Intimate Mountain Wedding Venues in Colorado

Looking for the best small mountain wedding venues in Colorado? YESSSSS!! That means you’re ditching the traditional big, fancy, expensive wedding and trading it for a smaller, more intimate wedding with close family and friends! Friend, I think you just made the best decision of your life!

Your wedding day is one that hopefully is focused on you and your partner committing your life to each other. You’ll get all dressed up, read your vows to each other, maybe exchange rings, and hopefully cheers to some champagne after saying “I do”. That all sounds perfect, but there are a few other decisions you have to make before you get to that point.

One of the first things you need to find when planning your intimate wedding in Colorado is finding the perfect small wedding venue. Because you’re planning a smaller wedding (likely 50 guests or less), you’ll want to make sure that your wedding venue is a perfect reflection of you two. Maybe you want a physical venue with a building that you can host your informal reception at afterwards. Or perhaps you want to get married in the middle of the mountains with mother nature as your only venue. No matter what your style of wedding is, here are the top 12 best small wedding venues in Colorado.


Maroon Bells Wedding

The iconic Maroon Bells are the most photographed mountains in all of Colorado. Every year thousands upon thousands of people swarm next to Maroon Lake, to take in the breathtaking views. It’s no wonder a Maroon Bells wedding is top priority on some bride’s wedding locations list! You can get married at the Maroon Bells Amphitheater by reserving the area for $200. Only 50 people are allowed to be at the amphitheater during your ceremony so it’s perfect for the couple who wants an intimate mountain wedding ceremony with their closest family and friends. Just be aware that the government opens up reservations one year prior. So, if you are looking to have a fall wedding at the Maroon Bells during the busiest time of the year, be sure to reserve your spot exactly one year in advance. You cannot hold your reception at the amphitheater, but you can reserve the East Maroon Portal Picnic site which is about a four mile drive away. Or, head back into Aspen or Snowmass to a local restaurant or hotel.

Capacity: 50 people

Seating for Guests: Yes

Cost: $200

Dogs Allowed: Yes

Onsite Area for Reception: No

Towns Nearby: Aspen, CO + Snowmass, CO

For more information on how to get married at the Maroon Bells click here.


Sapphire Point Wedding

Sapphire Point is a personal favorite small wedding venue of mine. The overlook has sweeping views of Dillon Reservoir with the Rocky Mountains jutting up in the background. With a capacity of 35 people, you could have a wedding with only your closest family, or invite a few more friends to celebrate alongside you. You can purchase a $110 permit through the Dillon Ranger District to reserve the overlook for a two hour time slot. The best part? Dogs are totally allowed! There is no seating at the overlook for guests, but you are allowed to bring portable chairs (although all the weddings I have photographed there, just have their guests stand as the ceremony is usually short). There is not a space to hold your reception at Sapphire Point, but you can rent an AirBnB or go to a local restaurant to celebrate post-wedding.

Capacity: 35 people

Seating for Guests: No (but you are allowed to bring in chair rentals)

Cost: $110

Dogs Allowed: Yes

Onsite Area for Reception: No

Towns Nearby: Breckenridge, CO, Silverthorn, CO, Dillon, CO + Frisco, CO

For more information on how to get married at Sapphire Point click here.


Strawberry Creek Ranch Wedding

If you’re looking for a more full-service venue for your intimate wedding, Strawberry Creek Ranch is an amazing option. You can get ready, have your ceremony and celebrate at your reception all in one location. This rustic ranch wedding venue is located in the mountains of Grand County in Colorado. It has stunning valley views and the sunset reflection in the onsite pond is one you’ll never forget.

Capacity: 50 + people

Seating for Guests: Yes

Cost: Starting at $4,800

Dogs Allowed: Yes

Onsite Area for Reception: Yes

Towns Nearby: Granby, CO, Grand Lake, CO + Winter Park, CO

For more information on how to get married at Strawberry Creek Ranch click here.


The Top of Vail Mountain Wedding

If you’ve always dreamed of a mountain-top wedding and want the benefits of a venue to help you plan and organize the day, then Vail Ski Resort may be perfect for you two. You can get married on top of Vail mountain at either the Holy Cross Event Deck or the Event Deck at The 10th. Both have stunning mountain views and you and your guests get the excitement of riding up the mountain-side on the chairlift to get to the ceremony.

Capacity: 50 + people

Seating for Guests: Yes

Cost: Starting at $2,000

Dogs Allowed: No

Onsite Area for Reception: Yes

Towns Nearby: Vail, CO

For more information on how to get married at Vail Ski Resort click here.


Piney River Ranch Wedding

If you don’t like the idea of getting married at the windy top of the mountain in Vail, then Piney River Ranch is the all inclusive alternative to saying your vows in one of the best mountain towns of Vail, CO. Located beneath the Gore Mountain Range, Piney River Ranch is a premier mountain vista small wedding venue. Guests can stay onsite in cabins, yurts or one of their three glamping tents.

Capacity: 50 + people

Seating for Guests: Yes

Cost: Starting at $6,000 (includes food and beverages)

Dogs Allowed: Yes

Onsite Area for Reception: Yes

Towns Nearby: Vail, CO

For more information on how to get married at Piney River Ranch click here.


Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

For those couples who love adventure and being lost in the great outdoors, Rocky Mountain National Park has twelve locations throughout the park that you can reserve for your wedding ceremony. Whether your dreaming of a lakeside ceremony or standing on a crop of rocks overlooking the valley, there are so many beautiful options. You must purchase a wedding permit and these can sell out months and months in advance depending on the season and day. Wedding permits can be purchased up to one year in advance and up to 7 days before your ceremony. So if you are looking for a simple, no-frills location for your intimate wedding and want to be surrounded by some of the best mountain scenery in Colorado, then RMNP is perfect for you.

