Tips to Stay Warm During Your Winter Colorado Elopement

Posted On | March 6, 2018

When you think of winter in the Colorado Rocky Mountains you get a vision of snow-capped peaks, frosted pine trees and blue-bird sky days. This is all true. But, if you are planning a Colorado mountain elopement during the winter months (November – March), then it’s also very likely that it is going to be cold. We always like to make sure our couples are well prepared for their winter elopement so you can enjoy taking pictures more instead of worrying about freezing your toes off!

Here are our top tips as a Colorado elopement photographer for keeping you a little bit warmer on your wedding day.


If you’re wearing a dress, depending on what the shape of your dress is and how your neckline and sleeves are cut, there are a few different options for adding warm layers under your dress. First, we always recommend wearing some sort of thermal layer on your legs. If your dress is not form-fitting, wear a pair of thermal/silk leggings underneath your dress (we promise you won’t regret this!). If your dress is more form-fitting, then definitely still consider wearing a thinner silk layer or even just pantyhose (your legs will be thanking us). If you have the ability to wear it under your wedding dress, you can also purchase sleeveless silk tank tops.

If you’re wearing a suit, longjohns can be a lifesaver! Be sure to stay away from cotton though as it can absorb sweat and make you even colder in the long run.


There’s just something so romantic about wearing a crisp white dress in the winter Colorado landscape with a fur jacket or wrap. You don’t have to wear it for all the pictures if you don’t wish to, but you’ll be happy that you have it as an option to put on. We also recommend bringing a warm winter jacket (it doesn’t have to be pretty) to put on in between shots and warm up.


We don’t know about you, but our toes are always the first thing to freeze when we’re in the cold. We know you really want to wear those cute booties that you found but please bring a pair of warm socks and snow boots along as well. Many times to get those epic Colorado wedding shots with you and the mountains we often have to tromp through a little bit of snow and snow boots are much more practical for that. So wear your cute booties for the exchange of vows and a few pics, then swap them out for snow boots so we can go on an adventure and get some epic pictures.


We know it sounds cliche, but those little packets that provide hours upon hours of warmth really can save the day! If you can wear foot warmers in your shoes, go for it. We also suggest breaking open a pair of hand warmers before we start and sticking them in the pockets of your coat so you can warm up your fingers in between shots. And, if you are a cold-blooded lizzard and can never seem to be warm enough, open another pack of toe warmers (because they have the sticky side) and stick those babies somewhere on the inside of your clothes against your back (as close to your spine as possible). If you can keep your back warm, it warms the rest of your core and keeps your temperature up.


There’s nothing more romantic after you and your new spouse exchange your vows than exploring the mountains around you, cozying up in a blanket and taking in the view. We are total fan-girls of cute winter blankets and will say yes 100% of the time to bringing them along for pictures – come on, who doesn’t want an excuse to get even warmer with your new spouse?!

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