Five Lessons Learned in Hawaii

Posted On | January 29, 2018

Hey, there! My name is Larissa and I am currently in the last week and a half of a 30 day live/work/play adventure to Hawaii with my hubby, Ben. Hawaii has taught me a lot of lessons so far – here are my top five lessons I want to take back with me to the mainland.

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I’m learning to love me. I’m learning to embrace the goofy way my nose wrinkles when I laugh at my hubby, that no make-up is the way to go 99% of the time, and, I can eat both salad and brownies and still feel confident in my skin.


It’s ok to not accomplish as much as you thought you should. I came into this trip with lofty dreams about working on my business in BIG ways and I have found that just keeping up with the day to day and spending afternoons on the beach with my hubby are more important right now than checking off big to-do’s.


Marriage will continuously take work, forever and ever – and that’s a very good thing. Ben and I have always had a good relationship, but we have started to work on an area of our marriage that is not as strong as the rest. It has been tough work and we have had a lot of conversations that are hard for me, but the closeness that we have been able to find in the midst of the mess is worth every struggle. This work is not ending any time soon, but I am thankful to be in the middle of fighting for the best marriage possible.


Meditation may not be as hokey as I once thought. I decided to give this whole “granola” meditation thing a try while we were in Hawaii. Trust me when I say it’s definitely something that took me a good 10 days to actually start figuring out and enjoying. But, I do love rolling out my yoga mat in the morning, placing a cup of hot Hawaiian coffee next to me, turning my earbuds on and taking some big breaths while I listen to a 10 minute guided meditation. If you are interested in testing meditation out to see if you may like it, I definitely recommend starting with the Headspace app (they have a free 10 day intro to meditation program) and Insight Timer app (they have thousands upon thousands of free meditations that you can listen to).


I want to take the enjoyment of everyday life on the island back with me to the Colorado mountains. Every weekday afternoon, at about 2pm when Ben and I finish up our work day, we drive to a nearby hike or beach to enjoy time with each other. We’ve talked about how important it is to take this concept of a little play every day back home with us. Whether that’s going on a walk together, driving to a park to enjoy the sunset, or just hanging out on our back patio and talking for a while.

I’m sure when I arrive back on the mainland, there will be so many more lessons that surface, but right now, I’m still trying to soak in every last minute of living the best we can here. Aloha!

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