Capacity: 10 – 50 + people

Seating for Guests: No

Cost: $200

Dogs Allowed: Dogs are only allowed within 100 feet of the road and must be on a leash. They are only allowed at a few specific wedding ceremony locations throughout the park. RMNP is not recommended for couples who want to include their dog on their wedding day.

Onsite Area for Reception: Some locations do have seating, but most do not.

Towns Nearby: Estes Park, CO + Grand Lake, CO

For more information on how to get married in Rocky Mountain National Park click here.


Blackstone Rivers Ranch

For those couples wanting an all inclusive, lost in the mountains vibe for their small wedding, Blackstone Rivers Ranch is the perfect location. Nestled along the Chicago River just outside Idaho Springs, CO, this small wedding venue is just plain beautiful. Get married beneath a grove of lodgepole pines and celebrate with family a friends beneath their outdoor tent. They have intimate wedding packages that are all inclusive and include a coordinator, officiant, dinner, champagne, a cake and a night stay in one of their onside cabins. And if you want to add a little more adventure to your day, Echo Lake and Mount Evans are just a short drive up the canyon to take more breath-taking pictures at.

Capacity: 50 + people

Seating for Guests: Yes

Cost: Starting at $3,100 all inclusive

Dogs Allowed: No

Onsite Area for Reception: Yes

Towns Nearby: Idaho Springs, CO

For more information on how to get married at Blackstone Rivers Ranch click here.


Granby Ranch Wedding

Granby Ranch is located 90 minutes from Denver in one of my favorite mountain areas – Grand County. They specialize in an intimate atmosphere for couples looking for a mountain setting away from the crowd. Granby Ranch is a world away from a one-size-fits-all wedding or over-populated ski resorts. With groves of lush aspen trees, a chair lift ride to the top and expansive views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Granby Ranch is a great choice for more laid-back, mountain-loving couples who want to get away from the crowds.

Capacity: 30 + people

Seating for Guests: Yes

Cost: Starting at $1000 for ceremony only

Dogs Allowed: Yes

Onsite Area for Reception: Yes

Towns Nearby: Winter Park, CO | Granby, CO | Grand Lake, C)

For more information on how to get married at Granby Ranch click here.


Golden Gate Canyon State Park Wedding

With more than 12,00 acres of dense forest, aspen tree groves and rocky mountain peaks, Golden Gate Canyon State Park is for the true outdoorsy couple. You can have a small wedding at many gorgeous locations throughout the park and your reception in a nearby town (like Golden, CO), or you can rent the Red Barn Group Picnic Area and get married beneath the aspen trees and celebrate with your close friends and family right there on-site.

Capacity: 50 + people

Seating for Guests: No (but you can bring in your own chairs)

Cost: $150-$200

Dogs Allowed: Yes

Onsite Area for Reception: Yes

Towns Nearby: Golden, CO

For more information about on how to get married in Golden Gate Canyon State Park click here.


Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding

If you don’t want your guests to have to travel far into the mountains and to high altitudes for your wedding, the Sunrise Amphitheater in Boulder, CO still allows you to have beautiful mountain scenery for your small mountain wedding. Boulder is a picturesque town located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There are a lot of amenities nearby and Boulder is full of fun and outdoor adventures for you and your guests. I also love this area and have some many other secret locations that we can photograph at along the road leading up to the Sunrise Amphitheater.

Capacity: 50 + people

Seating for Guests: Yes

Cost: $150-$400

Dogs Allowed: Yes

Onsite Area for Reception: No

Towns Nearby: Boulder, CO

For more information on how to get married at Sunrise Amphitheater click here.


Keystone Resort Wedding

Keystone resort has many flexible wedding options. If you only want to have your ceremony there with a few family and friends and then you can do that. They also have the ability to host a reception for you after the ceremony as well. Get married at the top of the North Peak mountain at Timber Ridge or down below at the Ski Tip Lodge or Keystone Ranch with the mountains in the background. A Keystone Resort wedding is perfect for those couples who dream of riding a Gondola to the top of the mountain on their wedding day.

Capacity: 30 + people

Seating for Guests: Yes

Cost: Starting at $2000 for ceremony only

Dogs Allowed: Yes

Onsite Area for Reception: Yes

Towns Nearby: Keystone, CO

For more information on how to get married at Keystone Resort click here.


Your Favorite Mountain Town Vacation Home Wedding

One of my favorite options if you just want a small, no-frills ceremony with a only a handful of people present is to rent a mountain home on AirBnB with incredible views and have your ceremony out on the back deck. Then you can either have an in-home caterer to celebrate right then and there or go to a local restaurant in town to pop some bubbly. There are so many amazing home options in Breckenridge, Winter Park, Grand Lake, Telluride, Steamboat Springs, Idaho Springs or Estes Park. You will need to check with your AirBnB to ensure that they would allow you to hold a small wedding ceremony.

Capacity: Depends on the size of the house, but this is a good option for less than 15/20 people

Seating for Guests: No, but you could bring in your own chairs if needed

Cost: Varies depending on rental price

Dogs Allowed: Depends on the AirBnB’s restrictions

Onsite Area for Reception: Yes

Towns Nearby: Wherever your heart desires

To discover homes you can rent on AirBnB for your wedding click here.


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12 Best Small Wedding Venues in Colorado

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