Sample Wedding Family Shots List

Family photos are an amazing keepsake to keep long after you’ve cut the cake and hung up your wedding dress. As grandparents and family member pass long after your wedding date, these pictures are such important memories.


EXPERT TIP: Put one member of each side of the family in charge of making sure the family members that are included in family portraits are at the scheduled time and location. If someone is missing, this person is in charge of going to find them.


Depending on if you are doing a first look and including family photos before the ceremony, or saving it to afterwards, family photos can take up precious time on your wedding day. To make sure that I can get through as many photos as possible, I suggest keeping the list simple. If we have extra time, I am more than happy to fit in extra photos!


EXPERT TIP: When you are creating your family shot list it is most helpful if you list out the names of each family member so I can easily call out the names and get everyone organized as quickly as possible.


I understand that every family is unique and looks different! Below is a sample family shot list to help you come up with the family pictures you want captured at your wedding.



Partner 1’s Immediate Family + Grandparents

  • Partner 1, Partner 2, Partner 1’s Parents, Partner 1’s Siblings, Partner 1’s Grandparents

Partner 1’s Grandparents

  • Partner 1 + Partner 1’s Grandparents

Partner 1’s Immediate Family

  • Partner 1, Partner 2, Partner 1’s Parents, Partner 1’s Siblings
  • Partner 1 + Partner 1’s Parents
  • Partner 1 + Partner 1’s Siblings



Partner 2’s Immediate Family + Grandparents

  • Partner 2 + Partner 1, Partner 2’s Parents, Partner 2’s Siblings, Partner 2’s Grandparents

Partner 2’s Grandparents

  • Partner 2 + Partner 2’s Grandparents

Partner 2’s Immediate Family

  • Partner 2 + Partner 1, Partner 2’s Parents, Partner 2’s Siblings
  • Partner 2 + Partner 2’s Parents
  • Partner 2 + Partner 2’s Siblings


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Example Family Shot List For Your Wedding

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