Boulder Engagement Photos | Robin + Ben

Posted On | January 4, 2021

close up of couple touching noses and smiling at sunset during their Boulder engagement photos

Happy people make me really happy and these Boulder engagement photos were a dream come true.

I finished editing this engagement session this afternoon and couldn’t help but smile my huge bottom-teeth smile the whole time.

Robin and Ben are two people who seriously light up the paths of whoever they cross – including mine.

They both thought that their first date to a brewery would be just chatting and then heading home. But after two breweries, a food truck, sunset on the beach, topped off with an unexpected fire dance show, these two connected pretty dang quickly.

On that first date, they discovered they both had a dream to live in the Netherlands. So, 7 months after that first date, these two moved to THE Netherlands together.

And I think their Boulder engagement photos explain the rest. These two make each other the happiest people on the planet. They are MEANT for each other.

Robin and Ben, thanks for sharing your light with me – you two are a true joy to be around!

engaged couple walking through a field in the foothills of Boulder with their dog wearing a yellow bandana
couple kneeling on the ground next to their dog in the mountains during their Boulder engagement photos
tilt shift lens of couple walking away with their dog in the mountains of Boulder
picture of couple giving piggy-back ride during engagement photos
engaged couple giving piggy-back ride in the mountains while woman kisses man's cheek
engaged couple standing in a field next to a big tree in the mountains with the sunset light pouring in
engaged couple laughing during photos in the mountains of Boulder
couple dancing on a hiking trail in front of the mountains during engagement photos in Boulder
woman wrapping legs around man standing in field in the mountains during Boulder engagement photos
woman wearing untraditional jade engagement band
black and white of man snuggling and kissing woman from behind during colorado engagement photos
man snuggling woman from behind while they are laughing during Boulder colorado engagement session
couple walking and kissing in a meadow in the mountains of Boulder during engagement photos
tilt shift of couple snuggling together in a field in the mountains during Boulder engagement photos
couple sitting on a colorful blanket in a field in the mountains during Coloreado engagement photos
blakc and white of couple sitting on the ground snuggling each other
couple laying on colorful blanket in the mountains with sunset light during Boulder engagement photos

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