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Elopements are an intimate and most-often private event. It allows you as a couple to just focus on each other and skip the stress and finances of a big wedding. However, many couples question if they should elope because their family may be upset about not being included in the wedding. If that’s you, we wanted to give you seven ways that you can involve your family on your elopement day (even if it doesn’t mean they’re physically present).

Intimate Wedding at Sapphire Point in Breckenridge by Colorado Elopement Photographer We, The Light Photography

Plan An Intimate Ceremony With Close Family, Then Head Off On Your Own Adventure Afterwards

Many of our couples who are close to their family and know it’s important for a few family members to witness their wedding, will have a short, casual wedding ceremony. Choose a location that’s easy for friends or family members to get to (Don’t know where to elope in Colorado? Here’s a few ideas!). That way the people who are near and dear to your heart have the opportunity to witness the most important moment of your elopement day. Then, after your ceremony and a few pictures with family, you can go off on an adventure with your new spouse!

Adventure Elopement at Independence Pass in Aspen by Colorado Elopement Photographer We, The Light Photography

Collect Letters To Read On Your Elopement Day

Another way to include your family is having them write a letter to the two of you for you to read on your elopement day. Have family members write a letter ahead of time, seal it in an envelope and give it to you. Then, the day of your elopement you can break that seal and read the words from your loved one. You can choose to read this letter at any point during the day. Maybe you read it when you first wake up so you can think of their words throughout the day. You can also read it during your ceremony or after. No matter when you decide to read those precious words, your family member who wrote them will know that they are close in spirit with you the day you say “I do”. It’s a perfect way for them to share their emotions and their feelings. And you still get the privacy you wanted on your elopement day.

Independence Pass Adventure Elopement Near Aspen by Colorado Elopement Photographer We, The Light Photography

Have Your Family Contribute Or Make Something

Another way you can include your family or friends on your elopement day is to have them make or contribute to something that you will carry with you throughout the day. For example, we had a couple who eloped here in Colorado with only a few close friends nearby. Since her family wasn’t there for the actual ceremony, her mom sent along a homemade broach for the bride’s hair. Her mom also gave her a piece of lace from her grandmother’s wedding dress that was wrapped around the bride’s bouquet.

Sapphire Point Elopement in Breckenridge by Colorado Wedding Photographer We, The Light Photography

Plan A First Look With Your Family

If your family is going to be in the same location you are eloping, consider planning a first look with them before you head off to your private ceremony. So much of a wedding day is getting the chance to see you all dressed up. A first look allows for a special moment with your parents (or whoever you wish) to see you on your elopement day.

Snowy Winter Elopement at Sapphire Point in Breckenridge by Colorado Wedding Photographer We, The Light Photography

Have A Post-Elopement Video Call With Family

If you’re eloping in a location that gets cell coverage, consider Face Timing with your parents after it’s all over and you two are officially married. This can be one of the sweetest and most emotional ways to involve your family. This way you can show them the location, your ecstatic smiles and share all the love that you feel in that moment.

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Share Your Elopement Photo Sneak Peek With Close Family and Friends First

I know it can be tempting to make it #Facebookofficial (or Instagram official) as soon as your photographer sends you a sneak peek from your elopement day. But how about making your close family feel special by sending them some pictures from your elopement first before announcing it to the rest of the world?!

Sapphire Point Wedding by Breckenridge Photographer We, The Light Photography

Host A Small Reception Afterwards

Your elopement day is focused on the two of you and your love for each other. But, family and friends may still want to celebrate alongside you and shower you with love. Consider hosting a casual reception after you elope with your close family and friends. We’ve seen couples do a small reception the very next day. Or you can plan it for a month or two in the future so you have time to settle back into your life first.

How are you planning to involve your family in your elopement? Let us know in the comments below!

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