book for you to hold, reminds you of all the big and small moments from your wedding day. That album of photographs is your lifeline to the memories from that day. That is why you need a wedding album.

Print Your Photos!

Creating your album doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Since we truly believe you need a wedding album, we do all of the heavy-lifting and make it easy to get that album in your hands so you’ll be ready to reminisce! 

Albums also make great gifts to show your loved ones gratitude, as well as to include them in your story.

Ready to get started?! Check out our handcrafted album options here!

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