7 Reasons You Should Have a Weekday Elopement

Posted On | February 6, 2020

Most couples that inquire with us about their Colorado elopement envision a peaceful day surrounded by the wild mountains that they have all to themselves. The reality may be that you are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and have to drive around for 10 minutes to find parking at the trailhead just for a big group of people to walk by during the middle of your vows. It is for these reasons and more that we suggest to all of our couples that they consider a weekday elopement in Colorado.

We want to make your elopement vision come to life as much as possible. We know that you chose to elope because you want it to be intimate and private. You don’t want a bunch of uninvited “guests” showing up halfway through your ceremony. Every couple that has taken our advice and planned their elopement on a weekday has never regretted it.

Read on for seven reasons why you should consider a weekday elopement!

wedding couple stands on rocky outcropping looking out towards the mountains at sunset during Lost Gulch OVerlook elopement

Fewer People Around

Colorado is busy any time of year and especially on the weekends when locals take off to explore the mountains. You didn’t choose to get married in this way just to have complete strangers witness your vows. This is the primary reason we suggest to our couples that they choose a weekday elopement. If you want fewer strangers walking around while you’re saying your vows, a weekday is essential.

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Less Traffic

Colorado has very few roadways leading into the mountains. If you have ever headed for the hills on a Friday afternoon or Saturday or Sunday morning, you know that Colorado traffic is less than ideal. Don’t even think about driving into Rocky Mountain National Park at a reasonable time on a Saturday or Sunday. You’ll likely get stuck in half an hour of traffic just to enter the park. Many Colorado trailheads fill up easily by 8 am on weekends. To avoid the headache of traffic and parking, plan on a Monday – Thursday elopement.

Easier to Reserve Locations

Busy elopement locations like Rocky Mountain National Park or Sapphire Point are booked up to a year in advance on weekends during the summer and fall. Some top elopement locations such as  Maroon Bells don’t even allow you to book on the weekend. If you are willing to sacrifice a weekend date, you have a much higher chance of snagging up that dream location you’ve had your eye on.

More Availability for Vendors

Popular elopement locations fill up on the weekends up to a year in advance. So do vendors! If you don’t want to spend hours searching for vendors and send hundreds of emails looking for a hair and makeup artist available on your date, then we suggest a weekday elopement. Also, because elopements tend to have fewer needs (eg. you don’t need six bridesmaids bouquets) some vendors don’t offer these smaller services on the weekends.

Save Money

Many elopement vendors offer smaller packages or reduced rates for weekday elopements. Wedding vendors spend many weekends serving their large wedding clients, so when they get the opportunity to work on a weekday they can be more than happy to give you a smaller package to fit your needs.

Be Non-Traditional

You are eloping after all. You chose this path because you don’t want to throw a big, expensive, traditional wedding with your great aunt Norma who you never met. So why be traditional and have your elopement on a weekend? Bust even more of the traditions surrounding your wedding by eloping on a weekday.

national park winter elopement

Play Hookie For a Day or Turn It Into a Mini-Vacation

What’s better than taking a day off work on a Tuesday to marry your best friend? Or, if you (or family) are traveling from out of state, take the whole week off as a mini-vacation after your elopement.

Can’t Plan a Weekday Elopement?

If you must have your wedding on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, there are ways to make it work. First off, you may want to consider a location that you can actually book a private ceremony spot (Like 3M Curve in Rocky Mountain National Park). If you are more into a hike and being just the two of you in the mountains, the photographer you hire is critical. They should know the area well and be able to point you in the direction of locations that are away from the crowd as much as possible.

Kyla and Chirs’ weekday elopement at Loveland Pass was on a Thursday and we hardly saw anyone nearby. Ashley and Nick chose to elope on a weekday at Maroon Bells Amphitheater with their loved ones and had very few people around. Paige and Braden had a beautiful weekday ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park.

If you are looking for a photographer to help you find the best location for your elopement, weekday or not, we’d love to help out. Get in touch!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our guide for How to Plan a Colorado Elopement!

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