Bryson + Shyla | Winter Park Engagement Session

Posted On | March 31, 2018

This is Bryson + Shyla. They had their snowy engagement session in Winter Park, CO.

I love their story so much because they are high school sweethearts just like Ben and I. Bryson has visited Colorado with his family a handful of times and after he proposed to Shyla it was only time before she was asked to join their family trip. With being in a location as beautiful as Winter Park, Shyla seeing this much snow for the first time in her life, and the fact that these two are getting married, it only seemed appropriate to have a snowy winter mountain engagement session.

I have grown up going to Winter Park and it is by far one of my favorite mountain towns in Granby County. I’ve mostly explored the ski slopes at Mary Jane, but I love Winter Park’s slow-town vibe, fun restaurants and local coffee joints (The Perk is my fave!). When Bryson’s mom reached out to me about engagement pictures and she mentioned they were staying in Winter Park, I already knew the location I wanted to go to! Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, Ben and I pack up the car with beers, warm coats and a saw to head up to this little trailhead off the beaten road to hike through the snow for miles to find the perfect Christmas tree. Having been here many times, I always knew the pine tree lines path, fields of snow and groves of Aspen trees would the a Colorado-esque setting for a mountain adventure engagement session.

Bryson had Shyla’s ring custom made. Her engagement ring has tiny diamonds sprinkled on top and, since they both have an Irish heritage, Bryson had the Irish Claddagh symbol molded on the side of the ring with both of their initials. It’s small details like Shyla’s ring that I love to hear about and what make each couple so unique. I hope you enjoy this fun, snowy mountain Winter Park engagement session!

Need a Winter Park, Colorado photographer for your adventure engagement session?

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2 responses to “Bryson + Shyla | Winter Park Engagement Session”

  1. Samantha Mendez

    Interested in getting engagement pictures taken. We will be in town and staying at winter park resort Dec 31st to Jan 3rd.. can you please provide availability and pricing?

    1. Larissa Welch

      Hey Samantha! Happy to help. Just email us at or fill out our contact form and we’ll send you availability and pricing! Winter Park is such a MAGICAL town for photos!

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